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As the name may suggest, the CouchBed mattress combines a mattress with a couch. This functional offering can easily convert between the two. People who are short on space or who want an area where guests can sleep may find the CouchBed a desirable option.

This article will discuss the CouchBed brand and its product offerings in more detail.

CouchBed provide a relatively unique take on the memory foam mattress. The product converts from a couch to a bed and vice versa. To make this transition, a person simply flips the back over to form a solid mattress.

The manufacturers claim that it is a good solution for people with limited space, such as college students and those living in small apartments.

CouchBed also state that their mattresses:

  • are delivered free of charge
  • are made using environmentally responsible practices
  • have a gel top to help provide a cooling effect to sleepers
  • have a 10-year warranty

They also use CertiPUR-US certified materials to create their products. This certification means that the products are free of harmful chemicals, such as ozone depleters, formaldehyde, and heavy metals. It also ensures low volatile organic compound emissions, which may be harmful to human health.

According to the company’s website, several media organizations — including Forbes, Business Insider, and Parade — have featured the product with favorable press. Also, although there appear to be few user reviews, the majority of them are mostly positive.

CouchBed focus on their major selling points of affordability and convenience for those with limited space. They do not make major claims about sleep quality, support for joints or muscles, or other health claims that other mattress companies tend to.

CouchBed also offer a limited return policy. They allow a person to return the mattress for any reason within 30 days. However, the person must pay for their own shipping and make the arrangements for shipping it back to the company.

Many other companies offer much longer return or trial periods that give a person more time to decide whether or not the mattress is right for them.

Another potential negative is that they only offer shipping to the United States and Canada. People living in other countries cannot yet order this mattress.

The CouchBed mattress is a hybrid between a mattress and a couch. Unlike traditional couch beds with a fold-out bed tucked inside, the CouchBed mattress folds to create either a couch or a bed.

It only contains the mattress itself, without any other structural or framing materials that may be present in other sofa sleepers.

User reviews suggest that the CouchBed mattress provides medium firm support. According to one 2015 review, a medium firm mattress may be the best option for optimal sleep quality, comfort, and spinal alignment.

The CouchBed mattress consists of 10 inches of memory foam, which may provide some joint and pain relief.

It also contains a gel topping, which might provide a cooling effect. This may benefit people who tend to get hot while sleeping. One 2017 study suggests that it may be more difficult to sleep when it is hot and humid.

People with limited space and those on a budget may find that the CouchBed mattress is a good solution. It may also be suitable for people wanting to live a minimalist lifestyle. Proponents of minimalism suggest that it can benefit well-being.

The CouchBed mattress comes in three sizes:

  • twin
  • full
  • queen

It also comes in several different colors, and a person can purchase covers and a platform for the mattress.

Although it is generally affordable, the mattress may not be suitable for everyone. For example, people looking for a regular mattress for their bedroom may want to consider other options that might provide better support for long-term sleeping situations.

Despite this, the CouchBed mattress may be an ideal option for short-term use, minimalism, or occasional use as a guest bed.

Currently, CouchBed only offer one mattress, which is available in a number of colors. However, they also sell covers and platforms to accompany the mattress.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried any of these products. All product information presented here is purely research-based.

The CouchBed mattress

The CouchBed mattress is the only mattress that CouchBed currently offer.

The mattress comes in several color options, including:

  • charcoal
  • limestone
  • red
  • blue
  • coffee

The mattress is also available in three different sizes, and it usually costs $400–$550, depending on size.

CouchBed mattress covers

CouchBed also offer replacement covers for the mattress. These come in the same colors as the base mattress but also include black.

A person may wish to purchase a cover to replace worn or stained covers, change the color of their mattress, or have a spare to swap to when cleaning.

The manufacturers state that the covers are easy to remove and change.

Depending on size, the covers are usually available for roughly $90–$120.

The CouchBed platform

Unlike traditional bed frames, the CouchBed platform can pull out to create a wider base for when a person folds the couch out into a mattress.

CouchBed also offer wooden platforms for their mattresses. Although these are not necessary, people can buy an adjustable 10-inch platform that functions with the mattress in both the couch and the mattress position.

They state that the platform easily slides open or closed, and that people can fold it in half for easy storage or moving. Alternatively, when it is in the mattress position, a person can place it on a normal bed base or frame.

Depending on the size, the platform is usually available for around $300–$400.

The CouchBed mattress is not a traditional mattress. Instead, it offers people a hybrid between a couch and a bed. For people looking for a long-term mattress, it may be better to opt for a normal mattress.

For people looking for cost effective, functional, and adaptable options that may be suitable for limited space, playrooms, or the occasional overnight guest, an alternative option may be the more traditional-style couch bed.

Typically, these options will appear more similar to a traditional couch but include a pull out bed. Some models may also provide storage space to save room.

However, these options are usually more expensive than the CouchBed mattress.

The CouchBed mattress is not a traditional memory foam mattress. Instead, its design allows people to transform it from a couch to a mattress and vice versa.

It may be a suitable and affordable option for people with limited space or as a guest bed.

People wanting a more permanent mattress may want to consider purchasing a mattress designed specifically for long-term use.