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Craftmatic are a maker of bed systems that allow users to adjust different sections of the bed. There are various Craftmatic bed models, each with its own features.

This article discusses the Craftmatic brand and their products, alongside alternatives and health considerations.

Craftmatic began selling adjustable bed bases mainly through infomercials and television advertisements. They offer numerous bed models and mattresses.

The company are an accredited partner at Consumer Affairs, a site that hosts company reviews from verified buyers. The reviews are mixed, with an overall three out of five stars, based on 34 recent reviews.

Some users enjoy the comfort and adjustability of the bed. However, some reasons for low ratings include poor customer service, poor quality, and issues with delivery, shipping, and returns.

Craftmatic are registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a nonprofit organization using a letter grade system to rate businesses based on numerous factors.

Craftmatic have an A+ rating from the BBB. The BBB do not take consumer interaction and reviews into account to create this grade.

With only 15 customer reviews on the BBB site, the company have an average overall rating of 1.2 out of five stars. Some reviews express issues with durability, or concerns that the comfort of the beds breaks down quickly.

While the company say they offer a 30-day in-home trial, some have pointed out this is not a straightforward process.

The 30-day trial only applies to purchases of both a base and a mattress. It also includes other fees, and some exclusions apply.

For example, the customer has a limited window on returns and will need to cover the cost of shipping any returns, which can cost between $699 and $999.

Craftmatic adjustable beds include platforms in the base to allow the head and feet sections to move separately, adjusting to the desired height. Some models include more adjustable zones.

The mattress types range in firmness from more soft, plush options to a medium-firm memory foam to a more stable, firm support.

All bed systems include a limited warranty on the mechanics of the bed and the mattress itself.

Craftmatic do not offer pricing directly on their website. Instead, they direct users to fill out a form and have a sales member contact them later.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based.

The Craftmatic Legacy

The Craftmatic Legacy is a highly adjustable bed. It includes an additional adjustable pillow zone at the head of the bed for an added level of customization.

Craftmatic state that this bed includes features such as:

  • wireless remote
  • quiet motors at the head and leg
  • full body wave massage
  • bedside power plugs
  • safety lock

The Legacy model also allows the user to choose optional mattress type and firmness, which are:

  • luxury firm
  • plush soft
  • dual plush/firm
  • memory foam

The Legacy model comes in all standard sizes.

The Craftmatic Legacy is available for purchase online.

The Craftmatic Model 1

This bed features a simple, adjustable base, with a wireless remote to control the levels of the base.

Craftmatic state that this bed includes the following features:

  • full body massage
  • quiet motors with 450-pound (lb) lifting capacity
  • over 1001 positions
  • programmable positions

The Craftmatic Model 1 comes standard with a coil spring mattress. The company offer a range of mattress types and firmness upgrades:

  • luxury firm
  • plush soft
  • dual plush/firm
  • memory foam

The Craftmatic Model 1 is available for purchase online.

The Craftmatic Monaco Elite

This model features four independent, adjustable zones in the head, lumbar, foot, and pillow sections.

The Monaco Elite uses a dual density mattress and offers upgrades to a memory foam mattress.

Craftmatic state that this bed includes the following features:

  • dual massage
  • USB charging ports
  • under-bed lighting
  • advanced features and positions with a downloadable app
  • safety lock
  • programmable positions

The Craftmatic Monaco Elite is available for purchase online.

There are numerous brands offering adjustable beds. We list some of them below.

Nectar Adjustable Frame

This bed frame comes with a number of features similar to those of a Craftmatic base. Notable characteristics include:

  • USB plugs
  • weight limit of 1,000 lb
  • zero gravity position
  • massage technology
  • 3-year warranty

Nectar Adjustable Frame is available for purchase online.

Saatva Lineal Adjustable Base

This adjustable bed base may suit all sleeper types. It includes advanced features, such as a massage function that can target each area of the bed with varying intensities.

Other features include:

  • weight limit of 850 lb
  • wireless remote
  • quiet motor
  • free delivery
  • 25-year warranty

Saatva Lineal Adjustable Base is available for purchase online.

Casper Adjustable Bed Frames

Casper make two versions of adjustable bed frames. Their standard bed frame includes features such as:

  • full body adjustability
  • USB ports
  • wireless remote control
  • stored positions
  • zero gravity
  • anti-snore options

Casper offer a risk-free trial and free shipping.

Casper Adjustable Bed Frames are available for purchase online.

Sleep is an important marker of overall health. Adults need at least 7 hours of quality sleep each night. Not getting enough sleep can lead to an increased risk of numerous chronic health issues.

A comfortable mattress may be important for overall health, and it may also help reduce markers of pain.

According to a 2015 review, medium-firm, self-adjusted mattresses promote good sleep quality and reduce pain better than other options.

Adjustable mattresses may have their own benefits, based on the areas of the body they can raise or adjust.

Adjustable beds may also help with symptoms of acid reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases recommend placing blocks under the bedposts of a bed to raise a person’s torso while sleeping, which may help relieve symptoms. With an adjustable bed, the person may simply need to adjust the settings as necessary.

It is also worth noting that adjustable beds may alleviate snoring. One study found that using a pillow to alter the position of the head reduced snoring severity in sleepers. Adjustable headrests in beds may have a similar effect.

Adjustable beds may help with other issues as well, such as swelling in the feet and legs. Sitting with the feet elevated may help promote circulation, which is simple with an adjustable bed.

Craftmatic offer various adjustable bed options. The company receive mixed reviews, and some question the quality of the mattresses and the customer service.

Various alternative brands offer adjustable beds that have similar features.