Crataeva nurvala is a traditional herbal treatment for urinary disorders. It may be a safe and effective treatment option for reducing overactive bladder (OAB) symptoms.

OAB causes symptoms such as increased urgency and frequency of urination and incontinence.

This article looks at whether crataeva nurvala may a beneficial treatment for OAB.

We also discuss the potential side effects, and how to take it.

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A 2023 animal study examined the effects of Urox, an herbal supplement for treating OAB. The study was independent of the supplement’s producers.

The supplement contains extracts of crataeva nurvala stem bark, lindera aggregata root, and equisetum arvense stem.

The researchers tested the supplement’s effects on 60 female rats with induced OAB. The results showed that the herbal supplement was effective in reversing the induced changes that cause OAB, with no adverse side effects.

A 2018 controlled trial also looked at the effects of Urox on OAB in 150 people. After 8 weeks of treatment with the supplement, OAB symptoms were significantly reduced compared to a placebo group.

The supplement reduced symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency, and incontinence, and had minimal side effects. The effects of the supplement may be due to improving bladder muscle tone and suppressing muscle spasms.

There is little evidence to suggest how much crataeva nurvala to take on its own for OAB, as many studies around the herb are animal studies or for crataeva nurvala as a combined supplement with other herbs.

In the 2018 human study, the participants took 2 capsules of the Urox supplement once a day with food for 8 weeks. Researchers based the dosage on prior research of the herbal ingredients and traditional herbal recommendations.

People will need to follow any instructions on a product label, including dosage and how to take it.

It is best to talk with a healthcare professional if a person is considering supplements for treating OAB, particularly if they are taking other medications.

According to the 2018 study, crataeva nurvala is a well-established traditional medicine and is safe for humans to consume.

The study compared the Urox supplement with a placebo for treating OAB. The researchers found the participants tolerated the supplement well and it resulted in a significant improvement in their quality of life.

According to the 2023 study, previous research around crataeva nurvala suggests it has no severe side effects and does not interfere with certain enzymes, known as P450 cytochromes, suggesting it is safe to use with other medicines.

In the 2018 study of the supplement, which also contained extracts of the plants lindera aggregata and equisetum arvense, the researchers found minimal side effects over the course of 8 weeks.

The supplement did not cause side effects with common links to other medications for treating OAB, such as anticholinergic and antimuscarinic drugs.

In the 2023 animal study, researchers found that Urox had no effect on cardiovascular health or daily output of urine, although this requires analysis in human studies.

People can buy crataeva nurvala as a supplement online or from health food stores. Another name for the herb is Varuna.

Individuals may buy it in capsule or powder form. It is also available in combination with other herbs for treating OAB.

Other treatments for OAB can include medical treatments and lifestyle changes, including:

  • behavioral therapy, such as altering behaviors around using the toilet and drinking habits
  • avoiding foods and drinks that irritate the bladder, such as caffeine, alcohol, and any foods that worsen symptoms
  • increasing fiber intake
  • double voiding, which is emptying the bladder twice
  • delayed voiding or timed urination, which is gradually increasing the time between bathroom visits or following a schedule with the guidance of a healthcare professional
  • pelvic floor exercises
  • biofeedback, which helps people gain awareness and better control over the bladder muscles
  • prescription medications, which may include antimuscarinics and beta-3 agonists
  • Botox injections to the bladder to relax the muscle
  • nerve stimulation to help improve bladder function
  • in severe cases of OAB, people may have surgery to enlarge the bladder or redirect the flow of urine

What is the best supplement for OAB?

Independent studies have looked at the effects of Urox, an herbal supplement for OAB containing crataeva nurvala stem bark, lindera aggregata root, and equisetum arvense stem.

In rats, the supplement reversed induced changes that cause OAB, although this requires further human research.

In humans, the supplement significantly reduced symptoms of OAB over the course of 8 weeks, including urinary urgency and frequency and incontinence with minimal side effects.

Whatisthebesttreatment forOAB?

The first treatment healthcare professionals may suggest for OAB is lifestyle changes and behavioral therapy. Many people find that this can help with symptoms of OAB.

Prescription medications may help to manage OAB if lifestyle changes are not effective, and a combination of treatments for OAB may help.

Medications for OAB can have significant side effects, though, which may prevent people from using them long-term.

Botox injections are also effective for OAB and may be a good treatment option.

Crataeva nurvala is an herb and traditional medicine for treating urinary conditions. It may have beneficial effects for OAB and may help reduce symptoms, including frequency, urgency, and incontinence.

People can buy crataeva nurvala online or from health shops. A person should consult a doctor before taking supplements for OAB.