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Dexcom CLARITY is a software system that works with Dexcom glucose monitors. The software is available on a computer or as an app for Apple and Android devices. According to Dexcom, this diabetes management software simplifies how a person manages their diabetes.

Dexcom launched in 1999. Since releasing the company’s first continuous glucose monitor (CGM) in 2006, Dexcom has continued to update its products. The company claims its system provides constant updates and feedback about blood sugar levels to help people manage diabetes.

Dexcom has a negative reputation among its users, according to online reviews.

For instance, TrustPilot and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) feature more negative than positive reviews.

Dexcom has 1.9 out of five stars from 145 reviews on TrustPilot, and the BBB shows Dexcom’s average rating as 1.12 out of five stars. Dexcom does not have BBB accreditation.

Learn more about Dexcom here.

Dexcom CLARITY is an app that connects to live data from a person’s CGM.

The app displays information in various ways, including graphs, to present accessible data. A person can also give access to their data to a healthcare team if necessary.

The app is available for Apple devices running iOS 11.4–14.4 or Android devices running OS 7.0 and up.

According to the company, Dexcom CLARITY gives users the ability to:

  • quickly access a variety of reports and health insights
  • easily compare glucose data and identify problems
  • track patterns, including the frequency, duration, and intensity of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia

Data that the app tracks include:

  • glucose management
  • average glucose
  • standard deviation in blood sugar levels
  • time in optimal glucose range
  • sensor usage

When a person uses the app in conjunction with a Dexcom-compatible insulin device, the app can also track details about insulin usage, including:

  • fast-acting to long-acting insulin usage ratio
  • average daily total dose
  • average fast-acting doses

The app also sends customized alerts to users and records daily activities.

Dexcom CLARITY is compatible with the following Dexcom CGMs:

  • Dexcom G4 PLATINUM System
  • Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM System
  • Dexcom G6 CGM System

A person can download the CLARITY app through the app store on their device or from the Dexcom website.

Overall, online customer reviews are critical of the company.

On TrustPilot, negative reviews mention poor customer service, inaccurate readings, and failing sensors on the glucose monitoring devices.

Regarding the Dexcom app, TrustPilot reviews include that the app does not update frequently enough to keep up with changing phone technology. Reviewers also note that the app loses connection with their devices, which some users felt made the device unsafe.

However, positive user reviews mention that the Dexcom sensors have made managing diabetes easier and that the sensors were easy and painless to insert.

As with TrustPilot, users on BBB focus on poor customer service, unreliable products, and inadequate tech support. Some users note that their results were inaccurate or false and caused them to dip into very low blood glucose ranges.

That said, positive reviews on BBB mention that the Dexcom products are effective but still raise concerns about customer service.

A person needs a Dexcom CGM to use the Dexcom CLARITY software. The company no longer sells the CGM systems on its website.

Instead, the Dexcom CGM products are available at pharmacies and online.

After purchasing a Dexcom CGM, a person can download the software and create an account on the Dexcom website. They can also download the app directly via the app store on their Apple or Android device.

Most CGMs display data on a compatible app. CGMs that do not display data on an Apple device have a dedicated display unit so that a person can monitor their glucose levels regularly.

Some alternative brands a person can consider include:

  • FreeStyle Libre: This CGM offers capillary blood glucose (CBG) monitoring with a linked app, FreeStyle LibreLink, which shows data and trends, and can set up alerts. Learn more about the FreeStyle Libre.
  • Medtronic Guardian Connect: This CGM has an app to track CBG data and trends.

People living with diabetes need to ensure their blood sugar levels stay in an optimal range and not spike too high or dip too low. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that keeping blood sugar levels in the target range can help avoid long-term complications of diabetes, including:

The CDC also states that people can improve their mood and energy levels by managing their blood sugar levels.

Research conducted in 2019 reports that the visual and acoustic cues that accompany CGM devices improve the safety and effectiveness of diabetes treatments and decrease blood sugar fluctuations.

It notes that a person may manage their diabetes better with a software system that tracks diabetes trends visually. Healthcare teams may also help people manage their blood sugar more effectively because of these systems.

In addition to effectively managing blood sugar, a person with diabetes can consider following a healthy, balanced diet.

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) recommends avoiding foods and beverages high in sugar, salt, and fat, such as junk food.

The NIDDK suggests a diet primarily made up of the following foods:

The NIDDK also suggests managing blood sugar levels and diabetes through exercise. Exercise can help a person reach or maintain a moderate weight for diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association reports that exercise can lower a person’s overall blood sugar levels for up to 24 hours. People can access more individualized information about how exercise affects their blood sugar by using tracking software like Dexcom CLARITY.

People may wish to contact a healthcare professional when they get a new CGM or other device designed to help monitor their blood glucose levels. They can get help calibrating the device and determine if it is accurate. A person can also get help making adjustments to their device if necessary.

They can consider contacting a doctor if the monitor reports abnormal blood sugar levels. These readings could indicate that a person needs to adjust their treatment or that additional testing is needed.

Below are some frequently asked questions about Dexcom CLARITY.

How do you set up Dexcom CLARITY?

To set up Dexcom CLARITY, a person must purchase the software from the company’s website. A person must be using a Dexcom glucose monitoring product to use Dexcom CLARITY, including the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM System, Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM System, Dexcom G6, and Dexcom G7.

Dexcom advises that the CLARITY software is compatible with Windows 8 and 10 and Mac OSX 10.14 and 10.15.

Once they have installed their software, a person must create and log in to their Dexcom account. When logged in, a person can read, download, and print their reports, review events, and look at key measurements on the dashboard.

To set up Dexcom CLARITY on a smartphone, a person must download the app from the iOS or Android app store. They can then follow on-screen instructions to complete the set-up process.

How do you use Dexcom CLARITY?

A person must have inserted a sensor before using the Dexcom CLARITY software or app.

To use Dexcom CLARITY on a computer, a person must visit the Dexcom website and select “Dexcom for home users.” If a person has already signed up to Dexcom, they can log in and then connect their Dexcom receiver to their computer with the USB cable the company provides. According to Dexcom, users should upload their data to CLARITY every 30 days.

A person can view their dashboard to read their data, see how often they stay within their target ranges, and break down their reports into categories on both the computer software and smartphone app. People can download, print, or email their data for doctor appointments if they wish. They can also choose to share their data with a clinic with a code generated by the software.

To use Dexcom CLARITY on a smartphone, a person must download it from their iOS or Android app store. After logging in, a person can pair their device with their transmitter via Bluetooth and set alerts for their low and high blood sugar ranges. A person should work with a doctor to determine their low and high ranges.

Dexcom CLARITY is a free app and service that allows people to see Dexcom’s CGM data on their smartphones, tablet, or computer.

The app displays data, can send notifications, and tracks blood sugar trends to help people monitor their daily glucose levels and see how different events affect their blood sugar.

A person can use this type of data to discuss how effectively they manage their diabetes with a doctor and help them manage the condition by themselves.