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People are more aware than ever before of the importance of physical activity for both physical and mental health. One way to improve fitness at home is to use a stationary exercise bike.

Echelon sells a range of stationary exercise bikes, from the budget-friendly GT+ Connect bike to the high-end EX-8S model, plus bikes for beginners and athletes alike in the EX-3 Connect.

This article looks at Echelon Fitness, the advantages and disadvantages of the Echelon Connect Bike, and alternative options. It also provides tips on how to choose a stationary exercise bike.

Echelon bikes at a glance

Echelon Fitness manufactures exercise bikes, rowers, treadmills, and workout mirrors. The company specializes in smart or connected fitness equipment for home use.

With smart fitness equipment, people can purchase a membership or subscribe to a service to access live or on-demand fitness classes. People can follow these using compatible fitness equipment.

Some brands also offer online coaching, leaderboards, and other streaming options.

Learn more about smart home gym equipment.

Individuals can use Echelon equipment with or without an Echelon membership.

Those with a membership can join classes while using the bikes. They can also use the Echelon Fit app for dedicated tracking.

Echelon also offers floor workouts, including yoga. The company hires fitness instructors of varying ages to connect with a wide range of users.

On Trustpilot, Echelon has received 1.7 stars with 88% bad customer reviews. Positive reviews mention the bike is easy to assemble. Negative reviews mention problems with Bluetooth connections and customer service.

On Better Business Bureau, Echelon received 1.2 out of 5 stars, with most reviews stating issues with membership, such as being charged more than agreed. Other issues include a lack of help from customer services. However, positive reviews mentioned good experiences with the customer service team.

A person may wish to consider various factors before purchasing an Echelon bike or any other kind of bike exercise machine. These include:

  • Connectivity: Some people may prefer cycling as a solo activity. Others may benefit from the accountability and camaraderie of participating in an online class or competition.
  • Training options and classes: It is worth considering the variety of training and classes the company offers.
  • Features: Purchasers need to decide whether they want a built-in screen or would prefer to use their own devices on the bike.
  • Price: More expensive bikes tend to come with extra features.
  • Setup: People can check product details to see what assembly, if any, the bike requires before use.
  • Height and weight capacity: The height and weight limitations can vary among bike models.
  • Returns and warranty policies: A long-term warranty and clear returns policy will help save money in case of issues with the equipment.
  • Customer support: Reliable customer service and support can help ensure prompt issue resolution.

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Echelon sells five different kinds of stationary bikes. The more expensive models feature more sophisticated screens and biometric feedback.

While the two cheaper bikes do not have screens, users can connect to the Echelon classes and community on their own smart devices such as phones and tablets.

Echelon states that people with a height between 4 feet (ft) 5 inches (in) and 6 ft 8 in can safely use their bikes. The recommended weight limit is 300 pounds.

Exercise bikes from Echelon include:

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

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Best for people on a budget: Echelon GT+ Connect Bike

This bike has a compact design and four flywheel color options.

It measures the following dimensions:

  • length: 54 in
  • width: 24 in
  • height: 57 in

The GT+ Connect features 32 different levels of magnetic resistance and Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) toe clips and toe cages. The bike also comes with adjustable handlebars, a padded seat, two water bottle holders, and a dumbbell rack.

This bike is available for $899.99, making it the cheapest Echelon bike.

For an additional $34.99 per month, users can purchase an Echelon Membership.

Best for advanced workouts: Echelon Connect Bike EX-5

This bike aims to help people take their fitness routines to a higher level.

Key features include elevated handlebars with elbow rests and a device holder that flips 180 degrees for off-bike workouts. It also features a competition-style vented seat, while the pedals are SPD-compatible with toe cages.

The device holder can hold smart devices as small as 5.5 in and as large as 12.5 in. The frame also includes dual bottle holders under the handlebars.

The bike measures the following dimensions:

  • length: 58 in
  • width: 20 in
  • height: 55 in

The bike costs $999.99.

Access to Echelon Membership fitness classes, trainers, rides, and music is extra.

Best for integrated touchscreen: Echelon Connect Bike EX-5s

This bike comes with an HD touchscreen display, available in 10 in or 22 in. The screen also flips 180 degrees for off-bike cross-training.

The handlebars and seat are adjustable forward, backward, up, and down. Power ports allow for device charging while working out.

The bike also comes with a frame-mounted dumbbell rack and two large water bottle holders.

It measures the following dimensions:

  • length: 58 in
  • width: 21.5 in
  • height: 61 in

It is available online for $1,499.99.

Access to Echelon Membership streaming and on-demand classes costs extra.

Best for competition training: Echelon Connect Bike EX-5s-10

This bike has similar features to the Echelon Connect Bike EX-5s, except its HD touchscreen display is only available in a 10-in size. It features two power ports for charging devices.

This bike may suit people training for a competition. Like the EX-5s, it offers 32 levels of magnetic resistance. The index knob allows people to change resistance during their workout.

This bike has the following dimensions:

  • length: 58 in
  • width: 21.5 in
  • height: 61 in

It is available for $1,199.99.

Access to Echelon Membership streaming and on-demand classes costs extra.

Best for immersive workouts: Echelon EX-8s Connect Bike

The top model of the Echelon bike range, this bike features a 24-in curved touchscreen that is flippable for off-bike workouts. And with dual-facing speakers, this machine aims to make workouts as immersive as possible.

LED lights on the bike’s dual flywheels change through 15 colors synced to workout metrics.

It also has a camera with a privacy option and Bluetooth connectivity.

The bike has the following dimensions:

  • length: 59 in
  • width: 23 in
  • height: 65 in

It is available for purchase online for $2,999.99.

Purchasers pay extra for shipping unless they also buy a 1-year or 2-year Echelon Membership.

Echelon bikes require assembly and include a 1-year limited parts and labor warranty.

Echelon accepts refunds and will refund any shipping costs a person pays for bikes that they return in brand new, resellable condition, in the original box with tags, user manual, and charger.


Echelon memberships cost extra on top of the company’s bikes, with the basic cost of $34.99 per month. Purchasing a 1-year membership for $399.99 reduces the monthly cost to $33.33.

Membership includes free shipping, which Echelon says is worth $100. A 2-year membership costs $699, which equates to $29.16 per month and also includes free shipping.

The Echelon FitPass offers subscribers access to a variety of off-bike workout classes for a reduced fee, starting at $11.99.

As with other exercise bikes, Echelon Connect Bikes may have some advantages and disadvantages:


  • Health benefits: Cycling is an effective low impact cardiovascular exercise that can have a wide range of health benefits.
  • Training and classes: The Echelon Fit app gives users many ways to link up with the company’s online community. It offers access to trainer-led sessions and fitness classes that take place both on and off the bike. This variety may help motivate people to exercise.
  • Ability to monitor performance: The app also gives people tools to track their exercise, including biometrics measuring to track heart rate and more.
  • Lower price: Echelon Connect Bikes offer cheaper bikes than some other stationary bikes on the market, such as those from Peloton.
  • Returns and warranty: Echelon offers a 30-day return policy and a 1-year warranty.
  • Magnetic resistance: This feature reduces the noise from pedaling.
  • Strength training option: Some bikes include a dumbbell rack so that a person can easily add strength training to their routine.


  • Assembly: Echelon Connect Bikes require some assembly to set up.
  • Burning fewer calories: Using an exercise bike may not burn as many calories as biking outdoors or using other exercise machines.
  • Bike seats: How comfortable a bike seat feels will be different for everyone. A person cannot change the bike seat on an Echelon bike.
  • Bone density: As a non-weight-bearing activity, riding an exercise bike does not help build bone density.
  • Extra stress: If a person does not set the bike to a suitable height, it might put stress on the knees or lower back.
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People interested in alternatives to Echelon bikes have several options to explore, such as:

  • Peloton: Peloton was one of the first stationary bikes to offer live and on-demand classes. HD touchscreens come with all Peloton bikes, including the Peloton Basic Bike. Delivery and assembly come with the price of these machines, which often makes them more expensive than Echelon bikes. Peloton bikes also require people to use special shoes, adding to costs. Learn more about Peloton.
  • NordicTrack: NordicTrack sells recumbent bikes, upright bikes, and commercial studio bikes. The NordicTrack Commercial Studio Bike is similar to an Echelon bike. It comes with a 22-in HD touchscreen display and a 30-day subscription to the company’s iFit live and on-demand workouts. In these workouts, trainers can digitally control a user’s resistance and incline. However, this bike is more expensive than Echelon bikes. Learn more about NordicTrack bikes.
  • Yosuda: Yosuda manufactures exercise bikes, under-desk exercise bikes, and rowers. The Yosuda Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike does not come with an attached HD touchscreen, and the company does not offer online fitness classes or training options. Instead, the bike display unit tracks workout metrics, and a device holder lets people use their phones or tablets for music or videos. Yosuda bikes are significantly cheaper than Echelon bikes.

Echelon Fitness also sells other types of home exercise equipment, including rowers, treadmills, and fitness mirrors.

This table compares each of the Echelon bikes and includes a comparison against their competitors.

PriceFeaturesMembership cost
Echelon GT+ Connect Bike$899.99• compact
• 32 resistance levels
• includes a dumbbell rack
• more affordable option
Echelon Connect Bike EX-5$999.99• suitable for higher level fitness regimes
• has a competition-style vented seat
• rotatable device holder
Echelon Connect Bike EX-5s$1,499.99• flippable screen comes in 2 size choices
• includes dumbbell rack
• adjustable handlebars
Echelon Connect Bike EX-5s-10$1,199.99• suitable for competition training
• 32 levels of resistance
• 10-inch screen
Echelon EX-8s Connect Bike$2,999.99• flippable touch screen
• camera included
• dual-facing speakers
Peloton Bike$1,445• daily live classes
• 30-day use commitment-free
$12.99–$44 a month
NordicTrack$1,899• 360 rotating screen
• premium sound system
• trainer-led workouts on and off the bike
individual plan: $15 a month
family plan: $39 a month
Yosuda$363–639.99• 350-lb weight capacity
• quiet operation
• extendable iPad display
• affordable option
no membership

Exercise bicycles, such as the bikes by Echelon, can help people get more active. They can be a convenient option because a person can:

  • exercise while sitting down
  • work out easily in inclement weather
  • cycle with a much lower risk of accidents than they would face outdoors
  • work out whenever it is convenient for them

Bikes may also be more affordable than other cardiovascular machines, such as treadmills or elliptical trainers.

Exercise bikes also offer many health benefits including improved blood pressure, according to a 2019 systematic review.

An older 2010 study found that a 12-week indoor cycling program involving 3 sessions a week reduced female participants’ body weight by 2.6–3.2%. The authors also noted the participants had lower resting heart rates and increased cardio-respiratory fitness.

It is also a low impact exercise, which does not cause as much wear and tear on the joints as many other activities.

Additionally, 2017 research stated that people who regularly cycled to work had a lower risk of experiencing stress compared to those who occasionally cycled.

This section describes how a person can get set up with an Echelon bike.

Purchase and sign-up process

When purchasing an Echelon bike, a person has the option to pay the full amount or spread the cost with monthly installments. They then have the choice of buying either a monthly membership or a 1- or 2-year membership. Yearly memberships reduce the monthly cost and may be more cost-effective for people who can afford a higher initial payment.

Once the purchase is complete, a person can sign in to their membership via a membership activation email and begin using membership features.


Purchasers pay extra for shipping unless they also buy a 1-year or 2-year Echelon Membership. Typically, shipping will cost $198, which includes delivery into a room of the buyer’s choice, unpacking, assembly, and packaging removal.

Below are answers to the top frequently asked questions about Echelon Fitness Connect Bikes.

Can you use an Echelon bike without a membership?

Echelon bikes can be used without a membership subscription. A person will have access to the basic functions and they will be able to see their data as they ride, but it will not be saved.

Can I watch Netflix on an Echelon bike?

Echelon bikes do not support Netflix via their screens. However, some have device holders where a person can play Netflix from their own device.

Does the Echelon bike have Bluetooth?

Yes, Echelon bikes have Bluetooth connectivity.

Being physically active is essential for achieving and maintaining good health. Many people purchase cardiovascular equipment so that they can exercise in the privacy of their homes.

Echelon Fitness offers individuals a range of bike models, training options, and online classes. They are less expensive than some comparable exercise bikes.

Please note: Medical News Today does not imply warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or endorse this application. This app has not been evaluated for medical accuracy by Medical News Today. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved it unless otherwise indicated.