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A mattress likely plays an integral role in how well a person sleeps. The Eight Sleep Pod mattress uses patented technology that claims to help improve sleep quality.

The Eight Sleep Pod mattress includes features that allow for personalized temperature control. The manufacturer state that it provides medium firmness and contouring that adjusts to a person’s preferred sleeping position.

This article looks at The Eight Sleep Pod mattress in more detail, including a brand overview and what makes the mattress unique.

Eight Sleep are a company that aim to use novel technology to help improve sleep. Currently, they sell one mattress range, known as the Pod, which is available in three variants: Pod, Pod Pro, and Pod Pro Max. They also offer sleep accessories such as pillows, sheets, and blankets.

The Eight Sleep website introduces their scientific advisory board, which includes psychiatrists and professors specializing in sleep. This group helps guide and create the technology for Eight Sleep products.

As well as endorsements from athletes and doctors, Time magazine included Eight Sleep’s Pod mattress in their list of best inventions for 2019.

The CEO of Eight Sleep states that high-quality sleep enables optimum health and wellness. Research indicates that sleep is vital for health, and a lack of it can have a range of negative effects, which can lead to the following conditions:

Obesity and type 2 diabetes: Evidence exists that links both short sleep duration and poor-quality sleep with obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Immune functioning: Research looking at identical twins and sleep duration suggests that people without adequate sleep may experience impaired immune functioning.

Hypertension: A 2018 study concludes that short and long sleep duration may put a person at increased risk of developing hypertension.

Cardiovascular disease: A 2016 review of sleep duration and cardiovascular disease suggests that people who sleep less may be at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular illnesses.

Mood disorders: Research suggests there is an association between disrupted sleep and mood disorders such as major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder.

Neurodegenerative diseases: A 2017 critical review suggests that specific sleep abnormalities may act as an early marker of changes in body functions associated with neurodegenerative disorders.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All product information is purely research-based.

The Eight Sleep Pod mattress is available in three variants.

The Pod is an 11-inch three-layer foam mattress with cooling, heating, and sleep tracking technology. The manufacturer claim it can help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

The Pod Pro is the most popular variant, according to the company. It offers a 12-inch five-layer foam mattress with the same features as the Pod, but with additional proprietary technology that the company claim can further aid sleep.

The Pod Pro Max is the latest and most expensive model. It has the same features as the Pod Pro but features a MaxChill layer. This contains silver, graphite, and copper, which reportedly offers maximum heat dissipation and antimicrobial properties.

Eight Sleep state its mattresses can enhance sleep quality through better data, greater personalization, and improved comfort. It lists the following as four key features.

The mattress

The Eight Sleep Pod mattress series use CertiPUR-US-certified foam, which provides medium firmness and contouring support.

A 2015 study exploring the effects of medium-firm mattresses in older adults with musculoskeletal pain found that they reduced pain and helped them fall asleep quicker.

Another 2015 study further supports the benefits of medium-firm mattresses to improve sleep in those with back pain.

The Active Grid cover with Comfort Blend

The Active Grid is a thin layer containing sensors to track a person’s biometrics. Using these sensors, the SmartTemp AI can reportedly make rapid predictions regarding what temperature a person requires for optimal comfort and then adjusts the Pod accordingly.

This layer also integrates the brand’s Comfort Blend foam, which the company say enhances comfort and pressure-point relief.

The hub

A unique feature of the Pod mattress series is that water flows from a hub through the Active Grid to remove heat from each side of the bed. This keeps the mattress warm or cool, depending on a person’s preference.

The hub’s hydro-cooling technology allows temperature adjustments on each side of the bed, meaning two people can sleep comfortably at different preferred temperatures.

The temperature of a person’s sleeping area and their level of comfort can affect how well and how long they sleep. Therefore, having a mattress that can adjust for warmth or coolness may have a positive effect on sleep.

The Hub design means it can fit next to the bed or by the nightstand, only requiring refills every 2–3 months.

The app

A person can access the mattress’ settings and their sleep reports from the app. It also allows people to set the mattress temperature remotely.

A 2020 review suggests that although it is necessary to address the robustness of sleep monitoring technology, it may empower people to improve their sleep and help with the early diagnosis of sleep disorders.

If people wish to explore alternatives to the Eight Sleep Pod mattress, there are other types of mattress technology to consider, including:

  • Memory foam mattresses: People who predominantly want a mattress that provides a comfortable sleep may consider a memory foam mattress. These contour to a person’s body shape and may relieve pressure points.
  • Gel mattresses: If a person tends to get too hot while they sleep, they may want to consider a gel mattress, which can provide a cooler night’s sleep.
  • Heated blankets: If a person prefers a warmer bed temperature, investing in a heated blanket may provide a more comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Sleep trackers: If a person likes the idea of tracking their sleep, they may consider downloading a sleep tracker app on their mobile device, or purchasing a smartwatch.

The Eight Sleep Pod mattress line uses a range of patented technology and unique temperature-adapting features to reportedly improve a person’s quality of sleep.

It is important to try any mattress, regardless of brand, for several nights, ideally sleeping in several different positions. Eight Sleep offer a 100-day trial period, a 2-year warranty on the technology layer, and a 10-year warranty on the foam mattress.