An erogenous zone is any area of the body that is pleasurable to touch. Many people report that erogenous zones produce sexual pleasure when someone touches them, especially if they are already experiencing arousal.

Most people consider the genitals and breasts to be erogenous zones, though many other areas of the body can also lead to sexual pleasure.

Every person is different. An erogenous zone in one person may be neutral in another, or it may even be unpleasant to touch. Talking to a partner and experimenting with what works can help couples find one another’s erogenous zones.

Additionally, some people report experiencing sexual pleasure from touching certain erogenous zones on another person. This suggests that a person’s erogenous zones may extend to another person’s body.

This article will discuss different areas of the body that people may consider to be erogenous zones and how to stimulate them.

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While people may find pleasure in different erogenous zones, the most popular areas include the breasts, lips, and neck.

Erogenous zones are sexually pleasurable to touch. A person might derive pleasure from touching these areas themselves, but many people get the most pleasure when another person touches them.

Scientists have proposed a number of theories about erogenous zones and why they lead to such pleasure, but no research has conclusively proven any specific theory.

Some potential reasons that erogenous zones might be pleasurable include the fact that:

  • They are highly sensitive, either because they have more nerve endings or because people do not often touch them.
  • They tend to remain covered, making them less accessible or more exciting to touch.
  • They are pleasurable for the partner to touch or sexually attractive to the partner.

Some people enjoy the stimulation of erogenous zones as part of sex or foreplay, while others can independently orgasm from erogenous zone stimulation.

Any area of the body that a person enjoys touching or having touched can be an erogenous zone. In fact, a 2016 study of 704 participants concluded that the entire body could be an erogenous zone.

Researchers asked participants to shade the areas that they or a person of the opposite sex would enjoy having touched. While different people selected different zones, there was no area of the body that no one considered an erogenous zone.

In the studies the authors of a 2020 paper reviewed, the lips, nipples, breasts, neck, buttocks, inner thigh, and ears consistently topped lists of erogenous zones.

Some other erogenous zones are not as popular but still common. These include:

  • the shoulders, hips, and sides
  • the hands and wrists
  • the elbows
  • the shins
  • the calves
  • the cheeks
  • the area behind the knees
  • the belly button
  • the upper arms
  • the feet
  • the temple and eyes
  • the forearms
  • the toes

In a 2016 study, researchers asked 150 married women about their preferred erogenous zones. Almost all participants (95.3%) reported having erogenous zones other than the genitals.

The most common zones, in order from most to least common, included:

  • the breasts
  • the lips
  • the neck
  • the ears
  • the buttocks

In the study, 12% of the participants reported that they could orgasm from the stimulation of these zones alone.

For many women, erogenous zones are a complement to sexual stimulation, not a replacement. Stimulating these areas can be highly effective foreplay.

A 2013 paper that asked 793 people about their preferred erogenous zones found that the following areas ranked highly among all sexes:

  • the mouth and lips
  • the nape of the neck
  • the inner thigh
  • the pubic hairline
  • the back of the neck

Men also ranked some erogenous zones, including the lower back and the chest, more highly than women did.

For many people, the genitals and surrounding areas are erogenous zones. However, stimulating the genitals is not always erotic, especially when a person is not fully aroused.

Some of the most common genital erogenous zones for females include:

  • the clitoris
  • the vagina
  • the perineum

Males rank the following genital erogenous zones highly:

  • the penis
  • the scrotum
  • the perineum

The specific area of the genitals a person enjoys stimulating or having stimulated varies from person to person.

For example, some people enjoy G-spot stimulation, while others prefer stimulation on certain areas of the penis, such as the tip.

The sort of stimulation a person prefers varies as much as their preferred erogenous zones.

Some people prefer gentle, subtle stimulation, such as blowing or light touches. Others want intense, continuous stimulation, such as massaging or stroking.

The ideal stimulation may change with how aroused a person is. The right stimulation also varies from area to area and experience to experience.

For example, a 2016 study that asked 150 women about their preferred type of stimulation found that people preferred oral stimulation of the lips and that both manual and oral stimulation worked well for the nipples.

Some options for stimulating erogenous zones include:

  • using the mouth to lick, kiss, suck, or bite the area
  • using the fingers to gently touch, stroke, massage, or tickle the area
  • blowing on the area
  • using sex toys or other tools to stimulate the area, such as tickling it with a feather or stimulating it with a dildo or vibrator

Although some erogenous zones are very common, there is no single map of erogenous zones that every person can endorse. Each body is different, and a person’s preferences can change with time, types of stimulation, or partner.

People interested in exploring erogenous zones should talk to their partners about what they enjoy, then mutually explore different types of touch.