Estrovive supplements claim to help people experiencing menopause symptoms. The product contains natural ingredients but may not be safe for everyone and could interact with medications. There are no studies supporting Estrovive as an effective treatment for menopause symptoms.

This article explores Estrovive supplements in more detail alongside research about the product’s ingredients. We also list some frequently asked questions about this supplement and other treatment options for people seeking relief during menopause.

Estrovive is a herbal supplement that claims to reduce menopause symptoms, such as vaginal dryness, night sweats, and hot flashes.

According to Estrovive’s website, the product also improves a person’s sleep quality, supports the body’s heat regulation, and increases libido.

Estrovive contains several herbal ingredients. However, the manufacturer does not explain how the supplements work or provide studies indicating that the product has undergone clinical tests.

Some of the natural ingredients present in Estrovive include the following:

  • Soy isoflavones: A 2017 study found that isoflavone supplements could reduce hot flashes, fatigue, and irritability in 50 menopausal women.
  • Black cohosh: This is a woodland herb that grows in North America. According to an older 2010 study, people who take black cohosh supplements during menopause may experience reduced night sweats and hot flashes. These supplements also have a lower chance of interacting with medications.
  • Red clover: The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) states that red clover supplements are available for people with menopause symptoms and osteoporosis. Studies reviewing this herb’s effect in people with hot flashes have found inconsistent results.
  • Sage: One 2019 study found that sage extract can reduce some symptoms that appear during menopause. These include hot flashes, panic, and fatigue. However, the National Women’s Health Network states that sage can cause seizures and neurological problems.
  • Licorice: According to a 2012 study, licorice roots may reduce hot flashes in combination with lifestyle habits, such as regular exercise, stress management, and consuming foods containing phytoestrogens.

The manufacturer states that Estrovive contains natural ingredients, so it should not cause any side effects or interact with other supplements or drugs. However, it recommends that a person consults their doctor about taking it with other products.

Any substance can have side effects, including herbal products. This is particularly problematic with herbal products that lack research into their effects and safety.

CRI Naturals markets Estrovive capsules as dietary supplements and states that it develops the formula in a facility certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

However, the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements as drugs and recommends people seeking medical advice before purchasing them. They may contain ingredients present in prescription medications that are not listed on the dietary product’s label. As a result, this can be harmful to people’s health.

The NCCIH states that people who take black cohosh can experience headaches, stomach problems, and vaginal bleeding. Those who develop liver problems when using products that contain this herb — such as abdominal swelling, dark urine, or jaundice — should seek immediate medical attention.

The NCCIH also states that studies are not clear whether red clover can ease hot flashes in menopausal people. Anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid using this herb.

In addition, researchers of a 2019 study found that isoflavones can cause nausea, bloating, and diarrhea.

Estrovive is available for purchase on Amazon, where it has a rating of 3.9 out of 5.

According to positive reviews, these supplements can reduce night sweats and hot flashes. Some people also report improved sleep patterns. Others also wrote that they no longer felt bloated.

However, some individuals report feeling dizzy after taking Estrovive supplements, which may be due to interactions with their medications. Some did not see any improvement in their symptoms one month after using the product.

The supplements also caused heavy bleeding in some people.

Below are some advantages and disadvantages that come with Estrovive supplements:


  • contain natural ingredients
  • shipped in discreet packaging
  • bundles available on the product’s website


  • not FDA-regulated
  • ingredients can be harmful
  • can cause heavy bleeding
  • lack of evidence on effectiveness and safety
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The Office on Women’s Health mentions some products that a person can use to relieve menopause symptoms:

  • Vaginal moisturizers: These are products available without a prescription that can provide moisture in the vaginal tissue and reduce discomfort during sex.
  • Low-dose hormonal birth control pills: Doctors may recommend this type of treatment to reduce hot flashes and mood swings in the perimenopausal period. However, these pills are not suitable for people who smoke, have high blood pressure, or other medical conditions.
  • Suppositories: Prasterone is a vaginal suppository to reduce dryness. It is FDA-approved. Local estrogen vaginal treatments, such as vaginal rings, cream, or tablets, are also FDA-approved, effective, and generally safe for vaginal dryness or irritation during menopause.

The below are some common questions about Estrovive supplements:

Is Estrovive effective?

There is a lack of evidence that Estrovive is effective in treating menopause symptoms.

The product is a dietary supplement, and the FDA states that individuals should seek medical advice before using these types of products. They may contain hidden ingredients that may interact with medications and harm people’s health.

People considering menopause supplements should consult with a health provider or pharmacist to discuss side effects and potential interactions with other medications.

Can I take Estrovive if I am taking other medications?

CRI Naturals, Estrovive’s manufacturer, states that Estrovive can be a safe product, but individuals should consult a doctor before using it with another product.

According to the FDA, dietary supplements may contain ingredients that may affect how medications work, as they may reduce their effectiveness. There is no guarantee that herbal products will not interact with other medications.

The American Heart Association states that a person taking blood pressure medication should avoid taking licorice, one of the ingredients in Estrovive’s formulation. Licorice has hypertensive effects, so it may interfere with antihypertensive medications.

How much does Estrovive cost?

Estrovive supplements are available to purchase directly from the product’s website. One bottle covering 1 month’s use is available for $38.99.

Estrovive is a dietary supplement product that claims to reduce menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness.

The company states that Estrovive should be safe for general use. However, there is no FDA approval for supplements in the United States as with prescription drugs, and there is no clear data from evidence-based studies showing that it works for menopausal symptoms or is safe. However, the manufacturer states that it develops Estrovive in an FDA-registered facility following FDA guidelines.

A person should consult a doctor before purchasing dietary supplements, as they can interact with medications.