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Eyemart Express offers a range of prescription and nonprescription glasses, sunglasses, and safety glasses from in-house or designer brands. Its products are available for purchase online or in-store.

This article explores the Eyemart Express brand, its reputation, products, services, and more.

Eyemart Express opened its first store in Appleton, Wisconsin, in 1990. Today, the company operates 200 stores across 38 states.

Trustpilot scores the brand 3.3 out of 5 stars, according to 53 reviews. The Better Business Bureau gives the company a rating of A+ with 1.53 out of 5 stars from 17 customer reviews.

Most negative reviews mentioned issues with the brand’s customer service and inaccurate prescriptions. Customers who gave positive reviews appreciated the company’s product quality, shopping experience, and helpful staff.

Eyemart Express offers around 120 frame brands, including designer and own-brand designs. The company also sells lenses, sunglasses, and American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-certified safety glasses.

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  • Frame price: $19.95 to $219.95
  • Age range: adults and children

Eyemart Express offers several options for prescription lenses:

  • single vision
  • lined bifocal
  • lined trifocal
  • no-line progressive
  • light changing

The brand also offers additional lens options, including scratch resistance, UV coating, and nonglare technology. Customers can choose from four lens types:

  • CR39 plastic: These are Eyemart Express’ standard lenses.
  • Polycarbonate: These lenses are thin, light, and impact resistant. The company recommends these lenses for children and people who take part in sports.
  • High-index plastic: These are thin and light lenses that may suit people with strong prescriptions.
  • Trivex: These are suitable for individuals with low and high prescriptions. They are durable, thin, and impact-resistant.

Customers may also apply UltraXLenses to their lenses, which Eyemart Express claims utilize state-of-the-art technology. The options include:

  • UltraXHD, which may offer more clarity, sharpness, and a wider field of view
  • UltraXBlu, which filters UV and blue light
  • UltraXAR, which may reduce glare and eye fatigue


  • Frame price: $19.95 to $219.95
  • Age range: adults and children

Customers can choose from several different tints for sunglasses, including:

  • polarized gray
  • polarized brown
  • G15 green
  • gray tint
  • brown tint
  • blue tint
  • rose tint
  • lavender tint

Over 1,000 frames are available, and the price depends on the lens and customization options an individual needs.

Frame materials include titanium, metal, plastic, and stainless steel.

Safety glasses

  • Frame price: from $39.95
  • Age range: adults

People can buy ANSI-certified safety glasses in over 40 styles and choose among permanent, removable, and integrated side shield options.

The certification means that the glasses protect against:

  • blunt impacts
  • radiation
  • splashes or droplets
  • dust particles
  • corrosion
  • fire

Tinted and photochromic lenses are also available.

Eyemart Express does not sell its products online for new customers, who need to go to a local store first. Only people who purchase a complete pair in-store, including the lens and frame, can set up an online account. A trained optician can upload a person’s prescription into the system.

Customers buying prescription glasses will need a current and valid prescription.

Learn about eye prescriptions.

The waiting time for orders depends on the type of lenses and other features a customer orders. Eyemart Express states that since it makes glasses in-store, people can claim them within the same day, sometimes within 30 minutes. However, special orders may take up to 7–14 business days.

The online store will send recommended frames according to the person’s frame style, lens style, and other needs. Existing customers who have new prescriptions can update their prescriptions through their online accounts.

Payment and insurance

Eyemart Express stores accept cash, check, all major credit cards, Sunbit, and Care Credit. The company also accepts major credit cards for online payments.

The company also offers a 20% discount for military, school faculty and staff, and first responders, such as police officers, EMTs, firefighters, and healthcare workers.

Eyemart Express accepts over 1,000 insurance plans. If a person’s plan is not on the list, they may call their local store or walk in and ask for help from an associate. The company also accepts Medicare and Medicaid plans, depending on the location, and a person can check with the local store beforehand regarding insurance.

Learn about Medicare and glasses.

Eyemart Express does not accept insurance for online orders. However, people may use the receipt from their online purchase to request a reimbursement from their insurance provider.


Eyemart Express offers free frame restyling for 30 days and prescription changes within 90 days. People can also walk into a store and request minor repairs such as nose pad replacements and adjustments.

To cancel an order, a person needs to contact Eyemart Express customer care.


Eyemart Express offers free shipping of online purchases through standard but not expedited courier shipping. The company ships most glasses from its optical labs within 3–5 business days.


All Eyemart Express frames come with a 1-year warranty that covers physical damage. However, this does not cover lost or stolen frames and damage to lenses.

However, customers may opt-in to the Protection Plus plan for extended coverage, covering lens and frame damage for 1 year. This includes UV and tint damage, as well as lens scratches.

There are many similar brands to Eyemart Express that allow people to purchase online without visiting a physical store. Examples include:

Learn what to look for when buying glasses online.

Eyemart Express vs. alternatives

The following table compares Eyemart Express with the above competitors.

Online purchasesOffers glassesOffers contact lensesOffers sunglassesOffers safety glasses
Eyemart Expressexisting customers onlyyesnoyesyes
America’s Bestyesyesyesyesno
Warby Parkeryesyesyesyesno

In the United States, around 7 million people have some form of visual impairment. Individuals can help reduce the risk of vision loss with the following precautions:

  • undergoing a comprehensive dilated eye exam
  • managing blood sugar if they have diabetes
  • finding out if their family history puts them at risk for certain eye diseases
  • consuming foods that help maintain eye health
  • maintaining a moderate weight
  • wearing protective gear when necessary

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, a person should immediately speak with an ophthalmologist if they experience the following:

Here we answer some common questions about this service.

Can I take my own frames to Eyemart Express?

The company states that most of its stores can use a person’s existing frames depending on the condition and brand of the frames.

People must bring their frames into an Eyemart Express store so that its lab technicians can evaluate them.

How does Eyemart Express work?

New customers need to visit an Eyemart Express store and purchase a pair of frames and lenses before they can order online. The company’s employees will enter the frame measurements and prescription strength into the company’s system.

The company states that this way, it has all the necessary information to recommend frames that fit a person’s face and style. They can also reportedly quote an accurate price for frames and lenses online.

Does Eyemarket Express do any discounts?

Eyemarket Express offers three affinity programs: a military discount, a school faculty and staff program, and a first responder program. These programs only apply to optical eyewear and sunglasses and offer a 20% discount.

People cannot use these discounts in conjunction with insurance.

The military discount covers those in active and nonactive service, veterans, and dependents. Eyemarket Express also offers a discount when people show their military ID at checkout.

People eligible for the staff and faculty program include employees with a valid school ID badge from an accredited public or private PK-12 school, college, or university. This includes teachers, nurses, custodial staff, and bus drivers.

The first responder program applies to anyone with a valid police, EMT, firefighter, or healthcare worker ID.

Eyemart Express sells a vast range of eye care products in-store and online. It offers prescription and nonprescription glasses, sunglasses, and safety glasses. However, people need to buy a complete pair in-store before making an online account and purchasing through their online store.