FemiClear is a company that sells products for vaginal health infections, such as yeast infections and genital herpes. FemiClear claims its products contain natural ingredients, making them a suitable option for people who want to avoid drug-based products. However, there is no evidence to support FemiClear’s effectiveness or safety.

This article explores the FemiClear brand and some of its most popular products. We also compare FemiClear to other companies providing similar treatment options.

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FemiClear is a female-led company that produces products to help treat vaginal infections, such as yeast infections and genital herpes. It also stocks several items for treating mouth sores, burns, and blisters.

The company’s facilities are registered with the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are in line with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of FemiClear.


  • delivery tracking
  • subscription plan for regular buyers
  • cruelty-free products that are not tested on animals
  • gluten-free products available


  • no evidence of effectiveness
  • not available outside the United States
  • potential side effects for people with sensitive skin
  • ointments may not be compatible with condoms

Yeast infections and genital herpes infections are different types of infection that can affect the vagina. It is important that people know the difference between the two infections to seek appropriate treatment.

Yeast infections

A vaginal yeast infection develops when there is an overgrowth of a Candida fungus, usually Candida albicans. This fungus ordinarily lives harmlessly inside the vagina, thanks to bacteria that help to keep it under control. However, an imbalance in the bacteria can cause the fungus to grow out of control.

The Office on Women’s Health (OWH) states that vaginal yeast infections can affect women of any age but are more common after puberty and before menopause.

Some individuals are at increased risk of developing a yeast infection, such as those who:

According to the OWH, symptoms of a yeast infection may include:

Genital herpes

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that develops when a person contracts the herpes simplex virus (HSV) from someone who already has the infection. The virus can spread through vaginal, anal, or oral sex.

According to a 2018 review article, genital herpes can also cause vaginal yeast infections and increases a person’s risk of contracting other STIs, such as HIV.

Genital herpes does not always cause symptoms. However, the condition can be painful or itchy and may cause blisters on the vagina, vulva, penis, or scrotum.

People who develop blisters or sores inside the urethra may experience pain or difficulty urinating.

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Some FemiClear products are listed below.

FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms – Multi Symptom

Price: $59.99

FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms is a topical ointment that the company claims may help relieve the symptoms of genital herpes outbreaks. FemiClear states that the treatment is not a cure for herpes.

The formula contains ingredients such as:

  • lemongrass
  • willow bark extract
  • oxygenated olive oil
  • colloidal oatmeal
  • beeswax

The company recommends that people apply the product at least four times a day and as often as necessary thereafter.

HClear for Him for Genital Herpes Symptoms – Multi Symptom

Price: $59.99

HClear for Him for Genital Herpes Symptoms is an ointment that the company claims may reduce symptoms of genital herpes outbreaks in biological males. Such symptoms may include itching, tingling, and burning.

HClear contains the same ingredients as FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms. The ointment has a runny texture, so people can store it in a refrigerator before applying it to their skin.

The company recommends that people use HClear as soon as they experience the tingling sensation that signals a herpes outbreak. A person should apply the product at least four times a day, and as often as necessary thereafter.

FemiClear Yeast Infection – 1 Day Dose

Price: $26.99

FemiClear Yeast Infection 1-day dose includes a vaginal ointment and an external itch relief ointment, each weighing 0.5 ounces. The company claims that the ointments may provide relief from itching, irritation, and discharge.

The vaginal ointment formulation contains ingredients such as:

  • calendula
  • melaleuca
  • oxygenated olive oil
  • beeswax

A person must squeeze the ointment into the applicator provided and then insert the applicator into the vagina. The company recommends applying the product before bed and while lying down.

The external relief ointment contains the following ingredients:

  • chamomilla
  • colloidal oatmeal
  • oxygenated olive oil
  • beeswax

A person can apply the external relief ointment onto the vagina as needed.

CUROXEN First Aid Ointment + Arnica for Pain

Price: $9.99

CUROXEN’s formulation is for burns, scrapes, or blisters. The ointment contains ingredients, including:

  • arnica
  • calendula
  • oxygenated olive oil
  • essential oil blend

CUROXEN does not contain the following ingredients:

  • petrolatum-derived products
  • artificial chemicals
  • antibiotics
  • silver

When applying CUROXEN, people should first clean the affected area. They should then apply a thin layer of the product at least three times a day or as needed.

Below is some information about FemiClear services that people may find useful when purchasing FemiClear products:


The company may take up to 2 business days to process orders. Delivery takes up to 7 business days, depending on the shipping method.

FemiClear delivers to all states except Alaska and Hawaii. Its services are not available outside the U.S.


FemiClear products come with a 45-day-return policy, meaning that people who wish to return their order can do so within this timeframe.

The company advises buyers to get in touch within 7 days if they receive a damaged product so that it can evaluate the situation and offer a replacement.


FemiClear offers a subscription service for people who wish to receive repeat deliveries of one or more products. Some plans may auto-renew. However, a person can cancel their subscription at any time.

FemiClear does not have Trustpilot or Better Business Bureau (BBB) registration. However, the company website features several customer reviews.

These reviews generally praise the quality of FemiClear products and state that the ointments are easy to apply and work immediately. Customers also generally report that the genital herpes items are effective in relieving itching and burning.

However, some people reported a burning sensation after applying HClear, suggesting that this product may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin.

The following table compares FemiClear and its competitors: Monistat, Abreva, and Vagisil.

Product typeointmentscleansers
powder gels
deodorant powders
Treatmentsyeast infections
genital herpes
cold sores
minor cuts
yeast infections
cold sorescleansing
odor control
Where to buyFemiClear website
CVS Pharmacy
CVS Pharmacy
Rite Aid

CVS Pharmacy,
Rite Aid
Vagisil website
CVS Pharmacy

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that people contact a doctor if they experience symptoms of a yeast infection. Since the symptoms can be similar to those of other vaginal infections, a doctor will need to rule out other possible causes to prescribe an effective treatment.

FemiClear advises that people consult a doctor if they experience symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection while pregnant or breastfeeding, or if they experience one or more of the following symptoms:

How to know if you need over-the-counter (OTC) yeast infection treatment

The OWH states that after consulting a doctor or nurse to check their symptoms, a person can take OTC treatment for a yeast infection. However, pregnant people cannot take the oral fluconazole tablet. Vaginal creams or suppositories containing miconazole or clotrimazole are safe during pregnancy.

Although mild symptoms may resolve on their own, people should talk with a doctor if their symptoms do not improve.

Below are some answers to common questions about FemiClear:

Is FemiClear supposed to cause a burning sensation?

Some FemiClear products for treating a yeast infection may cause a burning sensation upon application. If a person’s symptoms are severe, the sensation may also be intense. However, anyone who experiences severe burning or other side effects should stop using the product and notify a doctor.

Does FemiClear work better than Monistat?

Monistat’s 1-day pack contains 1,200 milligrams of the antifungal medication miconazole. It is known to be effective and safe as a treatment for vaginal yeast infections.

Monistat is FDA approved for treating vaginal yeast infections. A doctor may prescribe Monistat as a treatment.

There are no comparable studies on whether FemiClear is an effective or safe treatment for vaginal yeast infections.

There are no studies comparing the effectiveness of Monistat and FemiClear.

Learn more about Monistat here.

What is FemiClear used for?

FemiClear’s products may benefit people who have vaginal yeast infections or genital herpes and are looking for an all-natural treatment.

The FemiClear website also has a learning hub with articles offering advice on how to manage symptoms or how to determine whether natural products are the right solution.

FemiClear is a company that stocks products primarily for women with vaginal infections, such as yeast infections and genital herpes.

There is no evidence to support the effectiveness or safety of FemiClear products.

A person can purchase FemiClear products from the company website, or from other retailers, such as CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, and Walgreens. FemiClear products are available without a prescription.

Some FemiClear products may cause a burning sensation after application. However, if the side effect is severe, a person should discontinue use and notify their doctor.

Anyone who is concerned about a vaginal infection should contact their doctor for further advice. Vaginal yeast infections and genital herpes infections can cause symptoms that mimic those of more serious conditions. As such, it is important for people to receive an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.