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Green Chef provides a meal kit delivery service that offers options to suit a variety of dietary preferences. The company uses organically certified ingredients and emphasizes green eating and living.

This article looks at what Green Chef offers and how its meal delivery service works. It also discusses the meal options on different plans and their potential health benefits.

Green Chef provides a meal kit delivery service, delivering ingredients and recipes to people so that they can make meals at home. The company offers meal plans for people with different lifestyles and diets.

According to the company’s website, the United States Department of Agriculture has certified Green Chef as an organic company.

Additionally, the company emphasizes its commitment to sustainability and green practices. Green Chef notes that its meals produce less food waste than traditional grocery store meals and states that it is the only meal kit company that offsets 100% of its direct carbon emissions and plastic packaging.

Green Chef’s website also mentions that it works with farmers to source sustainable, delicious ingredients and maintain high animal welfare standards.

Please note that the writer has not tried this service. All information is research-based.

Customers create an account and choose their dietary and delivery preferences. They can select a box catering for two, four, or six people, with prices starting at $9.99 per serving. A person can opt to receive three or four meals each week (or two if they sign up for the four-servings plan). After subscribing, people can skip weeks or cancel at any time.

Green Chef delivers premeasured ingredients, including some that it has already prepared, such as chopped vegetables, sauces, and marinades. The company also color-codes the chef-crafted recipe cards and the ingredients so that people can easily match them up when making the meals at home.


Green Chef uses eco-friendly packaging. The company states that people can recycle most of the packaging.

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes: These boxes contain a minimum of 40% recycled content. People can recycle their cardboard boxes as they usually do.
  • Insulation: The insulation is made of Green Chef’s proprietary plant-based material. People can recycle the insulation with their paper and cardboard.
  • Ice packs: The ice packs contain soluble, non-toxic gel. The outer material of the ice pack is low-density polyethylene (LDPE). People can store the ice pack in their freezer for later use or drain the ice pack and recycle the outer material in a recycling center that accepts number 4 plastic.
  • Paper bags: These bags are 100% post-consumer recycled paper. People can recycle clean bags in the usual way. If the bags are soiled, Green Chef recommends composting at home or in a composting facility.
  • Plastic bags: People can recycle these LDPE plastic bags in a recycling center that accepts number 4 plastic.
  • Plastic sauce packets: People can recycle these LDPE plastic sauce packets in a recycling center that accepts number 4 plastic.
  • Small paperboard boxes: These boxes are 100% recycled paperboard. People can recycle clean paperboard as usual, or compost soiled boxes at home or in a composting facility.
  • Plastic jars: These plastic jars are polypropylene (PP) and are not microwave safe. People can reuse the jars or recycle them at whichever facility accepts number 5 plastic.
  • Egg cartons: People can recycle egg cartons as they usually do.
  • Plastic herb clamshells: These herb clamshells are polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a number 1 plastic. People can recycle them at facilities that accept number 1 plastic.

Green Chef may suit someone who wants to prepare meals at home easily using healthy, nutritious ingredients. People who wish to eat organic food and support local, sustainable suppliers might also like Green Chef.

The website says that the chef’s tips explain and guide someone’s cooking experience so that people who are new to cooking can still use the service.

According to Green Chef, most recipes take about 30 minutes to prepare, which could benefit busy families or individuals who do not have much time to spend cooking.

Green Chef points out on its website that due to processing facilities, cross-contamination may occur. Therefore, someone who has a severe allergy should use their discretion when choosing a meal plan service.

People can choose a varied plan that includes meat and fish or opt for one catering to a vegan, paleo, or keto diet. The plans also include gluten-free options.

The following are menu examples from each plan.

Balanced living

  • Italian shrimp and creamy “rice”: This keto-friendly and gluten-free meal takes 15 minutes to prepare. It contains cauliflower “rice,” red peppers, cream cheese, Parmesan, shrimp, and lemon-Dijon vinaigrette.
  • Black bean and corn quesadillas: This vegetarian meal takes 35 minutes to prepare. It contains black beans, corn, red peppers, melted Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, tortillas, and Greek yogurt cilantro-lime crema.
  • Beef and feta burgers with carrot fries: This meal takes 30 minutes to prepare. It contains cumin and feta cheese beef patties, brioche buns, harissa aïoli, and harissa-spiced carrot fries.


  • Boom boom cauliflower bowls: This vegan and gluten-free meal takes 30 minutes to prepare. It contains Green Chef’s Boom Boom sauce, roasted cauliflower, a savory stir-fry with vegetables, jasmine rice and cashews, and toasted sesame oil.
  • Italian white bean and veggie soup: This vegan meal takes 30 minutes to prepare. It contains white beans, sweet potato, kale, mushroom broth, coconut milk, and ciabatta bread.
  • Veggie and bean stuffed peppers: This vegan and gluten-free meal takes 35 minutes to prepare. It contains cashew “Parmesan,” roasted bell peppers, kale, black beans, corn, garlic-cilantro rice, and chimichurri.

Keto and paleo

  • Chicken with herb tahini sauce: This keto and gluten-free meal takes 25 minutes to prepare. It contains garlic-herb tahini sauce, seasoned chicken, cauliflower “tabbouleh,” cabbages, red peppers, and feta.
  • Beefy fajita soup: This paleo and gluten-free meal takes 30 minutes to prepare. It contains onions, peppers, seasoned ground beef, and coconut enchilada-spiced broth.
  • Chili-ginger pork salad: This paleo, keto, and gluten-free meal takes 25 minutes to prepare. It contains vegetables such as kale and red pepper, chili-ginger pork, and a ginger-lime aïoli dressing.

Green Chef offers three meal plans. People can choose between 2–4 meals per week for up to 6 people. The following table describes the cost of each plan.

Balanced livingBetween $10.49–11.99 per serving
Plant-poweredBetween $9.99–11.99 per serving
Keto and paleoBetween $11.49–12.99 per serving

Shipping costs $8.99–17.98 if a person chooses a meal plan that feeds two or four individuals. Shipping costs $26.97 if a person chooses a 6-person meal plan.

Green Chef allows people to cancel, skip, or change their orders up to 7 days before delivery. People can change their subscription through their profile on the Green Chef website.

Green Chef does not mention a refund policy on its website. People must contact the company’s customer service team to discuss any concerns.

The types of diets that Green Chef cater to could have potential health benefits.

For example, the authors of a 2019 systematic review concluded that a plant-based diet could have many health benefits, including a positive effect on weight, blood glucose, and inflammatory markers.

Learn more about vegan diets.

Green Chef also offers keto meal plans. Some people use a keto diet to lose weight and improve their lean muscle mass. However, according to a 2019 viewpoint article, the risks and adverse effects of a keto diet may make it unsuitable for someone to use in the long term.

Learn more about keto diets.

Paleo meals are also an option with Green Chef. A small 2015 study indicated that even short-term consumption of a paleo diet could improve glucose control and lipid profiles in people with type 2 diabetes.

Learn more about paleo diets.

Two separate studies from 2017 found that people who plan meals and eat home-cooked foods are more likely to have a healthy diet and a lower risk of obesity. A 201. study also suggested that meal kit delivery services can provide nutritious meals.

People can choose from a wide range of meal kit delivery services, including:

Those who do not want to use a delivery service could reduce the time they spend shopping, preparing meals, and cooking by:

  • making a weekly meal plan and using an online shopping service
  • sourcing quick, healthful recipes on the internet
  • preparing fresh salads and chopped vegetables and storing them in portions in the refrigerator
  • batch cooking and freezing meals
  • using leftovers for the following day’s lunches
  • adding chopped, frozen vegetables and fruit to meals or smoothies

Green Chef vs. alternatives

All meal kit delivery companies offer similar services. The table below highlights the differences between Green Chef and alternative meal kit deliveries.

Green ChefBlue ApronDaily HarvestHelloFreshPurple CarrotSplendid Spoon
Amount of meals 2–4 meals for 2, 4, or 6 people2–4 meals, each serving two people9, 12, or 24 items2–6 meals for 2 or 4 people2–4 meals for 2 or 4 people5 smoothies, bowls, or noodle bowls
Weekly or monthly deliveryWeeklyWeeklyWeekly or monthlyWeeklyWeeklyWeekly, once every other week, or monthly
Meal plan and menu options3 meal plans with weekly menu optionsTwo meal plans with weekly menu options8 meal plans 6 meal plans4 meal plans with weekly menu options5 meal plans
SubscriptionsSkip, reschedule, or cancel up to 7 days before next deliverySkip, reschedule, or cancel before the ‘Changeable before’ date Pause or cancel before 5pm ET on SundaySkip, reschedule, or cancel 5 days before next deliverySkip, reschedule, or cancel on the Tuesday one week before the next deliverySkip, reschedule, or cancel by 4pm ET on Thursday for Wednesday delivery, or 4pm Sunday for Friday delivery
Meal plan costStarts from $9.99 per servingStarts from $7.49 per servingStarts from $5.99 per itemStarts from $7.49 per servingStarts from $9.99 per servingStarts from $65 per week
Shipping costStarts from $8.99$7.99Free$8.99FreeFree

The Green Chef service caters to different diets and preferences and allows someone to cook healthy meals easily and quickly.

Those who are new to cooking may find the chef’s tips and recipe guidance helpful. People can choose the number of meals and servings that they require so the service can suit both smaller households and larger families.

Some diets, such as a plant-based one, could have potential health benefits. People should use their discretion when choosing a diet to suit their health and lifestyle. They could also consider discussing any dietary concerns with a dietitian or another healthcare professional.