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Hearing Assist are an online company providing over-the-counter hearing aids to people who have experienced hearing loss.

A quick look at Hearing Assist’s hearing aids

This article discusses the Hearing Assist brand, their products, and hearing health.

According to Hearing Assist’s website, they have been in business for over a decade. They claim their Rechargeable Bionic Hearing aid was the first Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved hearing aid sold directly to consumers.

The company’s mission statement indicates they aim to provide quality hearing aids at an affordable price so that people with mild to moderate hearing loss can hear clearly again.

Hearing Assist offer multiple product options to choose from, as well as free shipping and trial periods. These hearing aids help with mild to moderate hearing loss.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) give Hearing Assist an A+ rating, their second-highest rating, based on an aggregate score. However, out of 15 customer reviews posted on the BBB’s website, the company has scored less than 2 out of 5 stars.

Hearing Assist have closed 9 complaints in 3 years on BBB. Most of them revolve around issues with customer service. A few reviews cite product failure, with one customer noting they had a recurring charge on their card. However, this charge was for a monthly protection plan. The company answered all user complaints.

Hearing Assist’s primary products are their hearing aid models. They also offer accessories and a support plan that covers replacement and repairs.

People can pay for any product in full and up-front. They can also apply for credit to split payments over several months.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based.

Best for Bluetooth audio streaming:
STREAM Receiver in Canal (RIC) Rechargeable OTC Hearing Aid Kit

  • List price: $799.99
  • Installment price: $66.99 per month
  • Type of hearing aid: RIC
  • Rechargeable: yes

The STREAM model has a RIC design, which may help people hear higher-frequency sounds. aiding with hearing higher-frequency sounds.

This device has Bluetooth connectivity, and people can stream audio from their smart devices while wearing these hearing aids.

Other features include water resistance, background noise reduction, and a magnetic charging dock.

This device comes with a portable charging case and multiple cap sizes. It is only available to purchase as a pair.

Best for high-fidelity sound:
ReCharge! Plus HA-900 Receiver in Ear (RIC) Hearing Aids

  • List price: $699.99
  • Installment price: $58.99 per month
  • Type of hearing aid: RIC
  • Rechargeable: yes

The ReCharge! Plus is one of Hearing Assist’s newest models. It also includes hearing aids for both ears.

The item comes with an easy-to-use manual, magnetic charging dock, and multiple ear cap sizes.

Hearing Assist states that the RIC design can aid with higher-frequency sounds, such as birdsong. People can choose between four programs and eight channels to find the best amplification for their needs.

Similarly to the HA-802 model, this device is compatible with Hearing Assist’s free app.

However, this device does not support Bluetooth audio streaming.

This hearing aid is water-resistant and available in silver color.

Best for more customization:
CONTROL RIC Rechargeable OTC Hearing Aid Kit

  • List price: $699.99
  • Installment price: $58.99 per month
  • Type of hearing aid: RIC
  • Rechargeable: yes

This Hearing Assist model focuses on customization. It is similar to the ReCharge! Plus HA-900 RIC, but with some differences, such as:

  • access to HearingAssist STREAM App, allowing for further control over volume, modes, amplification, and background sound
  • 11 volume levels
  • portable charging deck
  • 24—96 hour battery life

This device is only available as a pair and in silver.

Best for app personalization:
ReCharge! HA-802 Behind The Ear (BTE) Thin-Tube Hearing Aids

  • List price: $599.99
  • Installment price: $49.99 per month
  • Type of hearing aid: BTE
  • Rechargeable: yes
  • Features: feedback suppression and smartphone compatible

The ReCharge! includes dual hearing aids — one for each ear and different size ear caps.

The company advises that people will need a smartphone to use this device.

The product comes with an illustrated manual and a magnetic charging dock.

Other features include Bluetooth connectivity with the Hearing Assist app and an advanced digital signal processing (DSP) chip that provides up to 43 decibels (dB) of sound amplification.

The DSP chip allows for four profiles: All Around, Restaurant, Traffic, and Outdoors. People can adjust the profiles through the app or on the hearing device.

This model is available in gray or beige colors.

Best for hands-free calls:
CONNECT In the Ear (ITE) Rechargeable OTC Hearing Aid Kit

  • List price: $599.99
  • Installment price: $49.99 per month
  • Type of hearing aid: ITE
  • Rechargeable: yes

These hearing aids pair directly with the HearingAssist STREAM App, and as such require a smartphone or tablet. This app allows customization for volume, background noises, and amplification.

Hearing Assist states that this device is most suitable for people who want to control when, how, and what they would like to hear.

CONNECT’s other features include a 12—60 hour battery life, wireless streaming functionality for music and hands-free calls, and 11 volume levels.

This device is available as a pair and in white color.

Best for a manual device:
ReCharge! Plus HA-302 BTE Thin-Tube Hearing Aids

  • List price: $499.99
  • Installment price: $41.99 per month
  • Type of hearing aid: BTE
  • Rechargeable: yes
  • Features: no smartphone required

The ReCharge! is Hearing Assist’s basic model. It includes dual hearing aids — one for each ear and different size ear caps.

The product also comes with an illustrated manual and charging dock. Other features include background noise reduction, up to 43 dB of amplification, and feedback suppression.

This model is available in gray or beige colors.

Best for a simpler rechargeable device:
EAZE Rechargeable BTE Thin-Tube OTC Hearing Aid Kit

  • List price: $499.99
  • Installment price: $41.99 per month
  • Type of hearing aid: BTE
  • Rechargeable: yes

This BTE hearing aid has a thin tube fit.

It has similar features to the ReCharge! HA-302, such as four preset amplification programs for different environments, directional microphones, and background noise reduction.

This model is only available in a pair and in champagne color.

Best for a discreet device:
Micro Nearly Invisible Completely in Canal (CIC) Black Hearing Aids

  • List price: from $399.99
  • Installment price: from $33.99 per month
  • Type of hearing aid: CIC
  • Rechargeable: no

The Micro Nearly Invisible model is the only fully in-ear hearing aid that Hearing Assist manufacture.

Unlike the other models, there is no over-the-ear component, making them discreet and easier to use with glasses. The company states that the CIC design uses the shape of the ear to help with speech understanding.

Other features include background noise reduction and an eight-channel DSP chip. The company states that this device has up to 70 hours of battery life and alerts the user when it is running low.

Additionally, Hearing Assist states that 94% of users report this device fits.

This device comes in a single unit for either ear or as a pair.

The following table compares the hearing aids from Hearing Assist.

PriceInstallment priceType of hearing aidRechargeable
STREAM$799.99$69.99 per monthRICyes
HA-900$699.99$58.99 per monthRICyes
CONTROL$699.99$58.99 per monthRICyes
HA-802$599.99$49.99 per monthBTEyes
CONNECT$599.99$49.99 per monthITEyes
HA-302$499.99$41.99 per monthBTEyes
EAZE$499.99$41.99 per monthBTEyes
Microfrom $399.99from $33.99 per monthCICno

Customers can order the hearing aids or accessories directly through the Hearing Assist website by selecting the product they want and filling in the required information.

Hearing Assist does not accept insurance or Medicare. However, people can use a health savings account to purchase their hearing aids. They could also provide the receipt to their insurance company for reimbursement, although they may wish to check if their insurance plan can cover these costs before purchasing.

A person should talk with their doctor about their hearing loss before ordering any hearing aid. A healthcare professional can help determine the extent of the loss, which can help determine if these devices will provide proper support.

Returns, warranty, and refunds

Hearing Assist offer a 60-day return period for their hearing aids. During this time, a person can return the product for a full refund.

People can also purchase a Peace of Mind Plan to cover additional problems with the aids that extend beyond their standard 1-year warranty. The plan costs over $10 a month and allows a person to return a defective aid in exchange for a new one.

In August 2022, the FDA authorized manufacturers to sell OTC hearing aids for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. This means that people who have this type of hearing loss do not need to contact a doctor and receive a prescription to purchase a device.

Hearing Assist sells OTC hearing aids. This means a person does not need a prescription to order them. Therefore, individuals can buy them for a family member or friend without hassle.

Hearing aids in the brand’s OTC line are available for purchase in retail stores such as Walmart.

However, it is important to note that OTC hearing aids are only suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. They are not suitable for people under 18 years of age, or for those who require more powerful devices.

Numerous companies sell OTC hearing aids. These brands, including Hearing Assist, do not require a prescription to order them. They offer similar pricing and product ranges.

Other similar products to check out include:

Each online retailer has advantages and disadvantages that a person may wish to consider. Talk with a doctor before purchasing hearing aids to determine if these devices are suitable.

The following are common questions and answers about the brand and its devices.

What type of hearing aid do I need?

When shopping for hearing aids, people should note that all hearing aids are not the same. The NIDCD note there are several differences between these devices, including:

  • how they fit and feel
  • price
  • style, whether in-ear, behind the ear, or in the canal
  • how they work, whether digital or analog

Some people may need prescription hearing aids. Others may find that an OTC solution, such as Hearing Assist, may be an affordable solution.

How do hearing aids work?

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), hearing aids amplify sounds so that the sensory cells in the inner ear can pick up the vibrations. The increased sound level can allow a person to hear better, which may improve speech and the ability to hear others.

How much does Hearing Assist cost?

Hearing Assist’s models of hearing aids cover different price points. People can expect to pay anywhere between $399.99—$799.99 depending on which model they choose.

People can also opt to pay in installments, starting from $33.99 per month. Paying in installments may be suitable for those who do not have the budget to purchase hearing aids with one upfront payment.

Hearing Assist offers over-the-counter low cost hearing aids online.

About 15% of adults living in the United States experience at least some form of hearing loss. However, hearing aids may help them hear more clearly again. Prescription hearing aids are often expensive, and their high price can stop some from being able to purchase them.

Hearing Assist offer three different hearing aids in addition to related accessories. The company have an A rating with the BBB, a few answered complaints, and few but mostly positive reviews for their hearing aids.

A person may wish to speak with a doctor before ordering a pair of hearing aids to determine if OTC solutions are suitable for them.