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HelloFresh and Blue Apron are meal kit delivery services providing fresh ingredients and simple recipes for home delivery. Both companies offer menus that are suitable for most dietary requirements.

This article compares HelloFresh and Blue Apron and discusses how they work, the menus they offer, how sustainable and affordable they are, and their subscription flexibility.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based.


HelloFresh offer meal kits for home delivery. Meal kits include preportioned ingredients and recipes that customers can follow to prepare chosen meals.

HelloFresh offer several different plans, and each week, they provide as many as 22 different recipes. Customers can choose between two and five meals each week for two or four people.

The company will deliver ingredients and recipes once per week. This delivery comes with nutritional information.

Learn more about HelloFresh here.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron deliver preportioned ingredients and recipes once per week. The recipes suit different diets.

People can choose between four different plans. Depending on the plan, people can select two, three, or four recipes per week. Meal plans are available for either two or four people.

Learn more about the Blue Apron brand here.

Both companies vary their menus weekly and cater to a range of dietary requirements.

However, it may be difficult to find vegan-friendly meals. Also, those who follow the paleo or keto diets should check each recipe to ensure that the ingredients meet their dietary needs.

Learn about vegan options with HelloFresh here.

The following are examples of meals from both companies:


HelloFresh offer recipes to suit different dietary requirements, including those of vegetarians, people who eat low calorie or low carb diets, and people who may need quicker cooking times.

Examples of the recipes include:

  • pub-style shepherd’s pie
  • BBQ pineapple flat breads
  • Baja barramundi
  • steakhouse pork chops
  • sweet soy mushroom tacos

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Blue Apron

Once a person has a Blue Apron account, they can set their dietary preferences and choose from a mix of meat, fish, and vegetarian meals. The company also offer recipes suitable for people with diabetes.

Examples of the recipes include:

  • baked polenta and eggs
  • shawarma-spiced chickpea and farro bowls
  • one-pan spicy pork udon
  • curry-glazed chicken and brown rice
  • sheet pan pesto salmon and vegetables

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Both companies offer meals in similar price ranges.


HelloFresh recipes cost between 7.49 and $8.99 per serving. Each recipe can serve either two or four people, and a person can order a minimum of two recipes per week.

HelloFresh charge for shipping, and each delivery will cost $8.99.

Learn more about the cost of HelloFresh here.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron recipes start at $8.99 per serving. Depending on the plan, each recipe can serve either two or four people, and a person can buy a minimum of two recipes per week.

Some subscriptions may require incurring shipping fees. Blue Apron charge $7.99 for shipping if a person orders two recipes per week. However, customers do not pay for the delivery if they order more than two recipes per week.

Learn more about the cost of Blue Apron here.

When signing up for a meal kit service, people may wish to research how flexible the plans are, including how to pause or cancel subscriptions.


People can skip their weekly delivery or cancel their subscription with HelloFresh through their account on the company’s website.

Customers need to pause or cancel their subscription by 11:59 p.m. PST, 5 days before the next delivery schedule. If they do not pause or cancel before this time, HelloFresh will charge them for that order.

Blue Apron

People can skip a delivery up to 5 weeks in advance through their Blue Apron account. If a person’s circumstances change, they can also reschedule a skipped delivery before the weekly cutoff date and time for that order.

People will not be able to skip a delivery that Blue Apron have already processed or shipped.

If a person wishes to cancel their Blue Apron subscription, they will need to email the company’s customer service team for cancellation instructions.

People will still need to incur all delivery charges if they cancel their order after the weekly cutoff time and date.

For customers concerned about their environmental impact, it is important to understand how the two companies package and deliver their meal kits.


HelloFresh state they aim to be sustainable at all stages of their manufacturing and delivery processes. They also claim that their carbon footprint is 25% lower than that of meals people make from store-bought ingredients.

The company source their ingredients responsibly, buying them as close to the source as possible. By preportioning all ingredients, they aim to reduce food waste.

HelloFresh use minimal packaging, and people can recycle every part of it except the gel contents of the ice packs. The company also encourage people to repurpose and reuse their packaging where possible.

Learn more about HelloFresh and sustainability here.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron claim that they source their produce and spice blends responsibly and that they use only sustainable seafood. They deliver their ingredients in packages that meet safety requirements.

The company note that their meat products are free from antibiotics and hormones, and that they only include non-GMO ingredients in their recipes.

Most of Blue Apron packaging is recyclable. Recyclable items include:

  • rigid plastics
  • metal cans and glass bottles
  • cardboard boxes and molded fiber
  • plastic bags and films
  • food scraps

Learn more about Blue Apron and sustainability here.

Using a meal kit subscription service may have some potential health benefits.

A 2020 study indicates that people who cook at home are more likely to eat a healthy diet. Those who cook at home 3–7 times per week have a greater chance of meeting the Healthy Eating Index scores than those who do not.

According to a 2017 study, people who prepare and cook food at home consume more fruit, vegetables, and vitamin C. Also, people who prepare homemade meals are less likely to have obesity and higher percentage body fat.

Using a meal kit delivery service may encourage people to cook at home and include healthier foods into their diet. People who use these delivery services may consume fresher ingredients and gain confidence in cooking meals at home.

HelloFresh and Blue Apron offer fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes that they deliver to people’s homes.

Both services offer a wide variety of foods that cater to a number of dietary requirements. However, people following vegan, keto, or paleo diets may not find these services suitable.

HelloFresh and Blue Apron aim to use sustainable business and packaging processes.

Both services will cost people a similar amount. It is possible to pause or cancel subscriptions without fees before the cutoff time and date each company set.