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HelloFresh provide a popular meal kit delivery service that offers customers a wide variety of meal options. Although these do not include vegan options, customers can adapt some meals to suit a vegan diet.

Each HelloFresh box comes with preportioned ingredients and a reusable recipe card. For people new to cooking, the kits can also teach valuable cooking skills and inspire creativity.

This article takes a closer look at the HelloFresh meal kit delivery service and outlines alternatives for prepping vegan food on a busy schedule.

While HelloFresh do not offer a vegan option, they do have a veggie box plan. The veggie plan is suitable for vegetarians, but it may contain nonmeat animal products, such as:

Learn more about a vegan diet here.

It is possible to adapt these HelloFresh meals to accommodate a vegan lifestyle, but people should keep in mind that changing the recipe will require a fully stocked pantry and may result in some food waste.

Sometimes, the solution is as simple as eliminating cheese from an au gratin dish. Other times, a person may need to find a replacement for the ingredients that they omit. For example, in dishes that use eggs as a binding ingredient, people can substitute ground flaxseed.

Please note that no one at Medical News today, including the writer, has tried these meal kits. All information is research-based.

HelloFresh is available for purchase online.

The following table provides an overview of the cost of HelloFresh.

2 recipes per weekfrom $9.49 per serving
3 recipes per weekfrom $8.49 per serving
4 recipes per weekfrom $7.99 per serving
5 recipes per weekfrom $7.99 per serving
6 recipes per weekfrom $7.99 per serving

The HelloFresh veggie plan is cheaper than many other meal kit delivery services. However, those following a vegan diet should account for the potential substitutions they may have to make.

A person should consider whether it makes more financial sense to choose a meal kit delivery service that is slightly more expensive but tailored to a vegan diet. By opting for a nonvegan plan, they will need to spend money on making food substitutions. They will also need to spend time processing the food waste and changing the recipes.

HelloFresh packaging consists of:

  • liners that help insulate the food, including:
    • honeycomb paperboard liners
    • recycled jute, cotton, and kraft paper
    • BPA-free plastic and mylar
  • gel packs to keep food cold, which is recyclable and contains water-soluble gel
  • a box made with recycled materials

Almost all of the packaging is recyclable. The only packaging items that a person cannot recycle are the winter mylar liners.

People who would rather sign up for a dedicated vegan meal kit delivery service than adapt the HelloFresh meals can consider the following options:

Purple Carrot

  • Price per meal: from $11
  • Amount of meals: 3—10 meals per week
  • Menu changes: weekly

Purple Carrot provides plant-based meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The company also offers a selection of vegan-friendly snacks.

Purple Carrot’s packaging is almost all recyclable. The company offers tips on how people can upcycle their packaging at home.

People can choose between purchasing meal kits or ready-made meals.

For meal kits, the company offers either 3 or 4 meals per week. People can choose between 2 or 4 servings per meal.

Those who choose ready-made meals can purchase 6, 8, or 10 meals per week that serve one person.

People can skip weeks or cancel their subscription plans at any time they want by updating their deliveries account page.

Purple Carrot is available for purchase online.


  • Price per meal: from $11.03
  • Amount of meals: 10, 20, or 30 meals per week
  • Menu changes: weekly

People who do not want to cook at all may wish to consider Veestro, a plant-based meal delivery service that utilizes organic ingredients. The company’s plans include a weight loss option for people looking to reduce the number of calories they are consuming.

People can order 10, 20, or 30 Veestro meals at a time. One-time orders cost $13.99 per meal, but the company offers price reductions for recurring orders:

  • 10 meals starting from $12.82 per meal
  • 20 meals starting from $11.93 per meal
  • 30 meals starting from $11.03 per meal

People who wish to cancel their subscription can do so through their account settings on the website.


  • Price per meal: from $6.25
  • Amount of meals: 8 meals and 16 sides per purchase
  • Menu changes: no information available

VegReady is another vegan meal service that delivers ready-to-eat meals. The company uses a unique preservation process that keeps meals fresh without refrigeration for up to 12 months.

VegReady says that it wants to help people with busy lifestyles eat more healthy plant-based foods. The company also wants to reduce the amount of food that takes up space in people’s fridges and freezers.

The platform offers 24 dishes, which include 8 main meals and 16 sides.

At the time of publication, VegReady only offers one-time purchases. However, it is considering introducing monthly subscriptions in the near future.

Fresh N’ Lean

  • Price per meal: from $8.49
  • Amount of meals: 1, 2, or 3 per day
  • Menu changes: weekly

Fresh N’ Lean use certified organic ingredients, and their meals are preprepared and only require heating. The company offers a selection of plans, including a low carb vegan plan and options for nonvegans.

People can choose their weekly dishes from over 100 meals.

Fresh N’ Lean delivers meals on Fridays. People who wish to receive orders biweekly or opt for one-time delivery can contact the company so that it adjusts their delivery time.

The website also has an easy canceling system. Users can log in to their dashboard or call the customer service team to cancel their subscriptions.

The following table compares HelloFresh to the above vegan alternatives.

Price per mealAmount of mealsMenu changes
HelloFreshfrom $7.992—6 per weekweekly
Purple Carrotfrom $113—10 per weekweekly
Veestrofrom $11.0310—30 per weekweekly
VegReadyfrom $6.258 meals and 16 sides per purchaseno information available
Fresh N’ Leanfrom $8.491—3 per dayweekly

Meal kits and meal delivery services can make a person’s life easier. However, not everyone can afford these kinds of services, and some kits may not offer meals that people enjoy.

As an alternative, people can look at ways to make preparing meals at home easier.

Meal prep is an effective way to get food ready for the week or month ahead. A person will need to plan to squeeze in a bit of cooking time here and there, but spending a few hours prepping meals in advance can save a huge amount of time throughout the week.

Meal prepping may involve:

  • Making and freezing big batches of food: Examples of foods that are perfect for batch-freezing include soups, stews, and pasta dishes.
  • Cutting up ingredients: Chopping and cutting up ingredients is one of the most time consuming aspects of preparing meals. Cutting up squash, dicing onions, or slicing carrots in advance can reduce the time a person spends cooking during the week.
  • Preparing snacks: Cutting up fruit or setting aside preportioned snacks makes it easy to grab them and eat on-the-go.

Here we answer some common questions about HelloFresh’s meal plans.

Is HelloFresh’s vegetarian plan vegan?

No, HelloFresh’s vegetarian plan does not include meals that are suitable for vegans. Many recipes contain animal products such as dairy.

Can HelloFresh be vegan?

People can substitute the animal product ingredients they receive from HelloFresh with vegan-friendly alternatives.

However, it may be more cost-effective to purchase meal kits from a service that caters to vegans.

Is there a vegan version of HelloFresh?

Yes, there are several meal kit delivery services that cater to vegans.

For example, Purple Carrot, Veestro, and Fresh N’ Lean all offer vegan plans.

HelloFresh do not have a vegan meal plan, but it is possible for someone to adapt the vegetarian plan to make vegan meals.

However, as the vegan meal kit market is growing, people who do not want to adjust the HelloFresh vegetarian meal plan can choose from a range of other vegan meal kit services to accommodate their needs.

There are also several ways to prepare ingredients and foods in advance. Establishing a regular meal prep routine can help people cut down on the time they spend in the kitchen.