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Hers offers a variety of health and beauty products geared primarily toward women. Its products range from hair products and skin creams to birth control and sexual health solutions.

This article discusses the Hers brand and its products and services and some alternative brands and health considerations.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried this service. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

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Hers is part of Hims & Hers Health Inc. It sells various health- and beauty-related products geared toward women, while its other website, Hims, caters to men. Learn about Hims here.

Hers offers health products relating to:

  • hair
  • skin
  • mental health
  • sex
  • supplements
  • primary care

Hers is suitable for people who are looking to access prescriptions and supplements that the company gears toward women.

People may also wish to use this service for primary care, such as prescription refills of asthma and migraine medication.

Hers only serves people who are 18 years of age or older.

Individual Hers products have mostly positive reviews on their website.

The company holds accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and the BBB gives the company an A+ rating. Hers have 1.13 out of a possible 5 stars based on 60 customer reviews.

Trustpilot gives the company 1.8 stars out of a possible 5 based on 30 customer reviews.

Below, we look at some of the pros and cons of Hers, based on customer reviews.


  • easy to place orders
  • fast delivery
  • effective treatment
  • efficient service
  • offers promotions


  • difficult to cancel
  • payment collection before products dispatched
  • lack of clear advice on terms and conditions
  • poor customer service
  • difficult to find a payment schedule once trial period ends

Once a person registers with Hers, the company will request that the customer completes a health questionnaire. This allows Hers to match them with the most appropriate healthcare professional who will review the information and decide on the next steps. If they recommend a prescription, they will arrange to send this directly to an individual’s shipping address.

Payments are recurring and monthly, so a person should carefully review the proposed invoice and terms to avoid unexpected costs.

Hers sells a wide range of products to help with:

Hers also has medical advisors who can recommend and write prescriptions for certain products, such as birth control and anxiety medications.


Hers offers several packages of hair care products. Its hair products include:

  • minoxidil 2% for preventing hair loss
  • specialty shampoos and conditioners that may promote thicker hair
  • scalp scrubs

A person can purchase the company’s hair care products without a prescription. They can also choose to buy individual products or bundles.

Customers can order a single purchase or a subscription service to the products they want.


Under its skin products section, Hers has products for those with more mature-looking skin and acne.

The Hers Anti-Aging Cream is a prescription-strength anti-wrinkle cream that requires a medical advisor’s approval.

The Hers Acne Cream is a prescription-strength cream that helps prevent and treat acne, and this product also requires a medical advisor’s approval.

Birth control and sexual health

Hers also offers prescription and non-prescription sexual health products, including:

Mental health care

Hers provides access to support groups and mental health professionals without registering for a subscription service. These pay-as-you-go sessions cost $99 each.

Before the session, an individual completes a questionnaire about their mental health, including sleeping habits and whether or not they have been feeling depressed or anxious. Before the appointment, the healthcare professional will send a secure link to initiate the consultation. This should arrive an hour before the scheduled appointment time.

After speaking with a mental health professional, a person can also obtain generic prescriptions for various anxiety and depression medications.


Hers offers supplements for women that may help strengthen nails and hair and support gut health.

  • Multivitamin Gummies: These gummies contain vitamins B12, B6, D, biotin, and folic acid. The company states that this product may help promote stronger hair and nails. One-time purchase costs $32.
  • Collagen peptide: This powder may help promote healthy skin and aid in muscle recovery. This product offers 30 servings and contains hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides. It costs $27.
  • Digest Debloat Probiotic: This probiotic may help reduce bloating and discomfort and aid in regulating digestion. Hers recommends taking this supplement once daily with a large meal. It costs $25.

Hers offers a variety of health- and beauty-related products and services. However, it is not the only company that offers online services of this kind.

Some competitors include:

  • Wisp: This company offers a similar online service to Hers, ranging from birth control options, personal care, and covid antibody testing. Consultations and prescriptions are available, but Wisp does not currently offer mental health services. The services with Wisp are FSA- and HSA-eligible.
  • Nurx: Nurx offers a wide range of products and services, including birth control and sexual health care, acne treatment, STI testing, HPV testing, and more. Additionally, Nurx accepts most forms of health insurance.
    Learn more about Nurx here.
  • Rory: This company offers skin care, sexual health care, mental health care, covid testing, allergy testing, menopause care, and more. The company does not accept insurance or FSA or HSA payments.
    Learn more about Rory here.

Comparison table

Below, we look at a comparison of Hers and its competitors.

RatingsBBB: A+
Trustpilot: 2.2 out of 5
Trustpilot: No profile
BBB: No profile
Trustpilot: 4.6 out of 5
Trustpilot: 3.9 out of 5
BBB customer rating1.24 out of 5 stars1.5 out of 5 starsnot applicable2.2 out of 5 stars
Consultations$39 per consultation$15 with a physician, with free and unlimited follow-ups$10 per month for unlimited consultations or $39 for a one-time consultation starts at $15 per consultation
Genital herpes treatmentgeneric valacyclovir, no price availablegeneric valacyclovir, starting at $14 per monthvalacyclovir and acyclovir starting at $15 per monthgeneric valacyclovir, starting at $45 for 3-month supply with no insurance
Dandruff treatmentnot availableprescription shampoo, $13 per monthnot availablenot available
Vaginal dryness treatmentnot availableestradiol, $60 per monthnot availablenot available
Allergies treatmenthives, hay fever, and seasonal allergy medication, no price availablevarious nasal sprays, starting at $19 per monthnot availablenot available
Other treatmentsstrengthen, grow, and repair hair

birth control



oral herpes



cold and flu


mental health

hot flashes

eyelash thickener

cold sores


excessive sweating


weight management

smoking cessation
birth control

emergency contraception

cold sores

genital herpes

bacterial vaginosis

yeast infections

urinary tract infections

delaying periods

Covid-19 testing

intimate care
birth control





STI testing

HPV screening

oral herpes

emergency contraception

Shippingfree shipping in discreet packagingfree 2-day shipping in discreet packaging3-5 business days in discreet packingfree shipping in discreet packaging
Shipping schedulesubscription servicemonthly or quarterlydepends on the service chosenmonthly or quarterly
Insurancedoes not accept insurance

accept FSA/HSA payments
does not accept insurance

does not accept FSA/HSA payments
does not accept insurance

accept FSA/HSA payments
accepts insurance

accepts FSA/HSA payments

People must create a profile on Hers’ website and answer a questionnaire about their medical history, current health, and any symptoms. They must also submit a copy of government-issued identification and submit their credit card details.

The platform will connect people to a healthcare professional to discuss any health conditions and treatment methods. The company offers free delivery on all prescriptions.

Hers states that it does not work with any insurance companies.

Although Hers offers medical reviews online, a person should talk with a doctor before purchasing any products or prescriptions to treat serious skin issues, sexual health issues, or mental health concerns.

A doctor has a much more extensive idea of their unique medical history and may make more suitable recommendations.

People should thoroughly review any product they are interested in before purchasing it. This includes getting specific information on the product and allowing a doctor to review the information beforehand. Additionally, pregnant people and those with health conditions should consult a doctor before using any supplement or new medication.

Below, we look at some common questions regarding Hers.

Are Hers services legitimate?

According to the Hers website, all their medical professionals have licenses to give medical consultations and write prescriptions.

Does Hers work for hair growth?

For hair loss, studies have shown that minoxidil solutions of 2% can help women with female pattern hair loss. Researchers also note that most people start to see results within 3–4 months, but they tend not to notice full effects for about 12 months.

Hers also offers biotin supplements for hair growth. In a small 2012 study, researchers found that this resulted in significant hair growth in women with temporary hair loss.

However, a 2017 review of studies found that biotin supplements were not effective or necessary for helping hair or nail growth in healthy individuals. The researchers’ conclusion comes from a general lack of evidence supporting its use for this purpose.

Learn more about biotin and hair growth here.

Does insurance cover Hers?

Insurance may cover some prescriptions; however, Hers does not work with private medical insurers.

A person may be able to use their FSA/HSA for some Hers products or services.

Learn more about Medicare and HSAs here.

How does Hers subscription service work?

The Hers subscription service has several frequency options depending on the product. There are also items that a person can purchase at any time from the company’s online store. Over-the-counter (OTC) items are the only products that do not require a subscription.

All prescriptions and kits require a subscription, and individuals cannot customize these options. The company states this at checkout, and a person must agree to it in order to proceed with their order. Individuals can pause their subscription orders whenever they need to.

Hers offers a wide variety of prescription and OTC health and beauty products. The company offers hair growth, sexual health, skin care, and mental health products.

For some purchases, a person will need to work with one of the Hers medical advisors, while others require a preexisting prescription.

People should try to talk with a doctor before purchasing any supplements or other medications from an online retailer to make sure that they are safe and effective for their needs.