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Hims is a telehealth company specializing in male sexual health concerns and other conditions. It offers online consultations, treatment plans, and support groups.

This article discusses Hims and its products and services in more detail. It also explores some health benefits, risks, drawbacks, and alternatives.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried any of these products. All information presented here is purely research-based.

Sex and gender exist on spectrums. This article will use the terms “male,” “female,” or both to refer to sex assigned at birth. Click here to learn more.

Hims has been in business since 2017. The company currently offers treatments for:

The company aims to provide medical advice and treatment for people who might prefer not to visit a doctor’s office or clinic.

According to the company’s website, its medications have approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, doctors may prescribe medications off-label if a person requires them. This involves prescribing a drug for a purpose that the FDA has not approved.

Hims also mentions that its products and ingredients have not undergone testing in animals.

Who is Hims for?

The company’s products may be suitable for adult males who have sexual dysfunction, hair loss, some skin concerns, and other general health issues. Hims may be able to provide a convenient solution, for example, to managing erectile dysfunction.

People must be at least 18 years old to use its services. And some Hims products are also only suitable for those aged 21 years and older.

In 2018, Hims launched Hers, a brand focusing on female health.

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At the time of publishing, Hims had an average review rating of 5.0 on its website and 4.3 on Trustpilot.

Positive reviews focus on the quality and effectiveness of products. Customers mention that Hims notified them when their prescription was about to expire and that they had no issues with refills.

Most negative reviews describe customer service and shipping issues. Customers have found that the company took too long to reply to their requests.

Below are some of the products and treatments that Hims offers.

Hims sells condoms, which help reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections. The company also sells water-based lubes and vibrators that may help improve sexual performance and experience.

Anyone with sexual health concerns can contact a Hims healthcare professional to discuss treatment options.

The company offers services for people with the following sexual health issues.

Erectile dysfunction

The global prevalence of erectile dysfunction ranges from 3-76.5%. The condition involves trouble having or maintaining an erection sufficient for sexual activity. It is more common in older adults.

When a person has erectile dysfunction, doctors from Hims may prescribe:

  • Sildenafil (Viagra): Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra, and it can treat erectile dysfunction. It improves blood flow in the penis so that the person can have a more lasting erection. It may take an hour to start working, so Hims recommends taking it 60 minutes before engaging in sexual activity.
  • Tadalafil (Cialis): Tadalafil relaxes the blood vessels and improves blood flow to the penis. Hims states that it may take 30 minutes to 2 hours to start working.
  • Avanafil (Stendra): Like sildenafil, avanafil improves blood flow to treat erectile dysfunction.

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Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation involves a person having an ejaculation sooner than they would like during sexual activity. It may be rapid or sudden

Learn about remedies for premature ejaculation here.

Hims doctors may prescribe sertraline to delay ejaculation. However, the company notes that this is an off-label use, which the FDA has not approved. A person can take the medication at the same time every day or as needed 4–8 hours before sexual activity.

The doctors may also suggest using the Hims Premature Ejaculation Spray. People can spray it onto the most sensitive areas of the penis 5–10 minutes before having sex. The product absorbs into the skin without numbing the entire penis.

Below, learn more about what Hims offers.

Skin care treatments

Products to reduce acne and visible signs of aging are also available on the Hims website. Some options include:

  • Anti-Aging Cream: This contains tretinoin, which increases collagen to keep the skin firm and elastic and reduce fine lines. It is only available after an online medical consultation.
  • Good Night Wrinkle Cream: The company recommends that people apply this cream after cleansing their skin and using other treatments, such as those that contain tretinoin.
  • Acne Cream: This prescription product may help prevent clogged pores, reduce inflammation, and keep the skin moisturized.

Primary care treatments

A person can connect with a Hims healthcare professional to discuss health symptoms and treatments without going to a doctor’s office.

The healthcare professional may send a prescription to the person’s local pharmacy, where they can buy the medication.

According to the company’s website, its doctors may offer treatment for:

Mental health treatments and support groups

Hims doctors can prescribe medications for a few mental health conditions. For example, they may suggest taking:

The company also offers support groups for people who may wish to discuss concerns about relationships, anxiety, motivation, and insomnia.


People can also purchase protein powders, vitamins, and teas on the Hims website. Some options include:

  • The Sleeping Tea: This promotes relaxation before bed because it contains chamomile, which can help encourage sleepiness.
  • Collagen Protein Powder: This supports bone, skin, tendon, and muscle health.
  • Biotin Gummy Vitamins: These are gluten-free and may help strengthen the hair, nails, and skin.

Using Hims may help people take a more proactive approach to self-care and health. On the website, people can access healthcare professionals and request prescriptions for preventive care.

However, taking precautions is important when using any telemedicine service. Research recommends that a person consider:

  • Privacy: A person should check the company’s privacy policy and make sure that their personal data are secure.
  • Identity: They should make sure that the company adequately protects their confidentiality.
  • Credibility: They should review the timeliness and sources of the information provided, as well as the credentials of the healthcare professionals.

For long-term healthcare, it may be more beneficial to have in-person appointments with a doctor.

Hims may be a good choice for many people, but it won’t be suitable for everyone.


  • Convenience: Hims takes customers from assessment to purchase in one online process.
  • Range of service: Hims provides a range of products, from erectile dysfunction treatments to supplements.
  • Fully licensed doctors: Every medical professional a person interacts with is fully licensed in their state.


  • Cost: Most insurance plans do not cover all Hims’ products.
  • Online-only care: Medical professionals can only provide an assessment via video or calls. This may affect the scope of assessments and the quality of ongoing care.
  • Personal information: Hims does not sell on or share any personal information. But it does require people to upload sensitive data and photos. Some may not be comfortable with this.

Hims is not the only online platform for male health. It is important for each person to consider their needs when choosing to use any telehealth platform.

Different platforms offer:

  • the option to connect with a doctor who may prescribe erectile dysfunction or hair loss medication
  • medical devices that help maintain erections
  • mental health services, including counseling
  • daily health services

After finding some suitable options, a person might then consider:

  • costs
  • staff qualifications
  • privacy policies
  • the suitability of a subscription, compared with a one-off purchase

Anyone interested in Hims might also consider one of the following brands.


This company specializes in male health and offers products for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, hair loss, herpes, and other health conditions.

It also provides consultations, personalized treatment plans, and unlimited follow-ups.

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This platform offers online visits, customized treatment plans, and medications from accredited wholesale distributors.

It helps people with erectile dysfunction, hair loss, premature ejaculation, cold sores, and genital herpes. People can use Roman’s pharmacy network or a pharmacy of their choice.

Learn more about Roman here.


This company provides health treatments for people aged 18 years and older. Consultation visits cost $25 each, and there is a flat monthly fee for mental health support services.

Lemonaid also offers tests for people who need to measure their blood sugar or cholesterol levels.

Eddie by Giddy

This brand produces wearable rings that help with erectile dysfunction. The various sizes may suit different symptoms and penis circumferences, a measurement also known as girth.

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iCliniq collaborates with more than 3,000 doctors representing 80 specialties.

Its online tools help people calculate their body mass index and blood volume, among other measurements.

Anyone who may need urgent care or treatment should contact emergency services. Online companies may have delays, and the services can vary, depending on a person’s location.

Also, seek medical advice before stopping any prescribed treatments. Doing so abruptly can sometimes cause serious side effects.

Below are answers to common questions about Hims.

How often can you use Hims’ products?

Hims sells various medications for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and skin care. Each has different dosages and guidelines for use.

For example, a person should not usually take sildenafil more than once in 24 hours.

Always follow a healthcare professional’s instructions when using Hims’ products.

Is it safe to use Hims’ products with other erectile dysfunction drugs?

No, a person should not mix erectile dysfunction medications.

These drugs can interact with other medications, such as alpha-blockers. Following the guidance of a medical professional is key.

Are Hims’ products FDA-approved?

Among the many Hims’s products are some prescription medications for erectile dysfunction that do have FDA approval.

Some of its other products, such as its face cream, do not have this approval.

Hims is a telehealth company. A customer may find help with sexual health issues and other health concerns, without the need to visit a clinic. The company offers online consultations, personalized treatment plans, and support groups.

Before scheduling an online visit, a person may wish to consider other telehealth companies that offer similar products and services.