Home Chef is a popular meal delivery service that offers plenty of healthy food options. Some people find a meal delivery service useful because it saves them time planning and shopping. Others may use the service as a cheaper alternative to eating out.

In this article, we describe how Home Chef works and the menu options available. We also discuss the possible health benefits of using the Home Chef delivery service.

What is Home Chef?

Home Chef is a meal kit subscription service that provides ingredients and recipes for people to cook at home.

People select recipes from a weekly menu to suit their preferences and dietary requirements. They can customize the recipes to swap ingredients or make other changes, such as doubling up on protein. 

The company delivers the ingredients in measured portions along with the recipe. The customer then cooks the recipe at home. 

Home Chef offers meal kits that are ready in 15 or 30 minutes. They also provide oven-ready and no-cook meals that a person does not need to prepare. 

Customers can choose the number of meals that they want each week and select from different serving sizes. It is also possible to buy Home Chef meals at some Kroger-owned grocery stores. 

Please note that the writer has not tried this product. All information is research-based.

Getting started with Home Chef

To order, people will need to log in or create an account on the Home Chef website. Once a person has logged in or created an account, they can choose how many meals they want and how many people they are ordering for.

Then, people will have to enter their delivery address and choose their meals from the Home Chef menu.

Home Chef currently delivers to most of the United States.


Home Chef delivers from Monday through Friday. A person’s delivery day depends on where they live.

The company does not require a signature when delivering food. Home Chef packages the food in insulated liners and ice packs. People can reuse or recycle most of the packaging.

Canceling or skipping an order

To skip an order, a person must log in to their account. There, they can edit their meals and skip a week.

A person can also pause their subscription by navigating to their account settings. If a person pauses their Home Chef subscription, they can log in and reactivate the subscription at any time.

People must edit their order, including canceling or skipping, by 12 p.m. Central Time on the Friday before their next delivery.

Options are available for people following a vegetarian, low calorie, or carb-conscious diet. Vegan options are currently not available every week. 

Although Home Chef does not provide meals for specific diets, such as the keto or paleo diet, some meals may be suitable for those plans. 

While customers can tailor meals to suit their dietary requirements, Home Chef facilities are not certified allergen-free, and meals can come into contact with allergens during shipping. 

A weekly menu offers some of the following options:

Quick and simple: 

  • apple and chicken salad  
  • creamy tomato and Italian sausage penne bake
  • crispy Caesar chicken

Low calorie: 

  • roasted salmon with ginger scallion sauce 
  • Greek spinach and feta chicken
  • pork tenderloin with roasted pears


  • sweet chili pork lettuce wrap
  • chicken taco stuffed peppers
  • pretzel crusted pork chop


  • crispy teriyaki tofu tacos
  • sun-dried tomato pesto spaghetti with garlic bread
  • fig and goat cheese flatbread

No cooking required:

  • chicken, walnut, and goat cheese grain bowl
  • Tuscan chicken salad
  • blueberry balsamic salad with goat cheese and almonds


People also have the option of choosing extras, such as snacks, sandwiches, and sources of protein. Some choices include:

  • boneless, skinless chicken breast
  • strawberry cheesecake
  • garlic bread

How does Home Chef taste?

Home Chef states that most of its meals take 30 minutes or less to cook. Each meal comes with a recipe card.

Trustpilot reviews of the taste of these meals are mixed. Some people state that the food is tasty and filling and that the ingredients are fresh.

However, other customers state that the food contains too much sodium and that the meals were still frozen after they followed the recipe instructions. Some people say they experienced delivery delays and that the company delivered rotten or spoiled food.

How much does Home Chef cost?

Home Chef’s cost depends on how many meals and which options a person chooses.

The company states that meals start at $8.99 per serving. However, this depends on which meals are available.

Home Chef requires a weekly minimum order of $49.95. The company charges $8.99 for shipping.

Sales tax

The following states require a sales tax on Home Chef:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Missouri
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Utah
  • Virginia

Home Chef will display the tax amount on a separate line on a person’s order summary.

Who may Home Chef be suitable for?

Home Chef may be suitable for those who:

  • have limited time to prepare meals
  • want customizable meals
  • want flexibility to skip or cancel orders at any time

Home Chef is also suitable for people who live alone and those who have multiple people in a household. People can choose to purchase up to six recipes per week for up to six people. They can also customize the meals further if they have dietary requirements or preferences.

Can Home Chef help people maintain a balanced diet? 

Home Chef meals include plenty of nutritious, balanced options that could benefit anyone looking to make healthy changes to their diet.

The authors of a 2014 systematic review concluded that low carbohydrate diets can help decrease body weight and improve cardiovascular risk factors, such as by reducing cholesterol levels. A person could choose low carbohydrate meals from Home Chef to help manage their weight and support their heart health.

Home Chef also offers calorie-conscious meals. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, reducing calorie intake by 500–1,000 calories per day can help someone lose 1–2 pounds per week.

People who have diabetes need to plan their diets carefully, and Home Chef could help with this. 

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases states that people with diabetes need to eat a healthy diet that includes all the food groups and avoids excess sugar, fat, and salt. People with diabetes may find that keeping track of the carbohydrates in their diet helps them balance their activity levels and medication.  

The flexibility of Home Chef and the different options available mean that this service could be useful in helping people with diabetes plan their meals. 

Other healthy alternatives

People can choose from among several meal delivery services online. Some services cater to specific diets.

For example, if someone is looking for a meal kit that caters exclusively to a plant-based diet, they could choose Purple Carrot or Daily Harvest.

Alternatively, people can prepare ingredients in advance or batch cook to save time. Storing prepared vegetables in the refrigerator and freezing meals in portions can enable someone to have a healthy meal ready in minutes. 

To help them plan healthy meals, a person can use USDA MyPlate. This resource offers people dietary guidelines, recipes, and tips for eating on a budget. It also provides information on all the food groups a person needs to include in their diet to stay healthy. 

Learn more about what a healthy diet looks like here.

Many resources are available to help people improve their cooking skills or to inspire them with recipe ideas. 


Home Chef may be a good option for people who want to save time planning and shopping for meals.The service provides tasty options that people can tailor to their requirements and preferences. People with diabetes or those who simply wish to eat a more balanced diet may find the service useful in helping them plan healthy meals. 

The range of vegan and vegetarian options is minimal, and Home Chef does not cater to keto or paleo diets. Those with a food allergy may not be able to use this service because of possible cross contamination.