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HyperX sells blue light-blocking glasses designed for people who play video games. A person can choose from a range of frames and lens materials and also buy custom prescription lenses. Individuals may wish to try gaming glasses if they experience digital eye strain after using screens for long periods. However, research does not always support the use of blue light-blocking glasses to protect the eyes.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based.

HyperX is a gaming brand that started in California in 2002.

The company sells a variety of gaming equipment and accessories, such as headsets, keyboards, audio equipment, and clothing, including eyewear. The brand markets its products to gamers of all levels.

Brand reputation

Previously, HyperX was a division of Kingston Technology Corporation, which does not have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

HyperX’s current parent company, HP Inc., also does not have BBB accreditation.

Information about HyperX as a brand is not available through the BBB. However, a review on PCMag gave HyperX glasses a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

This review mentions the advantages of HyperX glasses included their subtle tinting, light frame design, and that prescription gaming glasses are available.

However, the critique also mentions some disadvantages of the brand, stating there is only one frame style available. It also reported that HyperX glasses are generally more expensive than other makes.

On Amazon, HyperX products come with generally positive reviews. Out of 297 reviews, 70% gave the glasses 5 out of 5 stars, with 5% scoring this product 1 out of 5 stars.

And while positive reviews mentioned the light frame design, negative reviews claimed the glasses did not stop headaches due to eye strain.

HyperX offers a variety of gaming products and accessories, including:

  • Gaming headsets: Headset options include wireless Bluetooth and surround sound models.
  • Microphones: Including standalone microphones for gamers and content creators.
  • Earbuds: Earbuds include wireless Bluetooth capability.
  • Mousepads: HyperX offers mousepads with a variety of textures and stitching styles.
  • Keyboards: Various types of keyboards are available, including compact options and keyboards with LED lighting.

Gaming eyewear

HyperX also offers a line of gaming eyeglasses. HyperX Eyewear sells gaming eyewear suitable for people to wear with or without a headset.

The company claims that these glasses block blue light — which may cause discomfort after extended exposure — and UV rays.

These glasses also reportedly reduce color distortion, which improves the gaming experience.

A person can choose from four different models of HyperX glasses, including six frame colors and three sizes of glasses. They can then opt for a polycarbonate or nylon lens.

Individuals may order their glasses online through the HyperX website. On the website, an individual can select the model, size, and frame color of the glasses they want.

Customers may also select prescription lenses as an option. To do this, they choose the frame and type of correction they need, such as up-close or distance correction, then pick a lens material. When this is complete, individuals need to upload a picture of their prescription.

The company does not accept direct payment from a health insurance provider. However, people can claim reimbursement from their health insurance after purchasing from HyperX.

Refunds and warranty

HyperX offers a 3-month warranty that covers scratches on the lenses. If a person prefers a longer period of protection, they can purchase a lens protection plan providing an additional 9 months of coverage.

An individual can get refunds on bought glasses without a prescription up to 30 days after purchase. However, they cannot apply for refunds on prescription lenses.

People considering gaming glasses may wish to explore alternative brands to HyperX. The following companies also produce gaming glasses.

  • Gunnar: Makes a variety of gaming glasses that block blue light and provide slight magnification. Custom prescription options are also available. Learn more about Gunnar glasses.
  • Swanwick: These glasses come in three colors and three sizes. Swanwick uses plant-based plastic to manufacture them, decreasing their environmental impact.
  • J+S: Sells gaming glasses with different magnification options. The company offers five unisex styles with varying frame color options. However, the brand does not stock prescription gaming glasses.
  • Gamma Ray: Offers lenses with an amber tint to block blue light. Some products may also provide UV protection. However, the company only sells its frames in one size, while prescription gaming glasses are unavailable.

Learn about other blue light-blocking glasses.

Sunlight comprises different colors of light, including blue light. The varying colors of light have unique wavelengths and energy. Blue light has more energy and shorter wavelengths than other colors of light.

Various electronic sources emit blue light, including:

  • LED lights
  • flatscreen LED televisions
  • fluorescent lights
  • computer monitors
  • smartphones
  • gaming devices

Blue light may have unique effects on sleep cycles, alertness, and the eyes. Research is inconclusive on whether too much exposure to blue light may potentially harm the eyes. For example, a 2016 analysis found some animal studies indicated exposure to blue light may cause photoreceptor damage and an increased risk of eye diseases, such as macular degeneration.

A 2019 study testing different glasses to determine their effectiveness at blocking blue light found that blue light glasses do reduce blue light exposure to the eyes.

However, there was a discrepancy between how much blue light the glasses blocked and what manufacturers claimed they stopped, suggesting that blue light glasses may not block as much blue light as these companies reported.

Additionally, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), no conclusive evidence currently confirms blue light damages the eyes.

A person may develop digital eye strain if they look at digital screens for long periods, but it may not be due to exposure to the blue light that these devices emit.

The AAO states that humans usually blink around 15 times per minute. However, studies have shown that when a person uses digital screens, they blink less often and may not fully close their eyes when blinking. This can lead to a condition called dry eye, which can cause symptoms such as dryness, pain in the eyes, and vision problems.

The effects of blue light on the human body may also go beyond the eyes.

A 2019 study states that chronic exposure to blue light before sleep may have negative effects on a person’s sleep quality. It may also impact their circadian rhythm, a natural cycle in the body that brings on feelings of wakefulness during the day and sleep at night.

Additionally, blue light may negatively affect sleep. This is because blue light exposure suppresses the production of melatonin, a hormone that the brain produces to help induce sleep.

HyperX glasses are gaming glasses that aim to protect a person’s eyes from the blue light from digital screens. Excess exposure to blue light has some associations with eye strain, dry eye, or sleeping issues.

Research has not concluded whether blue light glasses are effective in protecting the eyes against blue light. Research has also not confirmed whether blue light is harmful to the eyes. Additionally, the actual effectiveness of blue light-blocking glasses may not match the effectiveness that manufacturers claim regarding these products.