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Hyperice’s Hypervolt percussion massage guns are handheld devices that people can use to relieve muscle pain, tension, and soreness. Percussive therapy may suit people who exercise regularly, as it may also promote flexibility and aid muscle recovery.

Hyperice sells three different models of massage gun, each of which offers slightly different features. It is important that people carefully follow the instructions on how to use these devices, as they have the potential to cause injuries with incorrect use.

This article discusses the Hyperice brand and the three Hypervolt massage guns. It also considers the pros and cons of these devices and suggests some alternative brands to consider.

A quick look at Hyperice Hypervolt massage guns

The Hypervolt is a percussion massage gun. It is an electrical device featuring a massage tip that pulses against the body at varying pressures. A person uses the Hypervolt to massage and stimulate blood flow to their muscles.

To use it, a person runs the massage gun over the body areas they want to stimulate. A variety of attachments help target different body areas.

The company claims that the Hypervolt can relieve muscle tension and stiffness, which may help aid in post-workout recovery.

According to the Hyperice website, the Hypervolt is for those who:

  • want a percussion massage after their workouts
  • want to massage from the comfort of their home or office
  • cannot or do not want to have a traditional massage
  • want to get rid of muscle fatigue or tightness
  • want a quiet massage device
  • want to optimize their workout warmup and recovery

Handheld percussion massage devices may provide comprehensive relief, as they can reach both superficial and deep muscle fibers. People can use the device themselves or ask someone else to help with hard-to-reach areas.

These devices allow a person to massage the muscles throughout their body. A 2020 study that used percussion massage guns on the calf muscles found that they may benefit an athlete’s warmup routine by increasing the range of motion without reducing muscle performance.

The study authors note that percussion devices likely combine vibration and traditional massage. However, they say that experts have yet to conduct sufficient research to establish the health benefits that handheld percussion massage devices could provide.

The Hyperice website includes guidance on how people can use their percussion gun on various body parts to get the most out of the device.

Hyperice has been in business since 2010. It is a global recovery and movement enhancement technology company specializing in percussion, thermal, and vibration technology.

The company created the Hypervolt percussion massage guns to give people access to in-home solutions for nonsevere myofascial pain.

According to the Hyperice website, other companies manufacture vibration-based electric massagers that may relieve pain temporarily. However, Hyperice claims its massage guns have a lower frequency and may help address intramuscular stiffness.

Individuals can download the Hyperice App to help them reach their fitness goals. This app includes instructional videos and content guides that explain how people can maximize the benefits of Hyperice’s devices. Users can also access the favorite routines of the world’s top athletes and their personal tips.

In addition, people can buy other Hypervolt accessories from the company website, such as batteries, charging bases, and cases.


At the time of publishing this article, Hyperice has an average review rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars on the user review website Trustpilot.

Positive reviews focus on product quality, customer service, and the battery life of the devices. Negative reviews mention problems with customer service and manufacturing issues with some products.

On Better Business Bureau (BBB), Hyperice has an overall review score of 1.53 out of 5 stars and an A+ rating. It is not a BBB-accredited business. Reviews are limited on BBB, with positive reviews mentioning good experiences with customer service and effective products. Critical reviews discuss problems with products, especially regarding battery life.

Before buying a Hypervolt percussion massage gun, people may wish to consider the following factors.

Shipping and delivery

Orders that people place with Hyperice may take 5–7 business days to arrive. The company asks that people wait 2–4 business days after ordering for their product to ship.

Individuals cannot cancel their order once it is confirmed or change their shipping address. However, if a person needs the delivery to go to a different address, they can ask the carrier to leave their order at a local pick-up location.

If a person does not sign for the package because they do not want it or it goes to the wrong address, the courier will send it back to the manufacturer. Then, the customer can receive a full refund or have the option to change their address.

The company states that it does not ship internationally, but a person may purchase its products from international partners if they are outside of the United States.

Learn more about Hyperice’s shipping and delivery.


People who are unsatisfied with their purchase can return the product within 30 days of receiving their order. They may also request a full refund.

Learn more about the Hyperice returns policy.


The company offers a 1-year warranty on its devices, and individuals may register for their Hyperice warranty on the company website. They may need to upload the order details and proof of purchase, such as a sales receipt, confirmation email, or sales invoice.

Hyperice states that if a person buys a Hyperice product through an unauthorized seller, its warranty policy does not apply.

Learn more about the Hyperice warranty.

If an individual is injured or has recently had surgery, they should consult their doctor before using a percussion massage gun.

Hyperice states that its devices may be safe to use during pregnancy. However, pregnant people should ask a doctor to confirm this before going ahead.

Hyperice manufactures three models of Hypervolt handheld percussion massage guns.

They all use QuietGlide technology to keep the noise levels low. In addition, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has approved all of these products as carry-on luggage on an airplane, so a person can travel with their device.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

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Best Hypervolt for interchangeable head pieces: Hypervolt

Hyperice’s Hypervolt has Bluetooth connectivity, so a person can connect their device to the Hyperice smartphone application. This will give them access to additional services, including well-being programs and warmups.

This model also comes with three levels of Hyperice Pressure Sensor Technology to give individuals an indication of how much pressure they are applying to their muscles.

Other features of the Hypervolt percussion massage gun include:

  • a brushless high-torque 60-watt (W) motor
  • weight of 2.5 pounds (lb)
  • three speeds of up to 3,200 percussions per minute (ppm)
  • five head attachments so people can choose between a fork, ball, cushion, flat, and bullet shape
  • head attachment pouch

At the time of publishing, the Hypervolt costs $199.

Best Hypervolt for high power massage: Hypervolt Plus

The Hypervolt Plus model also has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing individuals to connect the percussion massage gun to Hyperice’s smartphone application.

Other features of the Hypervolt Plus percussion massage gun include:

  • three levels of Hyperice Pressure Sensor Technology
  • a brushless high-torque 90-W motor
  • weight of 3 lb
  • three speeds of up to 3,200 ppm
  • quick battery recharge
  • 30% more power than the original Hypervolt model
  • the same five head attachments as the original model
  • head attachment pouch

At the time of publishing, the Hypervolt Plus costs $329.

Best lightweight Hypervolt: Hypervolt Go

The Hypervolt Go model is smaller and more lightweight than the other models, so it may suit people who plan to use it regularly while travelling or outside. It has the least powerful motor of the three models but can still deliver the same speed.

Some of the features of this percussion massage gun include:

  • a weight of 1.5 lb
  • three speeds of up to 3,200 ppm
  • a brushless high-torque 40-W motor
  • flat and bullet head attachments
  • three additional plug adapters

At the time of publishing, the Hypervolt Go costs $159.

Best Hypervolt for quiet operation: Hypervolt 2

This model weighs 1.8 lb and has a battery life of three hours. It is an upgraded version of the original Hypervolt.

Hyperice states it has been specifically designed to run quietly. The company also writes a person can take this massage gun as a carry-on item for air travel.

Some of the features of the Hypervolt 2 massage gun include:

  • three speeds
  • a brushless high-torque 60-W motor
  • cordless design
  • five head attachments
  • three additional plug adapters
  • Hyperice app connectivity

At the time of publishing, the Hypervolt 2 costs $299.

Best Hypervolt for range of speeds: Hypervolt 2 Pro

This model is an advanced version of the Hypervolt 2. It aims to deliver high-power massage and deep relief to muscles.

Hyperice writes that this model is its most powerful massager. A person can choose between five speeds with the digital speed dial.

By connecting to the Hyperice app, a person can follow guided routines from athletes. The massage gun will automatically adjust its speed according to the routine.

Like the Hypervolt 2, it is designed to run quietly.

The Hypervolt 2 Pro weighs 2.6 lb.

Some of the features of this percussion massage gun include:

  • five speeds
  • digital speed dial
  • a brushless high-torque 90-W motor
  • uses QuiteGlide technology
  • cordless design
  • five head attachments
  • three additional plug adapters
  • Hyperice app connectivity

At the time of publishing, the Hypervolt 2 Pro costs $399.

Best Hypervolt for gentle massage: Hypervolt Go 2

The Hypervolt Go 2 offers three speeds and two head attachments. It uses a 40-W motor, making it more gentle than the other models.

It weighs 1.5 lb and is designed to fit in a person’s bag for use on the go.

Similar to the other devices, this also has a battery that lasts up to three hours.

Some of the features of this percussion massage gun include:

  • three speeds
  • digital speed dial
  • a brushless high-torque 40-W motor
  • uses QuiteGlide technology
  • cordless design
  • two head attachments
  • three additional plug adapters

At the time of publishing, the Hypervolt Go 2 costs $199.

The table below compares each of the Hypervolt massage guns:

PowerWeightNo. of
speed settings
Connects to Hyperice appNo. of attachmentsPrice
Hypervolt60 watts2.5 lb3yes5$199
Hypervolt Plus90 watts3 lb3yes5$329
Hypervolt Go40 watts1.5 lb3no2$159
Hypervolt 260 watts1.8 lb3yes5$299
Hypervolt 2 Pro90 watts2.6 lb5yes5$399
Hypervolt Go 240 watts1.5 lb3no2$199

Percussion massage devices offer many benefits, but they also have some downsides. People unsure about whether to purchase one can consider the points below:


  • Portable: A person can use Hypervolt percussion devices at home or the gym and can travel with them.
  • Safe to use: The manufacturer states that the massage guns are safe to self-administer, as individuals naturally stop when they feel the right pressure level or have used the device enough.
  • Mobility enhancement: Percussive therapy may benefit an individual’s overall mobility by increasing muscle flexibility.
  • Range of motion: Researchers explored the effects of 5-minute percussive massage treatments on calf muscles. They concluded that percussion guns could increase the range of motion.


  • Price: The device comes at a higher cost than some similar percussion massage guns. People who do not use it frequently may prefer a lower cost option.
  • Not a treatment: A massage gun is a complementary physical aid, not a replacement for professional physcial therapy.
  • Injury risk: There is a slight risk of injury, such as muscle fiber damage, increased muscle contractions, or ruptured blood vessels. This is a risk particularly with misuse or overuse.
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Condition-specific warning

There is some risk that percussion guns may cause serious adverse effects. A case study involving a person with untreated iron deficiency anemia reported that they experienced muscle pain, fatigue, and hematomas after cycling and using their percussion gun. The individual received a diagnosis of severe rhabdomyolysis — a potentially life threatening condition affecting the skeletal muscle tissue.

As a result, the researchers suggest that customers and healthcare professionals follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using the device. Individuals with underlying health conditions should consult a doctor before making a purchase.

Hyperice’s Hypervolt is one type of percussive therapy device that is available for purchase. People interested in these devices may also wish to look at other options. Alternative products include:

  • Theragun by Therabody: In addition to percussion massage guns, Therabody manufactures charging stations, fitness mats, adapters for international travel, and lotions and tinctures to relieve sore muscles. Read our review of Theragun here.
  • VYBE: VYBE offers four models of massage guns, all of which have different speed levels.
  • OPOVE: OPOVE offers one massage gun called Apex. It comes with six massage tip attachments. The company also offers household and beauty products.

People should speak with a doctor before purchasing Hypervolt or similar massage devices, especially if they have any underlying health conditions or experience pain.

A person should not use a massage gun don an injured area or bony parts.

Additionally, those who are pregnant, have deep vein thrombosis, or a health condition affecting their nerves should speak with a doctor before trying Hypervolt massage guns.

People should stop using Hypervolt products if they experience pain after using them.

A person may wish to see a physician or physiotherapist to get injuries, or muscle pain checked, diagnosed, and treated. They will also be able to advise a person on whether a massage gun will be safe and helpful for them to use.

Here are some of the top frequently asked questions about Hypervolt.

Is the Hypervolt worth it?

A person who wants to try and regularly use a more expensive percussion massager may find Hypervolt products suitable as they offer high-powered massage with a wide range of massage attachments, plus access to guided massage sessions through the app.

Those with smaller budgets who may not use a massager regularly may not find Hypervolt products practical.

A small 2020 study of the Hypervolt revealed that it increased the range of motion in 16 healthy males on their calf muscles. However, it did not increase muscle torque or strength. The study mentions that the increase in range of motion is similar to what the participants would get from a traditional massage.

As such, the Hypervolt may be worth considering for those with stiff muscles and a budget that suits the cost of Hypervolt products. However, overall there is limited evidence for its effectiveness.

What is the difference between Hypervolt and Theragun?

Theragun is similar to Hypervolt and works in the same way. However, Theragun products are typically more expensive than Hypervolt.

Theragun features a triangular-shaped handle that is more suitable for people needing to adjust their grip to reach different areas of the body.

Plus, while Theragun also connects to a fitness app, its battery life is shorter than Hypervolt.

Hyperice’s Hypervolt massage guns are handheld devices that may help relieve muscle pain. They may also improve range of motion if people use them as part of their warmup before exercising. However, further research is necessary to establish the full effects of percussive therapy.

It is important to note that these devices may not suit everyone, and may sometimes have serious side effects. People with an injury or underlying health condition should seek medical advice before using a massage gun.