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Icon Meals offer a customizable meal delivery service with a wide range of subscription boxes available. The service caters to people who would like a diet with a higher protein content.

The meals generally come under the category of a traditional American diet, relying heavily on meat, potatoes, rice, and green beans.

This article will review Icon Meals and provide an example of their menu. It will also talk about the benefits and drawbacks of the service and any health benefits the meals may have.

Icon Meals offer a range of mail-order meals that are high in protein.

The reviews are mostly positive. However, although some subscribers praise the company for their flavorful meals, others say that the food is bland or that there is not much variety.

Icon Meals also offer several brick-and-mortar stores where Texas residents can collect their orders.

Icon Meals offer a range of meal options and plans. Subscribers can choose from one of four boxes:

  • the Keto Box
  • the Lean Box
  • the Chef Box
  • the Lean Box XXL

The Lean Box XXL includes 24 meals, while all the others include 12.

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People can also sign up for weekly meal delivery from a menu that changes every week.

Other options include:

  • customized meals that allow subscribers to choose a protein and two sides
  • a la carte items, including bulk protein
  • snacks and breakfasts

Although many people use Icon Meals as a weekly meal delivery service, the range of options available makes the menu highly customizable, blending elements of traditional grocery shopping with meal delivery.

The price varies depending on which boxes and meals a person signs up for.

Icon Meals say that all their meals arrive freshly cooked. Subscribers can also freeze them for up to 6 months.

Icon Meals also emphasize food safety on their website, claiming that the State of Texas Health Department investigate them daily and that a third party tests their nutrition labels to ensure accuracy.

Please note that no one at Medical News today, including the writer, has tried Icon Meals. All information presented here is purely research-based.

Icon Meals products are available to order online.

Icon Meals change their menu every week. Some options include:

  • Snacks: These include popcorn, coffee, crisps, and bread.
  • A la carte: These include meatballs, brisket, ground beef, and cod.
  • Meal boxes: These include a Keto Box with chicken bacon primavera and Italian beef melt, lean turkey with ground turkey, rice, and green beans, and beef medallions, rice, and green beans.
  • Weekly menu: This includes beef pizza, chicken baked ziti with green beans, and chocolate chip protein pancakes.

Some benefits of the Icon Meals service include the following:

  • Using a meal delivery service may help reduce food waste if a person enjoys the meals and eats all the food.
  • A person may save money on groceries or be able to avoid impulse buys.
  • A person may visit the grocery store less, thereby reducing the time they spend shopping.
  • In most cases, subscribers can select their own delivery dates.
  • The meals arrive ready to eat. All a person has to do is heat them, so there is no cooking or meal planning necessary. This is ideal for busy people and those who feel overwhelmed when thinking about preparing nutritious meals.
  • The variety of meal plans available allows users to customize their diet to suit their needs.

Some drawbacks of the Icon Meals service include the following:

  • Each meal comes in an individual package that includes plastic. This can increase packaging waste.
  • There is no filter to search for vegetarian or vegan meals, and none of their meals are plant-based.
  • Very few meals come with vegetables. Most include rice and potatoes as part of the meal.

Some of the health benefits of Icon Meals include the following:

  • Icon Meals list the ingredients and nutritional facts for each meal. They also list macronutrients for people tracking protein, carbohydrates, fats, and other key nutrients.
  • Using a meal delivery service may help people practice better portion control and avoid unhealthful impulse buys.
  • People following a keto diet can order the special Keto Box, and those who want to try the diet for a week have the chance to do so.
  • All of the meals are high in protein. This makes them a good choice for people who wish to add more protein to their diet, such as older adults and those following a high protein meal plan.
  • The meals generally contain 250–650 milligrams (mg) of sodium, and the recommended daily allowance is 2,300 mg. Therefore, if a person were to eat three Icon Meals meals per day, they would remain within the healthful sodium consumption range.

Some of the health drawbacks of Icon Meals include the following:

  • Because Icon Meals focus primarily on protein, most of the meals contain no or few fruits or vegetables. This could result in a person experiencing a nutrient deficiency. People should aim to eat 2–3 cups of vegetables and 1.5 to 2 cups of fruit per day.
  • Icon Meals do not guarantee that allergen cross-contamination does not happen.

The Icon Meals service may be a good choice for people who want to incorporate more protein into their diet and are looking for a convenient way to do so.

However, these people must ensure that they are still eating at least 2–3 cups of vegetables and 1.5 to 2 cups of fruit per day alongside these meals to ensure they do not develop a nutrient deficiency.

People who wish to lose weight and those with special dietary needs should consult a healthcare provider before making any significant changes to their diet.