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iHerb is an online retailer that sells various health and wellness products from a range of manufacturers. However, unlike some other retailers, iHerb does not allow third parties to sell or ship products.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried products from this brand. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

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Founded in 1996, iHerb claims that its mission is to make health and wellness accessible to all.

The company states it stocks over 300,000 brand-name products as well as manufacturing and selling in-house options. These products are available in over 185 countries.

iHerb currently has nine climate-controlled and GMP- or ISO-compliant fulfillment centers in the United States, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

iHerb may be a more eco-friendly seller of health and wellness products than some other retailers, which may suit those who prefer to minimize their impact on climate change.

According to the company, iHerb tries to reduce its environmental impact at every step. It mainly operates paperless and sends customers confirmations and notifications by email.

iHerb uses automatic lighting, battery-powered forklifts, reusable pallets, and reusable trash bags to provide greener fulfillment centers. The company is also experimenting with lighter and stackable cartons that use less fuel to ship across the world.

Additionally, the company uses recyclable packaging where possible. It uses paper-based tape, wrap, void, labels, and corrugated cartons instead of less eco-friendly alternatives such as bubble wrap and acrylic tape.

Learn more about climate change and its effect on health here.

iHerb offers various health and wellness products that people may use to supplement their diet, fitness, and general lifestyles. Below is a selection of the categories this company offers.


iHerb offers several different supplements, such as:

People can filter supplements by type or by condition, such as men’s health. Additionally, people can filter for products that are a part of iHerb’s iTested program. An iTested logo means that a third party has evaluated the product to ensure its quality, safety, and authenticity.

It is important to note that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve dietary supplements for safety or effectiveness, or approve product labeling before distribution. However, the FDA does have the power to ask the company to update product labeling for accuracy or recall the product entirely.

As well as stocking popular brands such as NOW Foods and Nature’s Way, iHerb offers over 500 of its own brand supplements.


iHerb also offers products that can supplement a person’s fitness routine, including:

Alongside popular brands such as Optimum Nutrition and EVLution Nutrition, iHerb also offers 68 products of its own brand sports products. Several products are part of the iTested program.


iHerb offers many bath and personal care products, such as:

People can filter this section by category. In addition to bath and personal care products, iHerb also offers several over-the-counter products for the common cold and flu, seasonal allergies, and pain relief.

iHerb carries products from popular brands such as Aveeno and Arm & Hammer, as well as 94 products under its own name. Several products are a part of the iTested program.


iHerb offers several beauty products, such as:

iHerb also sells makeup and makeup accessories, including brushes and tools. People can filter by brand, such as choosing Acure or Eucerin products.


iHerb also sells a range of maternity and baby products, including:

People can find products from brands such as Gerber and Nordic Naturals, alongside over 50 of iHerb’s own products. 41 of the products in this section are a part of the iTested program.

People can shop for supplements and other products by category, brand, or by condition from iHerb’s website. Once they have chosen their products, they can create an iHerb account free of charge and checkout.

Shipping and returns

At the time of publishing, iHerb offers free shipping on orders over $25 in the USA. Shipping costs for other locations may vary.

People can choose between standard, expedited, or next-day delivery. iHerb also delivers to PO boxes and military addresses.

iHerb’s products range from around $1 to over $50. The company regularly reduces the prices of some of the products on its website. People can browse the sales on iHerb’s homepage.

There are several ways to save costs while shopping with iHerb.

The company offers an Autoship and Save Program, which is a subscription service. If a person’s chosen product is available via subscription, they can save 5% on each order.

Additionally, iHerb offers a Rewards Program. People can earn a commission if friends and family shop using their unique referral code, and people can earn $1 for every review they write.

iHerb has mixed reviews online. People who downloaded the app on Google Play or the App Store give the company 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Positive reviews state that the app is user-friendly, with several people appreciating the 360º view of the products. Others say the customer service is helpful and quick to respond. However, others report that it is difficult to browse, and unless a person knows exactly what they are looking for, it is difficult to filter products.

On the other hand, iHerb has a “poor” rating on Trustpilot, with customers giving the company an average of 2.4 out of 5 stars from over 2,400 reviews.

People who review the company highly state they experience timely delivery and good customer service and appreciate the prices, which reviews state is lower than some competitors.

However, 56% of reviewers left the company 1 star. These negative reviews mention several of the same problems.

Some customers state they missed international deliveries or received unexpected taxes and duties. Other people say that they received no response from customer service, that communication was not clear, and any communication was slow.

However, iHerb has replied to many negative reviews via Trustpilot and offered full refunds.

At the time of publishing, iHerb does not hold accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB gives the company an A+ grade; however, customers give it an average rating of 1.3 out of 5 stars from 46 reviews.

One alternative company to iHerb is PureFormulas. Similarly to iHerb, this company sells popular brands. However, it does not offer its own house-brand alternatives. PureFormulas sells several products, including:

  • supplements
  • beauty and personal care
  • fitness supplements
  • children’s supplements

Another alternative is Thorne. Thorne only sells its own products. Currently, the company only sells supplements and at-home tests.


The following table compares iHerb to PureFormulas and Life Extension.

Own brand or brand-name products?bothbrand-nameown brand
Products• supplements
• sports
• bath
• beauty
• baby
• grocery
• healthy home
• pets
• supplements
• beauty
• personal care
• fitness
• food
• kids
• pets
• vitamins
• supplements
• at-home tests
Subscribe and save option?yesyesyes
Free shipping?on orders over $25on orders over $20yes
Trustpilot rating2.4 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.0 out of 5 stars
BBB gradeFBA+

Here we answer some common questions about iHerb.

Is iHerb legit?

iHerb is a legitimate company that has been operating since 1996. It offers hundreds of health and wellness products and ships to over 180 countries.

However, customers do not highly rate this company online. People may wish to read reviews before committing to a purchase.

Why is iHerb cheaper?

iHerb uses light packaging, which decreases the cost of shipping products to people’s homes.

How many countries does iHerb operate in?

iHerb ships to 185 different countries. It currently has fulfillment centers in the United States, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

iHerb is an online retailer that sells other brands and its own brand products, such as supplements, sports supplements, and baby and beauty products.

iHerb may be less expensive than some of its competitors. Additionally, people can save money by subscribing to or entering a rewards program with the company.