KY Duration Spray is a desensitizing product that aims to help with premature ejaculation.

In this article, we describe KY Duration Spray, including how people use it and how effective it is.

A person using this type of product sprays it on their penis to desensitize it and delay ejaculation. The spray aims to extend the time before orgasm by reducing the intensity of sensation in the penis.

A person may find a spray more convenient than products with a similar purpose because the amount of spray delivered with each pump is consistent.

The main reason is to prolong the time before orgasm. This product may suit anyone with a penis who wants to delay their orgasm or experiences premature ejaculation.

The active ingredient in KY Duration Spray is lidocaine, an anesthetic. The spray delivers a measured dose of lidocaine to the penis with each pump, causing slight numbing. The goal is to reduce the intensity of sensation without completely numbing the penis.

A 2016 study demonstrated the effectiveness of a similar lidocaine-based product. The researchers report an increase in time to orgasm from under 7 minutes to over 11 minutes.

People can use the spray before they have an erection or once they are aroused. The manufacturer recommends holding the bottle around 10 centimeters (cm) away from the penis and applying 3–10 sprays to the head and shaft about 5–15 minutes before intercourse.

A person can massage the spray into their penis and wipe away any remaining liquid before intercourse. Afterward, wash off the product.

It is important to leave at least 5 minutes between using the spray and starting to have sex. This gives the spray time to start working.

The company advises against using KY Duration Spray with a condom. It also warns against using more than 20 pumps in a 24-hour period.

An expert panel notes that most people with premature ejaculation prefer an on-demand treatment that allows for spontaneity.

The maker of this product recommends holding the bottle about 10 cm away from the penis and spraying the head and shaft with 3–10 sprays around 5–15 minutes before sex begins.

KY Duration Spray is available to purchase online for around $20.


A topical desensitizing product may be lidocaine-based or benzocaine-based. If a person finds one product unsuitable, they might consider trying a product with the other active ingredient.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved lidocaine spray more recently than benzocaine spray. Some other desensitizing sprays that contain lidocaine include:


Benzocaine has similar effects to lidocaine but is in a different class of pain relievers. Some desensitizing products that contain it include:

If KY Delay Spray or a similar product does not help with premature ejaculation, stop using it and consult a doctor. They can rule out or treat any underlying medical condition involved.

Like any other topical product, KY Duration Spray may cause irritation, such as a burning sensation or itchiness. If a person notices any side effects, they should immediately wash off the product and stop using it. If any symptom persists for more than 24 hours, they should contact a healthcare professional.

Also, it is important for a person to consult a doctor before using KY Duration Spray if they:

  • have ever had kidney or liver problems
  • intend to use it with a partner who is pregnant
  • also take prescribed medication

Below, we look at some common questions about KY Duration Spray.

How long does KY Duration Spray last?

This depends on the person and how much spray they use.

With typical use, a person can expect the spray to last around 30–45 minutes. A person can then apply more if they want, but take care not to use more than 20 pumps in 24 hours.

Will KY Duration Spray numb a sexual partner?

When a person uses the product according to instructions, there is minimal, if any, transfer of the spray to a partner. In this case, a partner will not feel numb, the makers of the spray say.

How do you apply KY Duration spray?

When a person uses the spray, it does not matter whether their penis is erect or flaccid.

Holding the bottle upright and around 10 cm away from the penis, apply 3–10 sprays to the head and shaft about 5–15 minutes before sex.

If necessary, massage the spray into the skin, and wipe away any extra before having sex.

Which spray is best for lasting longer in bed?

This depends on a person’s response and preference. A person might consider experimenting with dosages of products that have different active ingredients.

KY Duration Spray might represent an effective, low-risk way of delaying the time before orgasm and helping with premature ejaculation.

However, be sure to follow the instructions carefully, take note of the warnings on the packaging, and contact a healthcare professional if any side effect is severe or lasts longer than 24 hours.