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LensDirect offer glasses lenses, frames, contact lenses, and lens replacements online. A person can provide a current and valid prescription during or after the ordering process.

This article will look at the LensDirect brand, their products and services, and the ordering process.

It will also look at the importance of getting regular eye checks and how to keep vision and the eyes healthy.

LensDirect describe themselves as a one-stop-shop for all things contact lens- and glasses-related. A person can order frames, glasses, lenses, or contact lenses in a variety of styles.

If a person purchases prescription lenses, they must upload their prescription or provide LensDirect with the contact information for their eye doctor. The company will then reach out to the eye doctor directly to obtain an individual’s prescription.

The products have varying prices, as a wide range of brands and styles are available. Each order is customizable, with options including waterproof and scratch resistant glasses lenses.

People purchasing eyewear online should consider researching the available options, including the accompanying impartial and trusted reviews.

The company have accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), who have given them a B rating. The BBB website currently has 12 reviews and many unfavorable comments that cite long wait times for contact lenses, poor customer service, and receipt of products not matching the company’s description.

Trustpilot have given LensDirect 4.4 stars out of a possible 5. They list over 4,000 customer reviews, and 83% of them are currently “excellent.” Favorable comments include great, accurate, and reliable service, fast shipping, and good complaint resolution.

LensDirect offer prescription and nonprescription vision care products. The only services they do not provide are online eye exams and online prescription renewal.

Some of the company’s offerings include:

  • Glasses: This includes reading glasses, prescription glasses lenses, and nonprescription or fashion lenses, as well as progressive and single vision lenses. A person can choose from a variety of lens treatments, including scratch resistance and waterproofing.
  • Contact lenses: LensDirect offer a range of contact lenses from most major manufacturers, including soft and hard lenses, disposable and reusable lenses, and toric and multifocal contact lenses.
  • Glasses lens replacement: A person can choose to keep their current glasses frames and replace only their lenses. The company will fit new lenses once a person sends them their frames.
  • Sun: The sunglasses are available in prescription, nonprescription, and reading form, with the same choice of lens treatments as glasses.
  • Blue light-blocking: These glasses block the blue light emitted from computer and other screens.

To order with LensDirect, a person needs a currently valid prescription.

Federal law requires ophthalmologists and optometrists to give a person their prescription without a fee, even if they intend to use it elsewhere. If the prescription expires, they will need to obtain a new one before purchasing suitable vision correcting products.

An eye doctor can examine a person’s eyes and offer a prescription either in their office or through a telehealth service.

Some apps and websites also offer online eye exams. The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) give EyeQue and Verana Vision Test as examples that a person may consider trying.

The AAO recommend using virtual eye tests only for eyeglasses, not for contact lenses. They also advise that online tests will not detect some severe eye conditions or potential underlying health concerns.

Once a person has a prescription, they can upload it to LensDirect’s website when completing their order, or they have the option to place an order and email their prescription to the company later.

LensDirect do not accept direct billing from health insurance companies, but a person may have the option of paying upfront and claiming back their costs via their health benefits, should they have sufficient coverage.

Returns and exchanges

LensDirect accept returns within 120 days of the purchase date. Returns must come in their original, sealed packaging. The company do not accept open or used returns.

They offer a 90-day warranty for scratch and coating damage to glasses lenses.

If an individual’s frames break when they have selected glasses lens replacement only, the company state that they will have the option to have the frames returned to them, a refund, and a new pair of frames from their Delancey Street collection.

Having the right contact lenses or eyeglasses is an important part of vision health for several reasons.

Vision can change throughout a person’s life, and using an expired or old prescription might make it more difficult for a person to see clearly. They may also experience symptoms of eye strain, including headaches and blurred vision.

Deterioration in vision can also present serious safety risks, such as vehicle accidents or workplace errors.

Before purchasing eyewear

Before buying eyewear online, an individual could benefit from recognizing the signs that it may be time for a new prescription.

These may include:

  • frequent squinting, even when wearing glasses or contact lenses
  • difficulty seeing at night or in low light
  • having an expired prescription
  • getting headaches or eye strain when wearing prescription contact lenses or eyeglasses

The American Optometric Association (AOA) say that even people with clear vision need an annual eye exam, as vision issues are just one of many identifiable eye health concerns.

Regular eye exams

The AOA also advise that annual eye exams can inform serious health issues, such as autoimmune conditions or cancer.

Getting regular, comprehensive eye exams can also detect severe eye health conditions that can destroy vision.

The following tips may help a person protect their eyes:

  • Use contact lenses only as the manufacturer recommends, and always wash the hands before their insertion or removal.
  • Wear protective eyewear at work to prevent harm from dust, dangerous chemicals, or flying objects.
  • Take frequent breaks from computers. Experts recommend following the 20-20-20 rule, which involves taking a 20-second break to look at something 20 feet away every 20 minutes.
  • Seek medical care for any sudden changes in vision or injuries to one or both eyes.
  • Certain eye conditions, such as astigmatism, may need certain types of lenses. Getting a comprehensive eye exam could lead to a person having a more complex prescription than they initially thought they needed.

Some alternative options to LensDirect include:

  • 1800Contacts: This company offer contacts as well as an eye exam. People who wear glasses can purchase them through 1800Contacts’ sister company, Liingo Eyewear.
  • Warby Parker: Warby Parker offer both glasses and contact lenses. A person can order up to five pairs of glasses to try at home for no charge. Learn more about Warby Parker here.
  • DiscountGlasses: DiscountGlasses offer glasses and contact lenses. They also have a tool to renew an expired prescription from home.

LensDirect offer a large selection of glasses lenses, frames, and contact lenses from many well-known brands.

Before buying a product online, a person may wish to consider checking impartial reviews, product descriptions, warranties, and return policies.

Regular, comprehensive eye exams are essential, and an optometrist or ophthalmologist can offer additional advice for preserving eye and vision health.