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Lensabl are an online eyewear company that offer various products and services, including contact lenses, eyeglass frames, and lens replacement.

The company do not accept insurance but offer other ways for customers to save money.

This article discusses the Lensabl brand and what they offer. It also lists some alternative brands for people to consider and provides general tips on protecting eye health.

When they started in 2016, Lensabl initially focused on making and selling prescription lenses online. People could send their eyeglass frames to the company and receive them later with new lenses installed.

The company position themselves as a low cost and convenient way to purchase contacts, frames, and replacement lenses for glasses.

Brand reputation

On the Lensabl website, most reviews are positive, noting the quality of the lenses and the company’s ability to work with challenging frames.

Negative reviews on the company’s website typically mention slow delivery, trouble tracking the order, and poor fit.

In general, the average online Lensabl review is positive. Complaints on other sites seem to be due to poor company response to customer service issues, problems with replacement frames, and people receiving incorrect orders or damaged products.

The Lensabl product line includes:

  • daily, biweekly, and monthly supplies of contact lenses from multiple brands
  • “Everyday Eyewear,” which is a line of frames and lenses
  • replacement lenses
  • designer frames
  • sunglasses that take photos or videos
  • Bose Frames with built-in audio

It is necessary to have a correct and up-to-date prescription to order online from Lensabl. The website offers the option to purchase an online vision test but states that this is not a replacement for a comprehensive eye exam that a licensed eye doctor performs. It is only available for people aged 18–50 years.

The company offer Lensabl+, which is an annual vision benefits plan that may help customers save money.

Lensabl have a straightforward ordering process that requires a customer to:

  • select a product
  • choose whether or not to enroll in a Lensabl+ vision benefits plan to save money on products throughout the year
  • enter their prescription information or use the company’s online vision test to update an existing prescription

The company say that it usually takes them 4–7 days to manufacture lenses.

People can opt for standard shipping, which is free, or pay a fee for faster shipping.

Learn more about buying contacts or glasses online.


The company do not accept insurance but provide instructions to help people get reimbursed for their expenses. Lensabl accept payment through Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) or Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) if they go through a major credit card.

Refunds and returns

The company’s refund and return policies are different for each product.

For example, replacement lenses come with 3 months of coverage for normal use, which the customer can extend.

People can get a full refund on contact lenses if they return them within 2 weeks of receiving the order. However, the box must remain unopened.

The company say that they will replace or refund faulty or damaged contacts if purchasers email the customer service team.

Other brands offering similar services and products to Lensabl include:

  • Warby Parker: This company sell contacts, eyeglasses, and sunglasses. They also offer online prescription renewal and provide an online virtual try-on feature for people interested in eyeglasses. They make their own daily contact lens and sell many major brands. Learn more about Warby Parker here.
  • DiscountContactLenses: This site focuses on contact lenses, while its sister site, DiscountGlasses, offers what the company claim is a low cost, no-nonsense service. The company sell various contacts, ship internationally, and serve as an out-of-network provider for many insurance firms.
  • AC Lens: This company claim to emphasize low cost products and say that they have a “no questions asked” return policy unless the products are specialty or made-to-order. They offer a lens subscription service, online prescription renewal, and a wide variety of contact lens types and brands.

Practicing good contact lens hygiene is essential for protecting eye health. One study found that more than 40.9 million adults in the United States wear contact lenses and that many of them could be putting themselves at risk of eye infections because they do not take proper precautions.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that contact lens wearers protect their eye health by:

  • removing contact lenses before sleeping, swimming, or showering
  • washing the hands with soap and water and drying them before touching the contact lenses
  • using only fresh contact lens disinfecting solution to clean the lenses after each use
  • cleaning the contact lens case with disinfecting solution and replacing the case every 3 months

Other general eye health recommendations include:

  • protecting the eyes from the sun’s glare
  • taking regular screen breaks to avoid prolonged exposure to computer screens
  • eating a healthy diet that includes plenty of vegetables
  • reaching or maintaining a moderate weight

A person should also take care to keep their eyewear prescriptions up to date.

Learn how to read an eye prescription here.

During an eye exam, people can ask the eye doctor to measure and provide a record of the distance between the centers of the pupils. This is known as the pupil distance, or PD, and it is often necessary to purchase eyewear online.

Learn more about how to protect eye health and vision here.

Lensabl are an online eyewear retailer that sell contact lenses, replacement lenses, eyeglasses, frames, and accessories. The selection of contact lenses is broad and includes many well-known brands.

Lensabl also offer online prescription renewal through a vision test and their own vision benefits plan, which they say helps members save money on their eye care needs.

People can speak with their eye doctor to identify what eyewear they require and where to purchase it.