The liver hilum, which some people know as the porta hepatis or hilum of the liver, is a fissure or opening between two sections, or lobes, of the liver.

The liver hilum allows structures including the common duct, hepatic artery proper, and portal vein to enter and leave the liver.

The liver is an organ located in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen. It contains several parts, including the liver hilum, that allows it to function and interact with other parts of the body.

These structures help transport materials to and from the liver.

This article reviews:

  • what the liver hilum is
  • the location of the liver hilum
  • liver hilum anatomy
  • the function of the liver hilum
  • problems and complications that may affect the liver hilum
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The liver hilum or porta hepatis is a fissure or opening that allows various structures to pass into and out of the liver, the body’s largest internal organ and second largest organ after the skin.

These structures, which include the common duct, hepatic artery proper, and portal vein, allow nutrients and blood to enter the liver.

The liver hilum lies on the underside of the liver, near the center. More specifically, it passes across the left underside of the right lobe of the liver.

It is near the gallbladder, which is tucked in under the liver. It is almost directly above the pancreas and small intestine.

According to an older study, the anatomy of the liver hilum’s components can vary between people, which, they argued, should guide the treatment of certain cancers.

Several structures pass through the opening. These include:

  • main portal vein (PV)
  • proper hepatic artery (PHA)
  • common hepatic duct (CHD)
  • nerves
  • parts of the lymphatic system

The liver hilum is an opening or fissure. Its main purpose is to allow various structures to pass through to the liver.

In doing so, it allows blood to flow in and out of the liver and other substances to enter or exit the liver as necessary.

Several different conditions can affect the liver hilum.

Some potential issues include:

A person should talk with a doctor if they experience symptoms that could indicate an issue with their liver, such as:

The liver hilum is an opening or fissure located on the underside of the liver. It is responsible for providing an opening to veins, arteries, lymphatic structures, bile ducts, and nerves.

Several conditions that affect the liver can affect the liver hilum, including thrombosis, aneurysm, and certain cancers.

A person should consult a doctor if they suspect any symptoms that may potentially indicate an issue with their liver.