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Low carb diets limit the number of carbohydrates a person eats. Low-carb meal delivery services are a convenient option for people following a diet low in carbs.

A quick look at the best low carb meal delivery services:

Low-carb meal delivery services design each dish so that it contains low numbers of carbohydrates, or carbs, to help a person achieve their health and weight loss goals.

Some low carb diets replace carbs with healthy fats, whereas others reduce the number of carbs or remove them altogether.

This article explains the health benefits and risks of a low carb diet and lists several of the low carb meal delivery options currently available.

Medical News Today chooses meal delivery services that fit the following criteria:

  • Nutritional value: MNT chooses meal delivery services that meet the average person’s nutritional needs and promote healthy eating habits.
  • Ingredient quality: MNT chooses meal delivery services that use fresh, high quality ingredients. Some also use organic produce or sustainably sourced ingredients.
  • Variety: MNT chooses meal delivery services that feature a range of flavors and ingredients to suit different taste preferences and diets.
  • Price: MNT chooses meal delivery services with different price points to suit a range of budgets.
  • Availability: MNT chooses meal delivery services available throughout most of the United States.
  • Sustainability: MNT chooses meal delivery services that reduce their environmental impact by emplying recyclable packaging, carbon neutral shipping, local ingredients, and other sustainable practices.
  • Reputable: MNT only chooses brands that adhere to industry best practices and have passed our medical vetting process.
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Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

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Best preportioned: Home Chef

  • Price: starting from $8.99 per serving
  • Shipping cost: $9.99–$13.99
  • Meal type: meal kits

Home Chef delivers meal kits with preportioned ingredients and recipe cards to make cooking each meal easy.

Home Chef meals start at $8.99 per meal, with variable shipping costs dependent on the meal plan.

The company says it delivers to 98% of the U.S.

A person can cancel their subscription at any time, and they can skip or postpone weekly meals for as long as necessary.

Home Chef low carb meals include:

Pros and cons

One benefit of this meal delivery service is that it provides the option to customize certain dishes to upgrade, swap, or double up on proteins.

However, this service would not be suitable for individuals looking for ready-made meals.

Learn more about Home Chef here.

Best for no minimum spend: Balance by BistroMD

  • Price: $149.90–219.80 per week
  • Shipping cost: $19.95, or free on orders over $99
  • Meal type: prepared meals

Balance by BistroMD offers specialty diet meal delivery services, including options for low carb diets.

Balance neither requires a membership nor offers a rolling, weekly delivery service. Instead, it gives people complete freedom and the choice to order as and when they need a delivery service.

The company does not state how much each dish costs. However, plans range from $149.90–$219.80 per week.

Learn about other low-cost meal delivery services here.

Example dishes include:

  • caramelized mushroom and onion frittata
  • crustless pizza with chicken and pepperoni
  • hash brown casserole with ham

Pros and cons

The service does not require a minimum spend for delivery, which may make it a more flexible option that other companies, as people can purchase what they need.

However, BistroMD does not deliver to Alaska or Hawaii. Additionally, free shipping is only available on orders over $99.

Learn more about BistroMD here.

Best plant-based: Purple Carrot

  • Price: around $79.50–132 per week
  • Shipping cost: free
  • Meal type: meal kits and prepared meals

Purple Carrot offers vegan low carb meals. Customers can pick different meals every week and also choose snacks to eat between meals.

Low-carb dishes include:

  • kale and cannellini bean soup
  • sesame-encrusted tofu
  • spaghetti Bolognese

A person can also choose from a wide range of snacks, such as:

  • peanut butter freezer fudge
  • carrot cake power bites
  • cacao-flax energy bites

The company’s plans include three to four dinners per week, with the option of two or four servings per meal.

It costs $79.50 per week to get three dinners with two servings each. Three dinners with four servings cost $132 per week.

There is also the option to add breakfast, lunch, and snacks to the delivery and to skip deliveries if necessary. The company delivers meals to the contiguous U.S. states only.

Pros and cons

A benefit of the Purple Carrot service is that every meal is plant-based, which means that each dish is suitable for people following a vegan or vegetarian diet, and may be a good option for a person looking to limit their meat consumption.

A drawback of the service is that there are limited low carb dinner options.

Learn more about Purple Carrot here.

Best keto: Diet-to-Go

  • Price: around $6.80 per meal
  • Shipping cost: $19.98
  • Meal type: prepared meals

Diet-to-Go offers four different meal delivery plans: Balance, Balance-Diabetes, Keto-Carb30, and Vegetarian.

The Keto-Carb30 option restricts carbs to 30 net carbs per day, which means that it is suitable for people following a ketogenic diet.

Learn about other keto meal delivery services here.

Diet-to-Go works with a 5-week meal rotation, with a range of different meals available each week.

Example meals from the Keto-Carb30 plan include:

  • spinach quiche
  • kale and Swiss frittata
  • sausage and egg breakfast pizza

The company can make deliveries to the contiguous United States, and a person can skip or pause a delivery in advance as long as they do so before the cut-off date in their account settings.

A 7-day plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sides for a week and costs $142.99, or approximately $6.80 per meal. However, there is a shipping fee of approximately $20 on top of the cost of the meals, which increases the cost per week.

Pros and cons

Skipping or pausing delivery is simple and a person can do this any time before the cut-off date, making this company a good option for people who prefer flexible subscription options.

A drawback of this option is that the company does not recommend adding fruit, bread, sugar, or carbohydrates to the Keto-Carb 30 diet if weight loss is the goal.

Learn more about Diet-to-go here.

Best vegan: Fresh n’ Lean

  • Price: from $8.40 per meal
  • Shipping cost: free
  • Meal type: prepared meals

The Fresh n’ Lean vegan low carb plan offers standard vegan lunches with low carb dinners.

Fresh n’ Lean offers nutritionally balanced, portion-controlled, and dietitian-approved meals on a weekly rotation. However, not every meal in the vegan plan is low in carbs.

Each meal starts from $8.40 per serving.

Some meal options include:

  • cauliflower carbonara
  • teriyaki bowl with veggies
  • roasted vegetables

Customers receive a weekly bill for subscriptions, and they must cancel or pause the subscription before the Saturday of the next delivery if they want to stop receiving the meals. The company delivers meals to anywhere in the U.S.

Pros and cons

Customers have the option to scale down which meals they want, making it easy to arrange any combination of breakfast, lunch, and dinner and reduce the cost per week.

A drawback of the service is that not every vegan meal is low in carbs.

Learn about the best vegan meal delivery services here.

Best calorie-controlled: Trifecta

  • Price range per serving: $99.99–176.84 per week
  • Shipping cost: $9.99 or $49.99 for Hawaii & Alaska
  • Meal type: prepared meals

Trifecta offers calorie and portion-controlled meals and personalized weight loss plans.

The company does not list the price per serving of its meals, but the meal plans cost between $99.99–176.84 per week.

People can choose from various dietary plans, including:

  • paleo
  • keto
  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • clean
  • whole30

People can choose which and how many meals they receive for a day with a choice of 5 or 7 servings per week. Trifecta also allows people to filter out meals that contain allergens or food people wish to avoid.

Some examples of low carb meals include:

  • salmon, brown rice, and mixed vegetables
  • beef patty, sweet potato, and mixed vegetables
  • egg scramble and potato

Trifecta charges a flat fee of $9.99 shipping to anywhere in the United States excluding Hawaii and Alaska. For these states, shipping costs $49.99.

Pros and cons

Trifecta offers various options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that suit a range of dietary needs. Additionally, the meals are portion- and calorie-controlled, which may benefit those who do not have the time to work out how many calories and which portion sizes they require each day.

However, this company may be too expensive for people who live in Hawaii and Alaska, as the shipping fee is almost half the cost of the cheapest meal plan.

Best dietician-designed meals: Factor

  • Price: from $11 per meal
  • Shipping cost: $9.99
  • Meal type: prepared meals

Factor provides dietician-designed meals. The company’s low-carb offerings are available in the keto menu section.

All meals start at $11. People can state their dietary requirements and can choose between the chef’s choice, keto, calorie smart, vegan and veggie, or protein plus menu.

Some examples of low carb meals provided by Factor include:

  • jalapeno-lime-cheddar chicken with spicy cilantro cauliflower rice
  • pesto salmon
  • “cheesesteak” filet mignon

Factor charges a flat fee of $9.99 to the contiguous US.

Pros and cons

Factor uses recyclable packaging, which may appeal to those who are trying to lower their environmental impact when ordering meals. Additionally, instead of subscribing to one plan, people can choose between all the menus Factor offers.

However, this service does not deliver to Alaska or Hawaii. Additionally, it does not have as many low-carb options as other companies.

Best for allergens: The Good Kitchen

  • Price: $11.50–15 per meal
  • Shipping cost: varies by location
  • Meal type: prepared meals

The Good Kitchen states it provides organic, sustainably-sourced, and nutritious meals. Meals range from $11.50–15, and people can choose from a range of menus such as:

  • whole30
  • primal
  • paleo
  • keto
  • low fat
  • certified diabetic

People can also filter menus by allergens so that they only browse meals that do not contain ingredients they are allergic to. People can also remove meals that feature ingredients they dislike.

Some examples of low carb meals provided by The Good Kitchen include:

  • beef shepherds pie
  • venison meatloaf with broccoli squash casserole
  • chicken cacciatore with cauliflower risotto

Shipping costs vary depending on a person’s location. The Good Kitchen does not provide an overview of shipping costs.

Pros and cons

The Good Kitchen states that its ingredients are organic and sustainably sourced. Additionally, this service may be good for people who have allergens or people who do not like specific tastes or textures, as the company has filters that remove meals with certain ingredients from the menu choice.

However, this service does provide many vegetarian or vegan meal options that have low carbs.

Below, we compare all of the above low carb meal delivery services side by side.

PriceShipping costMeal type
from $8.99 per serving$9.99–$13.99 per deliverymeal kits
$149.90–219.80 per week$19.95 per delivery
free on orders over $99
prepared meals
around $79.50–132 per weekfree• meal kits
• prepared meals
Diet-to-Goaround $6.80 per meal$19.98 per deliveryprepared meals
from $8.40 per mealfreeprepared meals
Trifecta$99.99–176.84 per week$9.99 per delivery
$49.99 per delivery in Hawaii and Alaska
prepared meals
Factorfrom $11 per meal$9.99 per deliveryprepared meals
$11.50–15 per mealvaries by locationprepared meals

Low-carb diets may have a variety of health benefits. Some of these possible benefits include:

  • Weight loss: A 2021 systematic review investigated the benefits of low carb diets on those with diabetes. The authors concluded that low and very low carb diets can aid in weight loss and diabetes remission. However, the weight loss may be short-term.
  • Heart benefits: Research states that a low carb diet had positive effects on heart function in those with heart failure. However, more high-quality studies are necessary.
  • Cholesterol: A low carb diet may increase the levels of HDL, or “good” cholesterol, and lower the amount of triglycerides in the body.
  • Lower blood pressure: Some research states that a low carb diet can significantly reduce high blood pressure and lipid profiles.

A person looking for a low carb meal delivery service may wish to consider the following factors when making their decision.


Fresh ingredients appropriate for a low carb diet are an important part of a low carb meal delivery service.

People who are trying to follow a low carb diet consistently will need to ensure that every dish on the menu they choose is low in carbohydrates.

The dishes should also contain a good amount of fruit and vegetables and low amounts of additives and preservatives so that they contribute to a nutritious, well-balanced diet.


Following a restrictive diet, such as a low carb diet, can be challenging, so many people may want a meal delivery service that offers a wide range of varied meals to make the diet feel fulfilling.

Preparation times

Another challenge for people on a specific diet can be finding the time to make dishes that meet their particular dietary requirements.

Meal delivery services ensure that a person always has a low carb meal option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They also keep preparation and cooking times down, which makes it easier for a person to stick to a low carb diet.


Alternative diets can be expensive to follow, and meal delivery services may vary in their weekly cost.

Being aware of the cost per meal and any additional shipping costs will help a person confirm that a meal delivery service is suitable for their budget.


As an individual’s financial or personal situation could change at any time, it is important to check whether there is an option to skip weeks or cancel a plan at no additional cost.

Alternatives to a low carb diet include a healthy plant-based or higher-fiber diet.

Research has shown that low fat diets have similar weight loss effects as a low carb diet but may be more sustainable.

Learn more about the similarities and differences between low carb and low fat diets here.

Studies have also found that the Mediterranean diet is as effective for weight loss as a low carb diet. At the same time, it is much less restrictive and can be easier to sustain over an extended period.

The following are common questions and answers about low carb diets:

Are there risks to a low carb diet?

The Institute of Medicine recommends that adults get 45–65% of their daily calories from carbohydrates. That means a person who consumes 1,800 calories daily would get half of these calories from carbs.

In contrast, a low carb diet may permit only a much smaller proportion of calories from carbs per day, possibly requiring a person to exclude large groups of foods. This restriction can make following a low carb diet difficult to sustain in the long term.

Are there benefits to a low carb diet?

The benefits of a low carb diet may include improved control over blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure, and weight loss.

Are low carb diets healthy?

If a person follows a low carb diet, it is still possible for them to eat nonnutritious, processed foods.

A large 2019 study found that consuming ultra-processed foods was associated with cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, and cerebrovascular disease. Ultra-processed foods in the study included packaged sweets, sugar-sweetened soda, meatballs, poultry nuggets, and instant noodles.

Some low carb diets may also include red meat. Research has produced mixed results on red meat’s health benefits and risks. However, one analysis of 36 studies found that replacing red meat with high quality plant protein helped improve participants’ blood fat levels.

Some people may not wish to include red meat in their diet due to personal preferences, health reasons, or their doctor’s advice.

Are there side effects associated with a low carb diet?

A person may experience side effects when they first begin the diet. These can include:

Scientists have yet to extensively study the long-term effects of a low carb diet. They need to research the effects of a low carb diet on humans to understand the potential risks and benefits.

Is there a low carb option on HelloFresh?

HelloFresh offers carb-smart meals.

These meals have fewer carbohydrates per serving, and replace higher-carb ingredients, such as rice and bread, with lower-carb ones, such as cauliflower, avocado, and zucchini.

What meal delivery is best for weight loss?

People should look for meal delivery services that offer portion-controlled meals. Other factors may include how many calories a meal contains.

Some services, such as Trifecta, offer weight-loss plans.

Does Dinnerly do low carb?

Yes, Dinnerly offers a variety of low carb meals.

Which meal delivery service is healthiest?

The healthiest meal delivery service is the one that offers meals that fit each person’s dietary and nutritional needs. People should consider factors such as which dietary requirements the company caters to, such as vegetarian or vegan meals, and look at the nutritional value of the meals.

Resources such as MyPlate can help people follow a healthy and balanced diet.

Although low carb diets can be hard to follow, low carb meal delivery services can make it easier for a person to stick to their diet so that they can achieve their health or weight loss goals.

People can choose from a wide range of delivery services that offer interesting, nutritious, and easy-to-prepare meals. These services may help make following a low carb diet both enjoyable and achievable.