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Lucid are an online mattress company offering a wide variety of mattresses to suit different needs and preferences.

This article discusses the Lucid brand and their memory foam mattresses, as well as some alternative brands that people may wish to consider.

Lucid are a newer brand that allow people to order a mattress online and have the company compress it into a box and ship it to their home. This type of product is known as a “bed in a box.”

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According to Lucid, what sets them apart from other online brands is the range of options they offer.

The company make few, if any, health claims. Instead, they focus on providing consumers with choices relating to various aspects of the mattress, including:

  • the price
  • the firmness
  • the material — foam or latex
  • preferred sleep position
  • tendency to sleep hot or cold

When a person selects a preference on the company’s “Why Lucid?” page, the site filters the choices down to those that Lucid believe fit the preference.

Lucid claim that several of their mattresses may help relieve pressure points and align the spine.

A common complaint regarding memory foam mattresses is that people feel hot during sleep. Lucid state that they incorporate gel into their foam to help a person feel cooler at night.

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People interested in environmentally friendly mattresses may like the fact that Lucid mattresses are CertiPUR-US-certified. This certification means that they meet certain standards of using safe materials and being environmentally friendly.

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On all their mattresses, Lucid offer:

  • 10-year warranty
  • free shipping
  • free returns — although a person can return a mattress for any reason, they have to do this within 30 days, which is a shorter time frame than many other online mattress companies offer
  • sizes ranging from twin to California king

Lucid offer mattresses that range in thickness from 5 to 16 inches. Customers can choose between buying the mattress directly on the website or getting it through Amazon.

The following are a few of the memory foam mattresses available and the benefits that Lucid suggest they provide.

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Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information is purely research-based.

Lucid 5-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The 5-inch mattress is Lucid’s most affordable model, which they have designed primarily for children.

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This mattress should fit most children’s bed designs and frames, including bunk beds.

The open cell structure of the foam may help the mattress last longer.

The Lucid 5-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is available for purchase online.

Lucid 8-Inch Medium Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress

According to Lucid, the 8-inch model is most suitable for either a guest bedroom or a teen.

They claim that the medium-firm feel provides support for all sleep positions.

The ventilated design allows for breathability, which may improve temperature regulation.

The memory foam may help relieve pressure points.

The Lucid 8-Inch Medium Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress is available for purchase online.

Lucid 10-Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress

According to Lucid, this mattress features 3 inches of gel-infused memory foam as a comfort layer on top.

Lucid claim that this mattress is suitable for people with any preferred sleeping position, including combination sleepers.

The foam base provides support and comfort. This mattress may promote spinal alignment to help prevent aches and pains.

The Lucid 10-Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress is available for purchase online.

Lucid 16-Inch Plush Latex and Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid say that their 16-inch plush mattress is the softest model they offer.

The mattress has four layers of latex and memory foam to provide extra comfort.

This mattress contains a bamboo and charcoal layer that helps manage moisture and odors.

As with many bed-in-a-box mattresses, people should leave it to decompress for a day or two after unwrapping it.

The Lucid 16-Inch Plush Latex and Memory Foam Mattress is available for purchase online.

There are many online mattress companies in the United States. They all offer similar features, such as:

  • warranties
  • return periods during which a person can try the mattress
  • memory foam, gel, or latex constructions
  • various mattress sizes

Where they tend to differ is in price, length of the grace period to return the mattress, and the other perks that they offer. Ultimately, which mattress a person chooses and is happy with will come down to individual needs and preferences.

The following brands also offer memory foam mattress available for purchase online:

In a 2009 study, researchers compared the difference in sleep quality when people used old mattresses and newer, hybrid foam and spring mattresses. The researchers found that mattresses with foam provided sleepers with adequate support and better sleeping quality than traditional mattresses.

A more recent, small study from 2017 found that the body parts that most commonly experience pressure during sleep are the buttocks, shoulders, and back. The authors noted that mattresses that do not effectively address pressure points can cause discomfort or pain and reduced sleep quality.

Feeling cooler at night may help improve sleep quality. In a 2017 study, researchers surveyed several people about sleep quality and temperature. They found that people reported the worst sleep during hot and humid weather, indicating that cooler sleeping environments may improve a person’s overall sleep quality.

Lucid offer a wide variety of mattresses made using memory foam and gel. The company claim to offer the most choice compared with their online competitors.

People should research reviews from different sources online to get an unbiased idea of the pros and cons of each Lucid mattress.