Lupus Awareness Month takes place every May. People can get involved by helping raise awareness, fundraising, and attending events.

Lupus is a chronic condition where a person’s immune system attacks healthy tissue, resulting in inflammation.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that lupus affects approximately 200,000 U.S. adults, and 90% of people affected are women.

Lupus Awareness Month helps raise awareness about the disease and raise money for research.

Read more to learn what happens during Lupus Awareness Month and how to get involved.

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The Lupus Foundation of America states that every May is Lupus Awareness Month in the United States.

Raising awareness for lupus is key, as many symptoms of the disease are not visible. For example, a person with lupus may experience muscle and joint pain, fatigue, light sensitivity, and memory problems. A 2018 study also suggests that individuals with lupus may be more likely to develop depression and anxiety.

The aim of the Lupus Foundation of America is to “make lupus visible.”

The foundation notes that people can do this by involving family, friends, and their community to raise funds. It also aims to raise awareness of how lupus affects people physically, emotionally, and financially.

The Lupus Foundation of America lists a variety of ways in which a person can get involved in Lupus Awareness Month.

Raise awareness

One way a person can get involved is by raising awareness. They can let friends, family, and communities know how lupus affects people.

The Lupus Foundation of America has created a toolkit to help people raise awareness. It includes:

  • sample social media posts
  • shareable educational posters
  • social media image cards


People can also get involved by holding a fundraiser or event where the proceeds go toward lupus research. Some example fundraising activities include:

  • bake sale
  • happy hour
  • virtual game night
  • sports tournaments
  • sponsored runs

If a person registers their fundraising event through the Lupus Foundation of America, they will receive a personal fundraising page. This also gives them the ability to invite friends and family to fundraise alongside them.

They can also request the foundation’s Make Your Mark Party Event Planning Guide which includes materials, fundraising tips, and personalized guidance and consultations. If a person raises $250 or more, they receive Make Your Mark swag from the Foundation.

Individuals can also start a fundraiser via Facebook for the Lupus Foundation of America.


A variety of events take place each May.

Below are some examples of events happening during Lupus Awareness Month:

  • Game On! To End Lupus 2023: Taking place on May 5–7, this event encourages gaming streamers to raise money toward the foundation. People can do this via Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • Lupus Clinical Trials Conversations: This online Zoom session will take place on May 6. It is a webinar where people with a lupus diagnosis and doctors discuss the history and ethics of clinical trials.
  • Lupus Links Golf Tournament: Taking place on May 23 in Pennsylvania, a person can register to join the tournament, which is raising money for the Lupus Foundation of America. It includes a round of golf, food and drink, a cocktail reception, and a silent auction.

World Lupus Day is due to take place on May 10. Some events occurring on this day are listed below.

Put on Purple

The Lupus Foundation of America encourages individuals to wear purple on World Lupus Day. Their goal of wearing purple is to “make lupus visible.”

The foundation also encourages people to share pictures and their reasons for supporting the campaign on social media.
Learn more about Put on Purple.

Paint the City Purple

In Charlotte, North Carolina, the Lupus Foundation of America is holding an event on World Lupus Day. There is no cost to attend the event. The aim is to raise awareness of lupus and the condition’s impact.

The event includes:

  • giveaways
  • networking with others
  • appetizers
  • meeting the executive director of the New Lupus Chapter of America, North Carolina chapter

Learn more about Paint the City Purple.

Lupus Awareness Month takes place every May. There is also Lupus Awareness Day, which takes place on May 10, 2023.

People can get involved in various ways, including fundraising, raising awareness, and attending events.

On World Lupus Day, the Lupus Foundation of America encourages individuals to wear purple clothing to help spread awareness and “make lupus visible.”