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Lower back pain can negatively affect your sleep, and finding the right mattress is important. Here, we provide an in-depth comparison of two popular mattresses that claim to help back pain: the DreamCloud Hybrid and Helix Midnight Luxe.

Good quality sleep is essential for recovery and can help the muscles and skeleton heal. Additionally, older research shows that changing to a suitable mattress can significantly improve back pain. Below, we break down the main features of the DreamCloud Hybrid and the Helix Midnight Luxe mattresses, explaining why we think they are suitable for those with lower back pain.

Sleep position

The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress is reportedly suitable for all sleep positions. This makes it apt for those who toss and turn while they sleep, and research shows that most people change position frequently overnight. If you find staying in one position painful because of lower back pain or prefer to change your position frequently while you sleep, a mattress that supports all positions could be suitable.

However, the Helix Midnight Luxe mattress is specially designed for side sleepers. One study in people without sleeping disorders found that those who slept on their side reported the best quality sleep compared to those who slept on their back.

If you have lower back pain, sleeping on your side may also be the best option, as it can promote more neutral spinal alignment. Additionally, if your back pain comes from a herniated disk, sleeping on your side in the fetal position can open up the space between the vertebrae.


Both DreamCloud and Helix mattresses are medium firm, which a 2021 literature review suggests is the best firmness choice for people with back pain.

DreamCloud writes that its Hybrid mattress is best for those with back pain because it has a tighter top layer than its other mattresses, which offers a balance of firmness for support and softness for comfort.

Helix states that it offers comfort for pressure points such as the hips and shoulders, two areas at higher risk of pain if a person sleeps on their side.

Hybrid construction

Research from 2021 found that lower back pain was more common in those using foam and firm mattresses. The researchers go on to quote another study, which concluded that cotton mattresses provided comfort to those with lower back pain.

Both mattresses from DreamCloud and Helix are hybrid mattresses, which offer layers of supportive and comfortable foam on top of a base layer of steel coils. Hybrid mattresses may offer a suitable balance of support, comfort, and responsiveness.

If you find moving in bed difficult because of lower back pain, a mattress featuring only memory foam layers may be more challenging to move in than a hybrid model. The springs in a hybrid mattress offer some bounce that could help people move more easily.

Conclusions at a glance

Both mattresses are medium firm and can suit side sleeping, which research has shown to be beneficial for sleep quality and may be helpful if you have lower back pain. Plus, both of these mattresses are hybrid models. We chose these because research suggests that all-foam mattresses may be associated with back pain.

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The table below features the main comparison points for the DreamCloud Hybrid and Helix Midnight Luxe mattresses. All prices in this article refer to the queen mattress models.

Mattress typeMaterialsFirmnessSleep positionTrial and warranty lengthPrice (queen)
Cloud Hybrid
hybrid• cashmere
• memory foam
• gel-infused memory foam
• steel coils
medium firmall sleep positionstrial: 365 nights
warranty: lifetime
Helix Midnight Luxehybrid• Tencel
• memory foam
• steel coils
medium firmsidetrial: 100 nights
warranty: 10 years

Conclusions at a glance

The DreamCloud Hybrid mattress has the support of buyers regarding its benefits for back pain, but it is less clear which sleep positions it suits best. It also has the longest warranty and sleep trial between the two brands.

The Helix Midnight Luxe has side sleepers in mind and offers targeted lumbar support. This may be beneficial if you have lower back pain and seek proper spinal alignment during sleep. However, it has less favorable reviews, a shorter trial and warranty period, and its higher price point may dissuade some buyers from trying it.

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The DreamCloud website states that 4 out of 5 respondents to a 2021 survey claimed their DreamCloud mattress helped improve back pain. Customers frequently leave reviews on the mattress’s webpage, stating it helped their back pain, supporting the claims the brand makes about its suitability for those experiencing back pain.

On the Helix Midnight Luxe webpage, reviews are a little more mixed. While some buyers found the mattress improved their back pain, others found it worsened their pain and encountered difficulties returning the mattress. It can take time to get used to a new mattress, and it is unclear how long each buyer tested their mattress before leaving a negative review.

Conclusions at a glance

Overall, the DreamCloud Hybrid mattress has more favorable reviews, specifically regarding back pain.

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Below are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing between DreamCloud and Helix for lower back pain:

  • Comfort: Both DreamCloud and Helix rate their mattresses as medium firm. However, the construction of the mattresses may mean that this firmness feels different. It may be useful to read customer reviews to understand buyers’ real-world experiences before deciding on which mattress to try. Otherwise, the best way to find out which mattress provides the comfort you need is to use the brands’ sleep trials.
  • Sleeping position: DreamCloud Hybrid does not recommend its mattress for a single sleeping position, meaning there is less certainty that it will suit your preferences. If you know you are most comfortable sleeping on your side, Helix has made its Midnight Luxe mattress with this position in mind.
  • Price: The DreamCloud Hybrid mattress is significantly more affordable than the Helix Midnight Luxe and has a longer sleep trial than Helix offers. If you have a smaller budget, you may wish to try the DreamCloud Hybrid for these reasons.

People with lower back pain are less likely to have restful sleep and more likely to experience sleep difficulties, such as insomnia and sleep disturbances.

Sleeping with lower back pain can be difficult. You can try changing your sleep position and using supports to keep the body aligned, reducing strain or pressure on the muscles and joints in and around the lower back. Some research notes that side sleeping may protect against back pain. One study found that it was the position participants spent the most time in, with older people and those with a higher body mass index (BMI) favoring side sleeping in particular.

You can also try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees. This keeps the hips aligned with the spine and pelvis. You can also use pillows under your knees for support when you sleep on your back.

Learn more about how to sleep with lower back pain.

Along with assessing your sleeping setup, you should also consider working with a doctor to ensure you are treating and managing your lower back pain appropriately. These methods may include exercises, lifestyle changes, or pain management.

The quiz below can help you understand when to consult a doctor about your symptoms.

The DreamCloud Hybrid mattress has many favorable customer reviews who said it improved their back pain. Plus, the brand ran a survey that concluded that 4 out of 5 buyers found this mattress improved their back pain.

However, sleep position, firmness preferences, and the type of mattress will all influence how appropriate it is for improving or managing lower back pain.

Research suggests that a medium-firm mattress may be best for back pain.

Foam mattresses may have associations with back pain, so trying a hybrid mattress may offer a suitable balance of comfort and support for those with lower back pain.

An old, sagging, or poorly constructed mattress may contribute to a person’s lower back pain. However, injuries, age, wear and tear, and other health conditions may yield similar issues. People need to work with a doctor to find out the cause of their back pain and find the most appropriate treatment or management techniques.

There is no one mattress doctors have recommended for back pain. People need to work with a doctor to determine the cause of their back pain, and when buying a new mattress, they need to consider their sleep position, firmness preferences, and budget.

Although lower back pain can come from having problems with your mattress, finding the best mattress for lower back pain can be difficult. The DreamCloud Hybrid and the Helix Midnight Luxe mattresses both claim to be suitable for those with low back pain. While the DreamCloud mattress has more favorable reviews from customers, the Helix mattress has a dedicated lumbar support zone, which may help with spinal alignment during sleep.

You need to consider your sleep position, the mattress construction and materials, and your budget as you shop for a new mattress. You can also work with a doctor to ensure you manage your back pain safely and appropriately.