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Ro offers Modern Fertility tests that can help people monitor their hormone levels, find their ovulation window, and detect pregnancies. These tests may be more affordable than some other fertility services.

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Ro bought Modern Fertility in 2021 and now sells the company’s three tests through its website. These tests can monitor hormones, determine a person’s ovulation window, and detect pregnancies.

Ro states that the tests are highly accurate. The Modern Fertility tests may be a good option for people who are looking for more affordable ways to monitor their reproductive health.

Modern Fertility tests may be a good option for people who believe they may have hormonal imbalances, those who want to increase their chances of conceiving, and people who want to test for pregnancy.

Ordering hormone, ovulation, or pregnancy testing online can be less expensive and more convenient than making an appointment to see a healthcare professional.

These tests reportedly return accurate results, which is important when using at-home tests as healthcare professionals do not collect the samples:

  • Modern Fertility Hormone Test: A clinical study sponsored by Modern Fertility found that the hormone test has high precision and accuracy.
  • Modern Fertility Ovulation Test: The Food and Drug Administration states that ovulation tests using urine, like the Modern Fertility Ovulation Test, are accurate 90% of the time.
  • Modern Fertility Pregnancy Test: Recent research states that modern pregnancy tests, such as the one that Modern Fertility offers, are nearly 100% accurate at detecting pregnancies as soon as one day after a person’s missed period, as long as they follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Before using Modern Fertility in a person’s fertility journey, they may wish to consider the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • A person’s fertility profile can be a baseline from which to compare future hormone levels.
  • The company uses certified labs to process samples.
  • Medical professionals review the results.
  • There is ongoing support from fertility nurses.


  • None of the company’s tests can diagnose infertility.
  • The company does not work with private insurers.
  • There are very limited optiond for people who use certain forms of birth control.
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Modern Fertility offers three tests:

Best for a comprehensive panel: Modern Fertility Hormone Test

  • Price: $179
  • Results time: three business days
  • Sample type: finger prick blood sample

This hormone test screens for up to seven hormones that may affect fertility planning:

Ro states that this test is suitable for people on hormonal birth control and those with irregular periods. The test will only assess certain hormone levels depending on a person’s circumstances.

To use this test, a person must take a finger-prick blood sample and send it off in the prepaid envelope Ro provides. People will get the results within three business days once the lab receives the sample. Ro states that fertility doctors review the results.

People can connect with a fertility nurse through the Modern Community if any of the hormones are outside the expected levels.

While people cannot use insurance to purchase this test, it is HSA/FSA eligible.


  • Ro states it personalizes each test to people’s circumstances.
  • Reportedly suitable for people on hormonal birth control and people with irregular periods.
  • Offers fast results.
  • Offers access to fertility nurses to discuss results.


  • This test is not available to residents in New York or Rhode Island.
  • Ro does not accept insurance for this test.
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Best for trying to conceive: Modern Fertility Ovulation Test

  • Price: $16
  • Results time: five minutes
  • Sample type: urine

This test screens for LH levels in urine, which can indicate when ovulation occurs.

Ro states that the ovulation test can determine a person’s two most fertile days with 99% accuracy.

To use this test, Ro recommends urinating into a cup in the afternoon and dipping the stick in the urine to the MAX line for 10 seconds. After five minutes, people can match the test strip color to the color bar to find their LH concentration.

Ro states this test is suitable for all females regardless of cycle length, as the test screens for LH concentrations above a certain amount.

People can track their daily tests in the free app available on iOS devices.

Each kit comes with 20 test sticks.


  • According to Ro, this test is suitable for all cycle lengths.
  • This kit comes with 20 test sticks, which works out to each urine test costing $0.80.
  • This test is HSA/FSA eligible.
  • Offers a monthly subscription saving people $1 per test.


  • Some people found it difficult to color-match the test stick.
  • The free app is only available on iOS devices.
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Best for early detection: Modern Fertility Pregnancy Test

  • Price: $14
  • Results time: five minutes
  • Sample type: urine

Ro states that this is an early detection pregnancy test capable of testing positive six days before a person’s missed period.

This test, like other at-home pregnancy tests, screens for the hormone hCG in the urine. It takes around 10 days after sperm fertilizes an egg for hCG to be present in detectable amounts.

To use this test, people must urinate on the test for five seconds, or dip the test stick into fresh urine for the same amount of time, and then read the results after five minutes. If two lines appear in the test window, it is likely that a person is pregnant.

People can use the free Modern Fertility Cycle Tracker app – available only on iOS devices – to track their cycle and input pregnancy test results.


  • Ro claims this test can detect pregnancy as early as six days before a person’s missed period.
  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • This test has clear results: one line indicates no pregnancy, and two indicate a positive result.
  • The subscribe and save option reduces the cost to $13.
  • This test is FSA/HSA eligble.


  • The free companion app is only available on iOS devices.
  • This test is more expensive than some other pregnancy tests.
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Best for supporting conception: Modern Fertility Prenatal Multivitamins

  • Price: $35 per month
  • Count: 60 capsules
  • Dose: two capsules per day
  • Nutrients: 12, including folate, iron, and choline

These prenatal multivitamins are suitable while trying to conceive and during pregnancy. The company states that obstetrician-gynecologists recommend the nutrients in the capsules.

Ro claims that the capsules are easy to digest, which may appeal to people who are pregnant and experiencing morning sickness. In addition, the capsules are vegetarian and free from gluten and preservatives.

These multivitamins are available via subscription only. The first order comes with a child-proof and reusable glass jar; subsequent ones come in recyclable paper packaging. Ro states people can cancel their subscription at any time.


  • These multivitamins are HSA/FSA eligible.
  • The capsules are easy to swallow, according to reviews.
  • It contains essential nutrients that may help support a healthy pregnancy.


  • These multivitamins are only available via subscription, which may not suit those who prefer the ease of one-off purchases.
  • Some reviewers state the capsules have a strong fishy smell.
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Best for avoiding conception: Modern Fertility Birth Control

  • Price: $19 per month
  • Options: 17 pill options
  • Emergency contraception: included in first order

Ro also offers birth control online. A benefit of using this service is that people do not need an initial consultation or insurance to use this service.

The company states that it offers 17 pil options and will recommend different ones depending on a person’s goal. For example, Ro may provide different pills if a person wants to regulate their periods than if they want to control hormonal acne.

A person’s first order of birth control comes with a free emergency contraceptive pill.

Ro says that if a person needs to change their pill brand, the company will provide the new pill free of charge for the first month.

Once a person subscribes to this service, the company will deliver the birth control in discreet packaging within two days.


  • Ro includes free emergency contraception with the first order of birth control.
  • The company will provide new pills free of charge for the first month if a person needs to change brands.
  • The birth control is FSA/HSA eligible.


  • Ro does not offer emergency contraception outside this service.
  • It is not clear if Ro offers the mini pill or combination pill.
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Ro does not currently have Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation, and the organization gives the company an A+ grade. At the time of publishing, the BBB does not host any reviews for Ro.

Reviewers on Trustpilot give the company an average of 3.1 out of 5 stars.

The Modern Fertility tests have customers reviews ranging from 4.14–4.7 stars out of 5, depending on the test. Most reviews state that the tests are affordable, easy to use, and appreciate the detailed results.

However, others say that the process was not as personalized as they thought it would be, and found that the tests did not differ much from less expensive options. One reviewer found the test window on the pregnancy test too small, making it difficult to read the result.

Several other companies offer similar testing services. The following table compares the Modern Fertility tests to these companies.

Products availableOffers medical adviceCompanion appPrice
Ro• hormone test
• ovulation test
• pregnancy test
• prenatal multivitamins
• birth control
access to a fertility nursefree iOS app$14–$179
LetsGetChecked• ovarian reserve test
• female hormone test
• progesterone test
• male hormone test
clinical team availablenone$99–$199
Clearblue• pregnancy tests
• ovulation tests
nonefree iOS and Android app$9–$60
Mira• ovulation tests
• prenatal multivitamins
nonefree iOS and Android appfrom $199

People may wish to contact a healthcare professional if they have been unable to conceive for 12 months or, if they are over 35 years of age, unable to conceive for six months.

Below are answers to common questions about Modern Fertility’s tests.

Is Modern Fertility legitimate?

Yes, Ro is a legitimate brand that sells Modern Fertility products.

Is Modern Fertility a good pregnancy test?

Ro claims the Modern Fertility pregnancy test can detect pregnancy as early as six days before a person’s missed period. This may make the test a good purchase for people who require early or frequent testing.

What are the side effects of Modern Fertility?

According to customer reviews, the side effects of Modern Fertility prenatal multivitamins are a fishy taste. People who take Modern Fertility birth control may experience common side effects such as spotting, nausea, and weight gain.

How much does Modern Fertility cost?

Modern Fertility products and tests cost $14–$179. While people cannot use insurance to purchase these products, they are all FSA/HSA eligible.

Modern Fertility’s hormone testing and follow-up services may help people better understand their reproductive health. It may also be more convenient and affordable than going to a doctor’s office.