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Mosquito bites can be itchy and uncomfortable. Creams are available to help reduce itching and provide temporary relief until the bite heals.

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, when people get mosquito bites, they tend to develop small, itchy bumps on the skin that last for a few days.

This article explores available mosquito bite creams and provides tips for other home treatments and prevention.

Please note, however, that the statements below are based only on research. No one at Medical News Today, including the writer, has tried these products.

Mosquito bite creams can help provide relief from itching symptoms. Below are a few different types.

Hydrocortisone topical cream can treat a variety of skin conditions, such as eczema.

It is a corticosteroid, a class of drugs that mimics how a natural hormone reduces inflammation.

It can also help relieve itching from mosquito bites. The drug is available as an ointment or cream, with different concentrations.

Cortizone 10 Maximum Strength Easy Relief Applicator

This product contains 1% hydrocortisone, while the manufacturer state it is fast-acting and contains aloe vera.

Alongside mosquito and insect bites, a person can use this product for:

Cortizone 10 Maximum Strength Easy Relief Applicator is available for purchase online.

Aveeno Maximum Strength 1% Hydrocortisone Cream

Aveeno anti-itch cream also contains 1% hydrocortisone. Other ingredients include aloe vera, triple oat complex, and vitamin E.

As well as mosquito bites, a person can use this cream to treat rashes that occur due to:

  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • poison ivy, oak, and sumac
  • reactions to jewelry
  • reactions to cosmetics
  • seborrheic dermatitis
  • reactions to soaps

Aveeno Maximum Strength 1% Hydrocortisone Cream is available for purchase online.

Antihistamines can treat allergies and are suitable for insect bites or stings. According to the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), they block histamine receptors to prevent reactions, such as inflammation from a bite.

They can also reduce itching and swelling following an insect bite, and come in various forms, including creams.

There are several types of antihistamine creams. Some are prescription-only, but many are available over the counter.

People can buy the following antihistamine creams without a prescription.

Anthisan Bite & Sting Cream

Anthisan Bite & Sting Cream treats pain and itching from insect bites, stings, and rashes from stinging nettles.

The product contains mepyramine maleate, a type of antihistamine.

However, a person should avoid using this cream on areas of broken skin or eczema.

Anthisan Bite and Sting Cream is available for purchase online.

Benadryl Itch Stopping Cream

Benadryl Itch Stopping Cream is another type of antihistamine. It contains 1% diphenhydramine hydrochloride.

The cream also contains 0.1% zinc acetate, which protects the skin.

Benadryl Itch Stopping Cream is available for purchase online.

Some people might want to treat mosquito bites with creams that do not contain hydrocortisone or antihistamines. Below are some options:

Emu Joy On The Go Stick

The manufacturer say this product can soothe a variety of bug bites, including mosquito bites.

They also claim it does not contain parabens, perfumes, gluten, dairy, or wheat.

The ingredients include:

  • emu oil
  • sweet almond oil
  • sunflower oil
  • calendula
  • comfrey
  • chamomile
  • lemon balm
  • beeswax
  • cocoa butter
  • aloe oil
  • vitamin E
  • evening primrose oil
  • goldenseal extract
  • tangerine essential oil
  • cajeput seed oil
  • carrot seed oil

Emu Joy On The Go Stick is available for purchase online.

Nature’s Willow Bug Bite Balm

The manufacturer state this product contains white willow bark and helichrysum. It may help reduce pain, itching, and swelling.

They also say it contains the following essential oils:

  • lemongrass
  • geranium
  • lavender
  • camphor
  • menthol

Nature’s Willow Bug Bite Balm is available for purchase online.

A person should avoid scratching mosquito bites. This can worsen symptoms and increase the chance of infection.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend washing bites with soapy water.

Other tips for treating bites at home include:

  • Ice: Can help reduce swelling and itching. A person can apply an ice pack for 10 minutes at a time.
  • Baking soda: A person can mix 1 tablespoon of baking powder with water and apply this paste directly on to bites. They should leave it on for 10 minutes before washing off.

Learn more about home remedies for mosquito bites here.

Some bites can become infected and require medical treatment. A person should look out for signs of infection, such as pus seeping from the bite, as well as fever. The wound may also feel warm.

In some cases, a person may experience a severe reaction. The symptoms include:

  • low-grade fever
  • hives
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • a larger area of swelling

People should seek medical help immediately if there are signs of anaphylactic shock.

Mosquito bites can be difficult to prevent. However, some prevention tips include:

  • using insect repellents
  • covering exposed skin with clothing, such as long-sleeved shirts
  • treating clothing with permethrin
  • sleeping with a mosquito net in hot countries

Mosquito bites can be irritating and uncomfortable.

Several creams are available over the counter that can reduce itching and inflammation.

There are also a variety of home remedies to help ease symptoms.

If people notice any serious symptoms, such as fever or difficulty breathing, they should seek medical help.