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MYX Fitness offers exercise bikes, additional accessories, workout gear, and monthly subscriptions to workout classes. The company’s products allow people to get the potential benefits of group classes and one-on-one instruction at home.

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This article explores the MYX brand, its reputation, its products and services, possible alternatives, and health considerations.

MYX Fitness offers home fitness programs designed to help people reach their fitness goals. The brand sells stationary exercise bikes equipped with touchscreen tablets that have access to dozens of trainer-led workouts. The workouts typically involve cardio-based exercise or resistance training, and an individual can select the workouts that best suit their needs.

Like a gym, virtual classes and workouts are part of a monthly subscription service.

MYX reputation

Positive online customer reviews frequently mention the quality of MYX products and the range of available fitness classes.

However, negative reviews focus on issues with the company’s customer service and delivery. Several accounts state how challenging it is to get in touch with MYX about their order.

MYX offers two bike models: the MYX II and the MYX Pro II. The MYX II is the standard base model, while the Pro II comes with additional features.

Both versions allow people to use the MYX app to stream workout videos and classes. The bikes also come with:

  • a 30-day return policy
  • a 1-year warranty
  • full-service delivery and set up
  • customer service
  • a 21.5-inch rotatable touchscreen
  • an app to stream or access video workouts

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The MYX II is the basic model that the company offers. It is an upright stationary bike with adjustable seat position and height. This MYX model is best for all skill levels.

This product is available for $1,399, not including MYX membership. The delivery and set-up fee is $200.

People may be eligible for financing options that the company offers directly through their website.

The MYX II Plus

The MYX II Plus is the new, improved version of the former MYX Plus. The “plus” portion of this model refers to the fact that it includes the following:

  • exercise mat
  • resistance band
  • foam roller
  • six-piece weight set with kettle bell

Given these extra items and the price, this model would be best for dedicated fitness enthusiasts.

Prices for the MYX II Plus start at $1,599, which does not include MYX membership. The delivery and set-up fee is $200.

Like the MYX II, this model has financing options available to eligible buyers.

MYX membership

One of the main incentives to purchase an MYX bike is to access their workout programs. MYX membership costs $39 a month and offers up to five people access to a wide range of workouts, including daily programs and challenges.

Members can stream classes on an MYX bike, TV, laptop, or through mobile apps on Android and iOS devices.

MYX is one of many brands that offer gym-style workouts at home. Similar products also involve various equipment options and subscription services to fitness classes and trainers.

Some alternatives to MYX Fitness include:

Exercise bikes, such as those MYX offers, can provide moderate to intense exercise for people interested in home cardio workouts.

The American Heart Association (AHA) says that exercise plays an important role in maintaining health. The organization recommends people perform at least 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise or 75 minutes of high intensity physical activity per week.

The AHA also recommends individuals engage in moderate to high intensity strength training at least twice per week.

A person who uses their MYX regularly may be able to reach the recommended weekly levels of physical activity. MYX products also offer programs that utilize strength training, which could help a person meet their resistance training needs.


There are some risks with using a stationary bike. Common cycling-related issues include:

  • knee pain or injury from repetitive motion
  • back or neck pain
  • numbness in the genital and rectal area
  • tingling or numbness in the feet or hands

A person should stop using exercise bikes if they experience pain from biking.

Research shows that suddenly commencing intense workouts can be dangerous. A person who is not ready for high intensity cardio workouts could increase their risk of cardiac arrest.

People should also talk with their doctor before starting any new exercise program — a healthcare professional can recommend safe exercise levels.

MYX Fitness sells upright stationary bikes featuring a heart rate monitor and touchscreen. The brand also offers a subscription service for an additional monthly fee that a person can tailor to fit their needs.

The company generally receives positive customer reviews on their website, but their rating with the Better Business Bureau is relatively low. A person new to exercise or with underlying health conditions should talk with their doctor before purchasing an MYX bike.

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