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Pillows can improve sleep health, promoting a cooler, more restful sleep. Nectar sells two pillows offering different firmness levels that may improve sleep quality.

This article discusses the Nectar company, the pillows that the brand sells, and how pillows affect sleep health.

Eric Hutchinson, Ran Raske, and Craig Schmeizer founded Nectar in 2017 to offer memory foam mattresses online. By 2019, the company began selling its mattresses through brick-and-mortar stores.

Nectar makes its pillows using the same manufacturing techniques as its multi-layered memory foam mattress. The company sells bed frames, bedding, bedroom furniture, and dog beds in addition to mattresses and pillows.

Reviews of Nectar pillows tend to be positive. At the time of publishing, customers rated them 4.5 stars out of 5.

Positive reviews state the pillows are not too firm, unlike some of Nectar’s competitors. Reviewers also say that the pillows do not become flat over time, while several customers note these products prevent sore necks and backs.

However, some report that the pillows were less plump than expected. Others say they become hot when sleeping on them.

Before purchasing a pillow, individuals may wish to consider their:

  • typical sleep position
  • preferred level of firmness
  • allergies

The best pillow for people depends on their preferred sleep position. A 2016 study suggests those who sleep on their back may have better quality sleep with flatter pillows, while individuals who sleep on their side may find a higher pillow more beneficial.

Pillows can contain several different materials, with some firmer than others.

A person may consider the following types of pillows:

  • Memory foam pillows, which are are firmer than down pillows.
  • Polyurethane pillows, which are are less firm than memory foam pillows but firmer than down pillows.
  • Latex pillows, which are firm and may be helpful for those who have allergies.

Nectar sells two pillows: the Nectar Memory Foam and the Nectar Lush.

The company also offers free shipping and returns with both these products.

Nectar Memory Foam

The Nectar Memory Foam features adjustable fullness. Customers receive the pillow overstuffed with a blend of viscoelastic memory foam and Dunlop latex. Individuals can take out some of the filling to suit their individual needs.

This pillow has an outer covering of Tencel, a cooling fabric. This material provides good airflow and ventilation throughout sleep, preventing people from overheating.

Nectar recommends spot cleaning this product with mild soap and water.

The Nectar Memory Foam pillow comes with a 50-night sleep trial and a 5-year warranty.

Nectar Lush

This product contains 100% memory foam, which molds to the head and neck to offer extra support.

While the Nectar Lush is not adjustable, the company states this pillow does not need fluffing or reshaping.

Nectar manufactures this product with cooling fibers, which helps prevent people from overheating when they sleep.

This pillow is also machine washable.

Nectar does not currently provide any sleep trial or warranty information for the Nectar Lush.

Getting enough sleep is important to maintain health. Good quality sleep aids in:

  • learning and retaining new information
  • helping the body’s immune system and metabolism function
  • keeping people feeling rested and energetic

However, a person who does not get adequate sleep may have an increased risk of developing the following health issues:

Finding the right pillow for an individual’s personal preferences and sleeping style can promote quality sleep that supports good health.

A 2019 research paper suggests that being too warm during sleep can lead to sleep disturbances. Therefore, a person who tends to feel hot as they slumber may find that cooling pillows help promote more restful sleep.

Additionally, not receiving the right kind of support from a pillow may lead to health problems. Those that are too soft or too firm may cause neck pain.

A person who sleeps on their front and uses a firm pillow may extend their neck and head too far back, leading to hyperextension and a sore neck.

And an individual who sleeps on their back and uses a pillow that is too firm may experience neck pain as it raises their head too far.

Several other companies manufacture pillows for sale online, including:

  • Premium shredded foam pillow: This Brooklyn Bedding pillow contains a blend of latex and memory foam and features a cooling gel foam. It is adjustable and has an antimicrobial cover that wicks moisture away to promote a cooler sleep.
  • Purple Pillow: Purple makes this pillow with the same Purple Grid that the company uses for their mattresses. Purple Grid contains multiple air channels for ventilation and cool sleeping. It comes with foam pillow boosters, which people can remove or add to get the pillow to the height they want. Learn more about Purple pillows here.
  • Original Casper Pillow: This pillow contains a supportive inner pillow surrounded by a softer outer pillow. It features a breathable 100% percale cotton cover. Learn more about Casper pillows here.

Using the right pillow that supports the head and neck can promote restful sleep.

Nectar offers two different pillows for purchase online. The Nectar Memory Foam pillow is adjustable, allowing people to choose their preferred firmness, while the Nectar Lush pillow is a 100% memory foam pillow.

Individuals may wish to consider their sleeping position and firmness preferences before purchasing a pillow online.