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Nora are an online mattress company based in the United States, and their products are exclusive to Wayfair Sleep.

Nora currently offer two mattresses, both of which have a thermoregulating foam layer, jade-infused cooling covers, and body-contouring memory foam.

This article looks at the Nora brand and their products in more detail and explores how picking the right mattress can affect a person’s health.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All the information is purely research-based.

The Nora brand are exclusive to Wayfair Sleep. As well as mattresses, Nora sell adjustable bed bases and bundles that include a bed frame, mattress, and pillow.

Nora emphasize that the comfort layers and cooling materials in their mattresses can help provide a person with a good night’s sleep.

They also offer a 100-night trial of their mattresses and a 10-year warranty.

Nora mattresses have many positive reviews online, with the majority of people finding them comfortable. However, there are some complaints regarding the firmness and durability of the mattresses and how they smell during unboxing.

Nora currently sell two different mattress models — one memory foam and one hybrid.

This mattress is medium-firm and contains four different layers, which consist of:

  • high tech foam
  • high density foam
  • gel-infused foam
  • memory foam mattress topper

The manufacturers state that the gel-infused cooling foam, alongside the jade-infused cover, creates a cool surface that may benefit people who tend to get too hot when sleeping.

In addition, the jade-infused cover has a backing of hypoallergenic material, making it well-suited to people with allergies.

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This mattress is available in a range of sizes, starting at twin and going as large as California king. Nora provide flexible payment options, including monthly installments.

This 12-inch mattress combines the softness of a memory foam mattress with the support of traditional coils.

It offers many of the benefits of the Nora Memory Foam Mattress but is firmer and provides more support.

Some anecdotal evidence suggests that people who sleep on their stomach may find firm mattresses more comfortable than medium or soft options.

Another difference is that this mattress contains motion isolation to help minimize movement when a person changes position during the night. This feature may benefit people who share a bed. The mattress also has edge support, which some people find makes it easier to get in and out of the bed.

A few other mattress brands include:

  • Casper: Casper offer a range of mattresses to suit different sleeping positions and various support needs.
  • Serta: Serta have numerous mattresses that a person can purchase in-store or online. Their mattress collection offers a variety of materials and firmness levels.
  • Lucid: Lucid offer a range of foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses.
  • Sealy: Sealy are one of the oldest mattress brands in the U.S. and have numerous stores where people can try out their mattresses. This may suit people who prefer to feel a mattress before purchasing it.

If a person does not wish to purchase a new mattress but still wants a more comfortable bed, there are various products that they can try instead. These include:

  • Memory foam topper: A memory foam mattress topper can make the mattress a person already owns more comfortable.
  • Gel mattress topper: For people who get too hot in bed, a gel mattress topper can help cool and regulate the bed temperature.
  • Bed pillow: Bed pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These can provide comfortable support that may help a person sleep better.

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A person’s mattress preference is likely to vary based on many factors, such as comfort, back pain, and sleep position. A person should, therefore, consider their own unique needs and priorities when purchasing a mattress.

A 2015 systematic review found that medium-firm, self-adjusted mattresses might help promote sleep comfort and quality, as well as spinal alignment.

A 2020 study examining the effect of mattress material on sleeping comfort for different age groups found that young and middle-aged back and side sleepers preferred memory foam mattresses over coil or cotton mattresses. Older adults with the tendency to sleep on their side also had a preference for memory foam.

The International Chiropractors Association point out some of the factors that people may wish to consider when purchasing a mattress:

  • Size: A person should pick a size to suit their personal needs. For example, if they have a partner or partners, they should consider a bed that means each individual has enough space to move about comfortably.
  • Support: A mattress should contour to support the shoulders, hips, and lower back while keeping the spine straight.
  • Comfort: The mattress should provide comfort and use a breathable material to help regulate body temperature during sleep.
  • Durability: A mattress made from quality material may provide support and comfort for many years.

A good quality mattress that is suitable for an individual’s needs may benefit their health. Regularly having a good night’s sleep can reduce the risk of developing certain illnesses and improve college students’ academic performance.

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Nora mattresses have a thermoregulating foam layer, jade-infused cooling covers, and body-contouring memory foam. Currently, Nora sell two different mattresses: a memory foam model and a hybrid model.

A good mattress can improve a person’s sleep quality and physical health. When selecting a mattress, a person should consider their personal needs and expectations and take advantage of the trials that some companies offer to test the mattress before committing to the purchase.