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Normatec provides air compression therapy for the legs, arms, and hips. Several sports organizations and teams use these products to aid athletes’ recovery following rigorous training sessions or competitive events. People who experience leg pain or poor circulation may find that Normatec’s products relieve their symptoms.

Air compression therapy works by promoting blood flow to the muscles, which may improve performance as well as aiding recovery. However, these devices have a high price point, and they may not be suitable for people with certain underlying health conditions.

This article looks at Normatec and its products in more detail. It also suggests alternative devices that people can use to relieve muscle fatigue and pain.

Hyperice purchased the rights to Normatec products and patents in 2020. Hyperice sells several different health-related products, including percussion massage devices, hot and cold therapy devices, massage balls and rollers, and various accessories.

Hyperice has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, customer ratings award them just 1.73 stars out of 5. The main complaints mention issues with:

  • shipping time
  • faulty products
  • poor customer service

A representative has responded to all the complaints that people have filed with the BBB. The company is not BBB-accredited.

USA Softball announced in 2019 its decision to make Normatec an Official Supplier of USA Softball. In the announcement, the governing body noted that several professional sports teams use Normatec’s compression therapy products.

Normatec’s website does not include any customer reviews. However, on Amazon, more than 300 customer reviews have given the Normatec Pulse 2.0 Leg Recovery System an average score of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Traditional compression therapy uses socks or stockings to support the veins in the legs. The stockings place pressure on the feet and lower legs to help reduce swelling and improve circulation.

Normatec is a type of external pneumatic compression (EPC) device. An EPC device uses air to put external pressure on a part of the body — often the legs or feet.

Doctors use EPC to help treat deep vein thrombosis or blood clots. A person may use the device in the hospital following surgery or at home with proper instructions.

Normatec devices work in a similar way to the EPC devices that a doctor may use at the hospital. Both types use air to place pressure on certain areas of the body, such as the legs, hips, and arms. However, Normatec markets its devices as an easy way to warm up before exercise, recover from a strenuous workout, and generally improve performance.

In a 2017 study, researchers found that air pressurized devices such as Normatec help improve flexibility and reduce pain in a person’s legs following a workout. They also found that the device helped reduce oxidative stress and proteolysis markers as a person recovers from resistance training. However, it is important to point out that Normatec provided 50% of the funding for this research.

Other research involving a small number of male trail runners suggests that high pressure compression garments can benefit neuromuscular function and reduce perceived muscle soreness.

Normatec currently offers its 2.0 system on its website and through other sellers, including Amazon. The system uses a patented Pulse massage pattern.

The company’s current product line includes the following options.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information is purely research-based.

Normatec 2.0 Pro

The Normatec 2.0 Pro is Hyperice’s most advanced device. It offers several features, including:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • approval from the Transport Security Administration (TSA) for carry-on
  • 10 intensity levels
  • touch screen and color display panel
  • ZoneBoost technology
  • 15 V power and rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • preprogrammed modes, such as Recovery Flush, Rehab, and Custom
  • 1-year warranty
  • customizable time, pressure, and zone settings
  • lightweight and compact design
  • zones of pressure overlap for maximum compression
  • use of durable construction materials, including hoses and zippers
  • three different size options for different length legs
  • free shipping

Customers who purchase this device can add carrying cases, such as a backpack, to their order for an additional fee.

The 2.0 Pro comes in three models: Legs, Hips, and Arms. A person can order just one of the systems or the whole body system, which includes all three zones.

If a person has a discount code, they can enter this at checkout to save money on their order.

Hyperice sells the Normatec 2.0 Pro leg system here.

Normatec 2.0

The Normatec 2.0 is the more basic model. As with the Pro, people can choose from Legs, Arms, and Hips versions. A person can order them individually or all together as part of a larger package.

The main difference between this basic model and the Pro are the features and functions. The basic model includes the following features:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • TSA-approved for carry-on
  • seven intensity levels
  • color display panel
  • ZoneBoost technology
  • 15 V power and rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 1-year warranty
  • customizable time, pressure, and zone settings
  • lightweight and compact design
  • zones of pressure overlap for maximum compression
  • use of durable construction materials, including hoses and zippers
  • three different size options for different length legs
  • free shipping

A person can order the Normatec 2.0 leg system here.

Other Hyperice products

Hyperice offers a variety of products to aid with muscle recovery, fatigue, and pain. Some of its other products include:

  • Hypervolt: A percussion massage device.
  • Venom: A device that provides heat and vibration to various areas of the body, depending on the model.
  • Hypersphere: A vibrating massage ball.
  • Vyper: A vibrating muscle roller.
  • Hyperice: A wearable cooling device that provides cold therapy to different parts of the body, depending on the selected type.

Normatec devices may be helpful for some people. The company heavily markets its products to athletes and others who are physically active and need help recovering from exercise sessions. The main benefit of Normatec products is that the massaging effect can promote blood flow to the muscles. People can maximize the effectiveness of the devices by elevating the treated body part.

Normatec may not be for everyone. One major disadvantage is the price, with the basic model costing from about $1,000 and the Pro starting at about $1,500. A person may be able to find more cost effective solutions for recovery.

People with injuries or underlying health conditions should talk with their doctor before using Normatec devices. A doctor familiar with a person’s medical history can make recommendations on whether the Normatec device is likely to work for them.

Normatec is not the only commercially available brand of EPC devices for muscle recovery. Several competitors offer similar products at varying prices. People may wish to consider the following options, all of which are available at a lower cost than Normatec’s products:

Alternatively, people looking for a simple solution can try wearing compression socks, which research suggests can improve exercise performance and reduce perceived muscle soreness.

A person should talk with their doctor before using a Normatec device. The doctor may be able to provide advice on other ways to achieve the desired effects of this treatment.

Normatec or similar EPC devices should not take the place of a doctor’s advice or care. If persistent pain occurs during exercise or activity, a person should talk with their doctor and get an evaluation. It is possible that the pain is not related to recovery but is due to an injured muscle or joint.

A person should seek medical advice if they experience any of the following symptoms after using an EPC device:

  • swelling in the limb
  • warmness in the limb
  • pain on the skin under the cuffs
  • breakdown of the skin under the cuffs

Normatec is a brand of EPC devices that have a massaging effect on the muscles of the legs, hips, and arms. Normatec’s product marketing targets athletes who are looking for faster recovery following workouts.

Similar devices are available from other brands, often at a lower cost.

Although EPC treatment is low risk, a person should talk with their doctor before using a device. They should discontinue its use immediately if they experience a skin reaction or their muscle pain persists or increases.