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Nurx is an online healthcare company providing birth control, skin care treatments, sexually transmitted infection (STI) screenings, and more. Convenient and discreet home delivery can help people access healthcare services remotely.

This article discusses the Nurx brand, its products and services, the advantages and drawbacks of using Nurx products, and alternative prescription medication services.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these services. All information presented is purely research-based.

Nurx has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has closed 86 complaints in the last 3 years.

At the time of writing, the brand has a score of 1.18 out of 5 based on 103 customer reviews on the platform. Only one positive review is listed on its BBB page, praising the company’s up-to-date medication filling, medical representative availability, and good communication.

However, negative reviews frequently mention issues with cancellations, payment charges without permission, delayed shipping, charging without providing service, difficult account cancellation, and poor customer service and communication.

Nurx covers various health treatments and screenings, including:

Below, we explain how a person can order a product or kit from Nurx. Fees and processes may differ depending on the product or service.

Choose a service

People can access services and create their accounts through the Nurx website or iOS and Android apps.

After choosing a service or product they are interested in purchasing, individuals need to indicate the home state they live in, provide their email address, and give their consent to telehealth.

Complete a medical history

Customers need to answer a comprehensive set of health questions about their medical history concerning the test or medication they wish to purchase.

They also need to provide photos of their face if they want to buy acne or anti-aging treatments. A person also needs to upload a photo ID and supply their name and date of birth before proceeding to payment.

Medical consultation

Customers need to pay for a medical consultation once they submit their request.

The fee for medical consultation varies per service line and ranges from $15 to $60, which covers:

  • an evaluation of a person’s medical history
  • requests by state-licensed medical practitioners
  • prescriptions, if needed
  • personalized treatment plans
  • scheduled follow-ups
  • unlimited 1-year messaging with the Nurx medical team

Checkout and delivery

The customer then proceeds to the checkout stage. A state-licensed medical provider will review their health assessment, give them a prescription, order their products, and arrange delivery of the medications or testing kits.

The company will then ship the person’s prescription or kit for free, and it arrives in discreet packaging. Home test kits also come with a prepaid return shipping label.

Nurx ships prescription drugs from partner pharmacies that are fully licensed to dispense medications to their state. The company partners with Molecular Testing Labs (MTL) for its home testing kits.

Nurx usually sends people a 3-month supply of medications. However, it can also send a 1-month supply if the person’s insurance only pays for 1 month at a time. In these cases, a $5 processing fee applies.

Payment and insurance

Each of Nurx’s product pages shows both the out-of-pocket price and estimated insurance price. The final insurance cost varies depending on the person’s insurance coverage.

An individual may opt to pay the out-of-pocket price or go through their insurance. Nurx accepts online payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. People can also pay using their Family Savings Account and Health Savings Account.

Nurx accepts most private health insurance for medications. However, a person needs to pay for all consultation fees out of pocket.

Several insurance plans are in-network with MTL for Nurx’s at-home testing kits. However, if a person’s plan is not in-network with MTL, it will bill them directly in addition to the fee for medical consultation.

The following are frequently asked questions about Nurx:

Is Nurx safe to use?

Yes. Medical professionals licensed in the customer’s state review all requests received through Nurx. Also, prescription drugs from Nurx follow the same rules and processes as any other licensed pharmacy.

A Nurx medical professional will only prescribe medications if they are safe for a person to use, based on the medical information they provide.

However, individuals are encouraged to speak with their doctor before consulting with Nurx.

How long does Nurx take to process?

As soon as the medical team reviews and approves a person’s request, one of Nurx’s partner pharmacies ships the prescription within 72 hours.

Customers can expect to receive their prescription within 3–5 business days, while individuals can also opt for expedited delivery.

Does Nurx automatically refill my birth control?

Nurx sends people a 3-month supply of prescriptions and automatically processes refills as scheduled.

The following brands are similar alternatives to Nurx:

  • The Pill Club: This birth control provider has more than 120 Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved branded and generic birth control pills.
  • Simple Health: Provides online consultations and prescriptions, including automatic refills.
  • Hers: Provides female wellness products, including hair products, medications for anxiety and depression, and birth control pills.

Nurx offers prescriptions and home test kits that are available through its website or mobile app. It also provides online consultations, free shipping, and automatic prescription refills.

There are mixed online customer reviews for Nurx, with common complaints focusing on shipping and customer service issues. However, a positive review praises the convenience and discreet nature of the company’s services and delivery.