Online tests for asthma can help a person determine if they may have asthma. However, they do not replace a formal diagnosis from a doctor.

People who have unexplained breathing issues, such as coughing at night or difficulty catching a breath, may be interested in taking an online assessment for asthma. These tests can help inform a person if their symptoms may indicate asthma.

These tests do not provide a proper diagnosis, but they may help a person who is unsure about contacting a doctor to get a formal evaluation for asthma.

This article reviews online tests for asthma, symptoms of asthma, diagnosis, and more.

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Online tests for asthma do exist, but they are limited. They can give a person with asthma-like symptoms a better idea of whether they may have the condition.

They do not replace a doctor’s formal testing and diagnostic assessments.

Some organizations, such as the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, offer an online assessment. Following the test, it provides additional information for the person as well as recommendations on whether they should contact a doctor for a possible diagnosis.

Other companies and facilities offer similar tests that a person can access online. None of them can provide a formal diagnosis.

Most online asthma tests ask questions about the symptoms a person experiences.

A person can learn the symptoms of asthma and check off if any of them apply. Some symptoms that may suggest asthma include:

If a person experiences any of the above, they may have asthma and should consider contacting a doctor for formal testing and possible diagnosis.

During an appointment, a doctor may review personal and family medical history. They will likely ask about the symptoms a person is experiencing. This can help them establish whether a person may have asthma.

A doctor may also conduct lung function tests if they suspect asthma based on a review of symptoms and medical history. Common tests include:

  • spirometry to measure how much a person breathes in and out and how fast they breathe out
  • FeNO test (exhaled nitric oxide) to assess inflammation in the airways
  • bronchial provocation or “trigger” tests to measure if the lungs are sensitive to certain triggers or irritants

In addition to lung tests, a doctor may order:

These can help further rule out other possible causes of the symptoms.

Following diagnosis, a doctor may ask questions to help determine the level of asthma a person has. The answers can help a doctor establish whether a person has intermittent asthma or mild to severe forms of persistent asthma.

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The Asthma Control Test is similar to online tests for asthma. The test asks different questions about a person’s symptoms to ascertain how well they are responding to their current treatments.

This can help a doctor determine whether a person needs new or different therapies to help manage their asthma. It can also show that their current treatment is working well and does not need to be changed.

Standard control tests consist of five questions that ask a person to rate their symptoms over the past 4 weeks. A person or caregiver grades each question on a scale of 1–5. Lower overall scores indicate the asthma is not well-managed, while higher scores indicate the treatment is generally working for them.

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It is best for a person to contact their doctor as soon as they have concerns about the symptoms of asthma. The doctor can help establish the underlying cause and advise on treatments.

A person should seek immediate medical help if they experience breathing difficulties.

Here are some more common questions about asthma tests.

How can I test myself for asthma?

A person can use an online test for asthma to help determine if they have symptoms that may indicate asthma. They could also self-assess and ask if they have one or more of the following common symptoms of asthma, including:

  • shortness of breath
  • chest tightness or pain
  • wheezing
  • cough
  • waking at night due to asthma-like symptoms

However, only a doctor can provide a formal diagnosis. It is best to contact a doctor if a person has concerns about asthma.

Is there a test to confirm asthma?

No online test can diagnose asthma, but it may provide a starting point for a person to ascertain if they may have the condition. Doctors typically use lung function tests to help determine if a person has asthma. They may combine the results with a review of symptoms and medical history.

What is a good asthma score?

When taking the Asthma Control Test, higher scores are generally better. A higher score indicates that asthma is under control. Lower scores usually mean that the asthma is not well controlled.

A doctor can advise on a good asthma score based on the individual’s circumstances.

Do I have asthma, or am I just out of shape?

An asthma test or questionnaire can help a person know if asthma may be the cause of their symptoms.

If a person is not sure if they have asthma, they should schedule an appointment with their doctor. The doctor can diagnose asthma and provide treatment options to help manage the condition.

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An online test for asthma can help a person determine if they may have asthma, but they cannot provide a formal diagnosis.

If a test indicates a person may have asthma, they should contact a doctor for a diagnosis. The doctor may ask questions about symptoms and order lung function tests. After diagnosis, the doctor can recommend treatments.