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Pair Eyewear is a boutique glasses shop that sells customizable frames for children and, more recently, for adults. The company offers various styles and the option to choose custom designs based on popular entertainment.

This article discusses Pair Eyewear, the products it offers, and alternative brands that offer glasses for adults and children.

Pair Eyewear offers several unique frames and styles. The company has a wide selection of children’s frames and recently launched frame collections for adults.

The company also offers frame collections that incorporate designs from popular entertainment, including:

  • Marvel
  • Sesame Street
  • Harry Potter
  • NHL
  • Fourth of July and other seasonal styles

Prescription and non-prescription clear or tinted lenses are available.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has not accredited Pair Eyewear, but they had assigned the company an F rating at the time of publication. The BBB gave the lowest rating because of the number of complaints that customers have filed and that Pair Eyewear has not responded to several of these complaints.

Customers on the BBB website rank Pair Eyewear 2 stars out of 5. Positive reviews say that the company offers a wide choice of styles and several customers stated they appreciated the lower prices of the frames. Negative reviewers note that it took a long time for their orders to arrive, and they had a poor experience with the company’s customer service.

Pair Eyewear primarily sells frames and lenses for children and recently began selling adult frames. Individuals can customize their frames, choosing a base color and a top design. The company also offers frame collections from popular entertainment.

Once a person has chosen their frame, they can select their lenses. Pair Eyewear offers a variety of prescription and non-prescription options.

People can choose from the following prescription lenses:

Non-prescription lenses include:

  • sunglasses
  • blue light blocking lenses
  • clear or photochromic lenses

Pair Eyewear’s website allows customers to talk to a representative to discuss the different frame and lens options.

A person can return their pair of glasses for any reason within 30 days. This includes prescription glasses.

The first step is to select the frames. Then the customer can choose from a variety of colors or custom prints.

Once the person has chosen their lens type, they can opt for the following prescription and non-prescription lens add-ons:

  • scratch resistance or protective coating
  • photochromic lenses
  • tinted (sunglasses) lenses
  • blue light limiting lenses

Individuals who require prescription lenses will have to inform Pair Eyewear of their prescription. People can upload a photo of their prescription, email their prescription to the company, or ask Pair Eyewear to call their eye doctor.

Find out how to read prescriptions here.


Pair Eyewear has no affiliations with vision insurers and does not accept insurance payments. However, a person may be able to get reimbursed through their carrier if they submit a claim. People who want to use insurance should check with their provider before purchasing.

However, the company does accept health saving accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSA) that use affiliated credit cards. A person can use their card at checkout.

Pair Eyewear also offers financing options. People can pay in installments over months.


Pair Eyewear offers three shipping options:

  • Free Standard Shipping: no cost and arrives within 5 to 7 business days
  • 3-Day Guarantee: an additional $30 and arrives within 3 business days
  • Rush Shipping (Next Day): an additional $60 and arrives the next business day after processing

The company process all orders within 8 business days.

Some other companies that cater to both adult and children include:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that around 11 million people over 12 years require corrective lenses. Regular eye examinations can help correct vision and catch potential eye conditions before they become a problem later.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) notes that refractory problems in children are relatively common. These conditions can cause blurry vision and require corrective lenses. Some common issues include:

The AAO recommends that children receive regular eye exams and wear sunglasses and hats while outside to protect their vision. It also suggests that adults do the following activities with children to sharpen their vision skills:

  • puzzles that use hand-eye coordination
  • creating jewelery
  • painting and drawing
  • playing catch with a child-safe ball

Adults should discuss a child’s vision with their doctor if they believe they are experiencing any signs of refractive problems. These signs can include not seeing objects that are far away or close up or having blurry vision.

Pair Eyewear offers customizable frames for children and adults. People can choose between add-ons for both prescription and non-prescription lenses.

The company accepts HSAs and FSAs as forms of payment.

Refractive errors are relatively common in children. Adults should contact an eye doctor if they notice a child is experiencing any vision problems, such as finding it difficult to see objects far away or close up.