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PranaSleep are a company offering a range of luxury mattresses. They sell their products online and in physical stores.

This article describes the PranaSleep brand, the products they offer, alternatives, and health considerations.

The PranaSleep mattress brand began trading in 2004. The company make their mattresses in the United States, with facilities located in Bonita Springs in Florida and New York.

The name “Prana” is a Hindu word that refers to a universal energy or life-force. Many of the brand’s mattress types are Hindu names that relate to yoga movements.

PranaSleep sell mattresses and bases, including two options for power bases featuring programmable positions and massage functions.

It is worth noting the company’s mattress prices are higher than many competitors. With some base and mattress combinations costing more than $10,000, they can represent a significant investment.

PranaSleep feature consumer reviews on their website, with a verification system to ensure they come from genuine purchasers.

Many users highlight the supportive feel of the brand’s mattresses in helping with lower back and neck pain. Others emphasize the fabric’s breathability, so they have a cooler experience while sleeping.

Customers also appreciate the warranties available on several of the mattresses.

However, a common source of complaints is PranaSleep’s return policy. If a person purchases a mattress online, they cannot return it for a refund. Instead, they need to exchange it for another mattress type.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based.

PranaSleep advertise several unique aspects of their mattress construction techniques. These include:

  • Outlast Smart Fabric: PranaSleep utilize a patented Outlast Smart Fabric, which they claim absorbs excess heat to prevent a person from getting too warm as they sleep.
  • Perimeter Wrap: PranaSleep use a patented Perimeter Wrap technology that wraps the mattress core with non-woven fabric instead of foam. The company state this method improves mattress stability and creates a firm sleep surface.
  • Spring Foundation: PranaSleep have a United States patent on its Spring Foundation technology, which aims to conform to a person’s body.
  • Talalay latex: PranaSleep manufacture its mattresses with a unique latex type called Talalay. This is a foam rubber material consisting of natural ingredients.

PranaSleep use these technologies and manufacturing techniques to create its PranaSleep mattress line, which includes the following ranges:

  • Vinyasa: The Vinyasa mattress comes in either Firm or Plush comfort options. The company advertise the firm mattress as suitable for back sleepers because it provides stable support. In contrast, they state their Plush mattress provides pressure relief, making it suitable for side sleepers.
  • Super Vinyasa: A more high-end version of the Vinyasa model, the Super Vinyasa incorporates additional layers on top of the mattress. It comes in Super Plush or Luxury Firm options.
  • Samadhi: The Samadhi mattress features an UltraQuilt top, which PranaSleep claim provides extra support. Mattress variants in this range include Super Cush or Luxury Plush comfort options.
  • Nidra: PranaSleep’s Nidra mattress features a firmer surface compared to other mattress ranges.
  • Wahe: The Wahe mattress is PranaSleep’s premium mattress. The company have designed this model with extra layers of latex, a thicker core, and a special knit cover.

Most PranaSleep mattress models are available in a variety of sizes ranging from twin to California King. They also sell twin extra long and full extra long mattresses. Prices range from around $4,500 to more than $9,000 for a queen-size mattress.

In addition to their PranaSleep range, the company offer other mattresses under different lines, including:

PranaSleep mattresses are available for purchase online.

PranaSleep are one of several companies offering luxury mattresses made from unique components. Examples of similar brands include:

Many of these companies offer trial periods where a person can try the mattress for a set amount of time before returning or exchanging it.

Researchers have conducted few studies on how mattresses affect sleep health and quality. However, taking steps to improve sleep hygiene may improve sleep compared with no interventions.

Some ways to enhance sleep hygiene include:

  • avoiding alcohol, caffeine, or tobacco in the hours before bed
  • avoiding strenuous exercise in the hours before bed
  • eliminating loud noises and using white noise to enhance sleep
  • avoiding excessive daytime napping
  • going to sleep at consistent times every night

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One 2018 study found that sleeping on a mattress consisting of high heat capacity materials enhanced sleep stability. Because researchers associate higher body temperatures with reduced sleep quality, a breathable mattress fabric can help prevent overheating and improve sleep quality.

The study found that using coatings or a fabric layer atop the mattress with a high heat capacity could help enhance sleep. Some mattresses have a top foam layer that may not absorb heat as effectively.

In addition, maintaining a cool room temperature could also have a similar effect on sleep.

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PranaSleep provide luxury mattresses for purchase online and in select physical stores. The company’s product recommendations for back, side, or stomach sleepers can help guide a person’s decision-making when purchasing a mattress.

People may also wish to compare online reviews from different sources to gain an objective view of whether a PranaSleep mattress will suit them.