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ReGain is an online platform that brings people experiencing relationship problems together with licensed therapists for couples counseling. A person can access support with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and more through ReGain. However, experts do not recommend couples counseling for people in abusive relationships.

To use ReGain, a person does not necessarily need to attend counseling sessions with their partner. In fact, research suggests that individual relationship counseling can also be effective in reducing psychological distress caused by relationship problems.

Scientific studies have documented the negative effects of distress within a relationship. A large 2006 study reported that people in discordant relationships reported higher levels of general distress, felt they were unhealthier overall, and felt their social roles with family, friends, and colleagues were negatively affected compared with people in harmonious relationships.

A 2012 study states that couples who stay together despite continuing conflict and discord within the relationship are unlikely to avoid the negative consequences of relationship problems just by remaining in a couple. The authors go on to say that earlier studies into the effectiveness of couples counseling found it significantly reduced relationship distress.

This article looks at the online relationship counseling service ReGain, how it works, and who it may suit.

ReGain is an online counseling service that focuses on relationship counseling. It has been operating since 2016.

When a person signs up to ReGain, the service assigns them a therapist. A person can then arrange counseling appointments with their assigned therapist at any time.

These sessions can take place by phone, video chat, or instant message.

ReGain states that the counseling sessions the therapists on the platform provide are suitable for individuals or couples.

If a couple wishes to start counseling, they can still choose to communicate with their therapist individually.

However, it is worth noting that ReGain’s phone and video sessions do not support three-way sessions. This means that if a couple wishes to attend counseling sessions together, they should be in the same location during the session.

Find further information about ReGain here.

To sign up to ReGain, a person needs to complete an online assessment. This is so they can state their needs and preferences for counseling and match to a therapist based on these preferences.

Information the assessment asks for includes:

  • whether a person wants to invite their partner to join the account
  • what they are looking to achieve from counseling
  • personal details such as their gender, age, financial status, and sexual orientation
  • preferences concerning their therapist, such as gender, age, political views, and religion
  • information about their partner, such as whether they live together and if domestic violence is a problem

After answering these questions, a person can invite their partner to join the account if they wish.

After a person completes and submits the questionnaire, the ReGain system will match them with a therapist. The therapist a person matches with will depend on the state they live in, any preferences regarding therapists the person has stated on the survey, and their counseling needs.

The process of being matched with a therapist can take a few hours or a few days, depending on counselor availability.

If a person is not happy with the counselor they match with, they can request to change through their account.

The ReGain website states that all therapists on the platform are fully qualified, licensed, trained, and experienced.

ReGain states that all therapists on the platform hold a master’s or doctoral degree in their chosen field.

Therapists on ReGain have a range of roles and specialisms, including accredited psychologists, licensed marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, and professional therapists.

According to the ReGain website, all its therapists have at least three years of experience, are licensed by the professional board in their state, and have specific interests and expertise in relationship therapy.

Once a person matches with a therapist, they will have access to an online chatroom area. Here, they can communicate with their therapist in confidence.

If couples are undertaking counseling together, they will both have access to this room. However, individuals can privately contact their therapist should they wish.

This room is available to access 24 hours a day, seven days a week so that a person can send a message to their therapist at any time. A person will receive responses from their therapist depending on their availability.

People can also book a counseling session via this chatroom.

Sessions can take place as a phone conversation, live video chat, or via instant messaging. A person can also change the format in which they receive their counseling sessions if they find that one format works better for them than another.

ReGain only offers relationship counseling at this time. However, therapists may use different methods and techniques to help people through their relationship problems.

If a person is not happy with the style of therapy their therapist provides, they can request to change to someone new.

ReGain may be appropriate for anybody having relationship problems. Many therapists also deal with other issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, anger, and addiction, as well as concerns relating to parenting and those affecting LGBTQIA+ individuals.

Users must be over the age of 18 and have access to the internet to access ReGain’s services. The ReGain website states that the company built its platform according to the most recent Web Content Accessibility Guidelines at the AA level.

If a person is in an abusive relationship, the National Domestic Violence Hotline does not recommend they attend relationship counseling. It states that this is because counseling cannot fix the unequal power structure that is often present in an abusive relationship. Additionally, an abusive partner may use what is said in a counseling session against a person after the session has ended.

Instead of couples counseling, the hotline suggests a person experiencing abuse contacts a domestic abuse organization to get advice.

ReGain offers one subscription package that includes all of the features across the ReGain platform.

The price of the subscription ranges from $160–280 per month, depending on a person’s location, preferences, and the therapist’s qualifications. The price is the same whether a person has individual or couples sessions.

A person will not know how much their subscription cost will be until after they have completed the sign-up process.

They can cancel their ReGain membership at any time.

Users can pay using a credit card or PayPal. Although ReGain does not accept health insurance, people can try to get the subscription cost reimbursed via their insurance company if they wish.

A person is never required to give their legal or full name when signing up for this service. They can give a nickname instead.

However, people will need to provide ReGain with some emergency contact information. ReGain only uses this information if a therapist feels a person may be in danger.

ReGain states that it does not share any information a person provides the platform with a third party, and anything a person discusses with their therapist is confidential. There is an option to “shred” messages after sending them if a person wishes. This will delete the message from the chatroom.

ReGain has a privacy policy that safeguards any information provided.

Find further information about this privacy policy here.

ReGain has a number of advantages and disadvantages.


  • a person can sign up as a couple or an individual
  • all therapists are fully qualified
  • therapy sessions are online, so a person does not need to travel
  • communication with therapists is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • it is easy to switch therapists
  • it is easy to cancel the subscription at any time


  • exclusive focus on relationship problems
  • psychiatry not available
  • a person may have to wait for responses if their therapist is unavailable
  • free trial not available
  • people match with therapists through an algorithm
  • a person may not be able to claim back costs on their insurance plan

ReGain is a platform that provides online relationship counseling for individuals and couples. Studies have shown that distress in a relationship can affect a person’s work, family, and social life, and couples counseling can be effective in improving discordant relationships.

To access ReGain’s services, a person fills in an online questionnaire and pairs with a suitable counselor via an algorithm.

A person can speak with their counselor via a chatroom, where they can schedule live sessions either by phone, video chat, or instant message.

Experts do not recommend couples counseling if a person is in an abusive relationship. People can instead seek help from an established domestic violence organization.