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ReliOn offers several home blood pressure monitoring (HBPM) systems. HBPM can help people control their blood pressure and inform healthcare professionals to improve treatments.

Information on blood pressure is helpful for individuals with hypertension. HBPM provides a way of monitoring blood pressure outside of healthcare settings. There are many HBPM brands, including ReliOn.

Keep reading to learn about ReliOn blood pressure monitoring systems.

ReliOn offers a range of HBPM systems for users. These machines enable individuals to check their blood pressure regularly at home.

Omron manufactures ReliOn products and various other health devices. However, ReliOn does not currently have a website or Amazon store for its HBPM systems.

The company’s HBPM systems use wrist or arm cuffs to measure blood pressure, while some models can also detect irregular heartbeats.

Some customer reviews of ReliOn blood pressure monitors on Amazon include the below.

  • “If you pay close attention to cuff position and your own body position when taking your BP, your results will be more consistent.”
  • “This unit was recommended by my doctor. It’s easy to use, accurate, and comfortable.”
  • “Works well in every way.”
  • “Well made, with lots of extra features, which are wonderful.”
  • “The item arrived 3 days early, well packaged, and in excellent condition. The item came with four AA batteries ready for use. Easy-to-follow instructions to set the date and time. After several BP readings, I compared the readings with another BP cuff, and it was accurate. Very happy with this product. Would purchase again.”
  • “Broken, no good, again learning my lessons about shopping online and not seeing the product before buying.”
  • “It’s very easy to use. It tells you the correct position it should be placed on your wrist, complete with illustrations that are clear.”
  • “Like the wrist fit, but it was less reliable than the arm cuff. Continually different readings and the arm cuff was consistent.”
  • “Very accurate in checking blood pressure.”

Below is a list of advantages and disadvantages of ReliOn blood pressure monitors.


  • one-step autoinflation for ease of use
  • high storage capacity
  • advanced averaging feature for comparison with World Health Organization (WHO) standards for blood pressure
  • adjustable upper-arm cuff and extra-large cuff size available
  • markers on the cuff to guide placement
  • automatic recall of previous reading
  • irregular heartbeat detection


  • wireless technology
  • supporting software
  • warranty periods are available

The ReliOn brand offers a range of HBPMs and related accessories, which include the below.

  • ReliOn Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor BP200: Includes an upper arm blood pressure monitor and sells for around $45. Its wide-range cuff adjusts to fit regular and larger arms. Two people can use the device to monitor and track their blood pressure. It can store up to 120 readings. Customer reviews praise the device for its ease of use, value, and reliability.
  • ReliOn 1-Button Blood Pressure Monitor: This monitor is small and easy to operate. The device includes a one-button system and a large digital display. Consumers praise this device’s ease of use. It retails for around $21.77.
  • ReliOn BP300 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor: This device allows people to measure their blood pressure by wrapping a cuff around their wrist rather than their upper arm. It retails for $26.32.
  • ReliOn Blood Pressure Monitor Designed for Women: Measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure in adult females. The device can monitor blood pressure and detect irregular heartbeats. Customers praise the product for its ease of use and accuracy.
  • ReliOn Blood Pressure Monitor, Large Cuff: This is a large arm sleeve for ReliOn or Omron monitoring devices. It fits users with an arm circumference of 13–17 inches. The cuff retails for $10.93.

Where to Buy ReliOn Blood Pressure Monitors

ReliOn blood pressure monitors are available for purchase at Amazon and Walmart.

ReliOn blood pressure monitors include a cuff that users wrap around their upper arm before taking their blood pressure. They can press a button to activate the measuring system after cuff placement.

Those using HBPM devices should measure their blood pressure multiple times per day, as blood pressure fluctuates over time. People using ReliOn devices can improve the accuracy of readings by:

  • avoiding measuring blood pressure when feeling stressed
  • remaining inactive for 15 minutes before measuring blood pressure
  • avoiding eating and exercising 30 minutes before assessing blood pressure
  • removing tight-fitting shirt sleeves before measuring blood pressure
  • remaining as still as possible while taking blood pressure readings
  • allowing 2–3 minutes between each reading
  • measuring blood pressure at consistent times each day

The American Heart Association (AHA) states that HBPM with cuffs that fit around the upper arm offers the most accurate readings.

ReliOn blood pressure monitors take regular blood pressure readings over time and under controlled conditions. This helps them provide measurements that can be more accurate than a single blood pressure reading at a healthcare center.

However, 2015 research suggests inaccurate readings are common with HBPMs. The authors state part of this inaccuracy is due to user error rather than device issues.

With this in mind, anyone using ReliOn monitors should read the instructions to learn how to correctly position and use the device. A person could also bring these devices to a doctor’s appointment to verify their accuracy and review measurements.

Some medical insurance plans cover the costs of HBPM systems, so people should check with their insurance companies before purchasing these devices. Many Medicare plans also cover these costs with a prescription from a healthcare provider.

Additionally, individuals may receive a free HBPM system by participating in the AHA’s Check. Change. Control. Cholesterol program.

Alternatives to ReliOn monitors include the below.

HBPM systems are an important tool — around 47% of adults in the United States have high blood pressure. Persistent high blood pressure puts a strain on blood vessels around the body, which can lead to various chronic illnesses.

The medical community recognizes high blood pressure as the most common and preventable cause of heart disease. High blood pressure is a factor in metabolic syndrome and can occur in individuals with diabetes.

HBPM systems are useful for tracking blood pressure, but they are not a substitute for regular checkups with a doctor. Anyone who has high blood pressure or is at risk for this condition should consult a healthcare professional. They can use HBPMs to monitor their blood pressure and help doctors devise any required diagnoses or treatment plans.

The AHA recommends speaking with a doctor if a person has a blood pressure of 130 (systolic) over 80 (diastolic).

HBPM systems give people the option to check their blood pressure regularly at home. These devices take multiple readings and can offer a more comprehensive picture of an individual’s blood pressure than a single measurement at a healthcare center.

ReliOn makes a series of reportedly reliable HBPMs. The brand also sells a range of these devices to suit different needs. For example, some have a larger cuff and others have long battery lives. Doctors can help someone decide which monitor is best for them.