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Sealy are a well-known mattress brand founded in the United States in the 1800s. The company provide a range of different mattresses to suit personal preferences.

Sealy’s hybrid mattresses combine a foam inner with traditional coil support.

This article provides information about the Sealy brand and their reputation before explaining what hybrid mattresses are and what the research says about them.

It also outlines the different hybrid mattresses that Sealy offer and lists some alternative hybrid mattresses from other brands.

Sealy are one of the best known mattress companies in the U.S., having been around since the 1800s. A person can purchase a Sealy mattress from:

  • most major mattress retailers across the U.S.
  • online mattress retailers
  • Amazon marketplace

Sealy offer four different mattress lines:

  • traditional coils
  • memory foam
  • hybrids
  • Cocoon, which is an economy foam mattress in a box that the company ship to a person’s home address

According to their website, Sealy go above and beyond industry standards by performing rigorous testing for comfort, support, and quality.

Mattress reviews on the Sealy website are mostly positive. There are more than 16,000 five-star reviews compared with about 170 one-star reviews.

User complaints generally seem to focus on the mattress being either:

  • too hot
  • too firm
  • not firm enough

Most positive reviews on the Sealy website claim that Sealy mattresses:

  • reduce back pain
  • provide good levels of comfort
  • enable a good night’s sleep

It is important to note that reviews on a company website are not always accurate. For example, the setup of the Sealy website means that each individual review applies to all three of its hybrid mattress collections, inflating the overall number of positive reviews.

Hybrid mattresses are a newer type of mattress. They combine the support of a traditional spring or coil mattress with the contouring effects of a memory foam, gel, or latex mattress. Manufacturers claim that hybrid mattresses provide enhanced support and comfort to the sleeper.

The Sealy line of hybrid mattresses comprises three collections, each of which offers various layers of memory foam on top of an underlying layer of support coils. The three collections are:

  • Sealy Essential Collection
  • Sealy Performance Collection
  • Sealy Premium Collection

According to Sealy’s website, their hybrid mattresses provide comfort to the sleeper by supporting the heaviest parts of the body. The Performance and Premium collections use Sealy’s Posturepedic Technology, which purportedly helps provide this additional support.

According to a 2019 review, mattress testing lacks standardization, especially when it comes to assessing pressure point support and spinal alignment. Claims that a mattress can support pressure points or certain sleeping positions may not be fully accurate.

However, research does support the idea that adequate mattress support can improve sleep quality and reduce pain. A 2017 study identified increased levels of pressure on the buttocks, back, and shoulders during sleep. The researchers also stated that a lack of support in these areas could result in poor quality sleep and aches and pains upon waking.

The University of Rochester Medical Center state that the best indication that a mattress is effective is the person waking up with little or no pain after a night’s sleep.

The Sealy Hybrid line offers three basic mattress collections that range in price. We have outlined the available collections below.

Please note that the writer has not tested these products. All information is research-based.

Sealy Essential Collection

The Essential Collection hybrid mattress is Sealy’s basic mattress model, offering minimal features and a lower price tag. The Essential collection uses standard support rather than Sealy’s patented Posturepedic Technology.

The hybrid Essential mattresses offer only one comfort level: firm. The mattress consists of a single layer of foam on top of a layer of coils that provides uniform support to the sleeper.

The Sealy Hybrid Essential Collection is available for purchase online.

Sealy Performance Collection

Sealy’s hybrid Performance Collection mattresses contain a few additional features that the Essential model does not.

The Performance collection is one of two hybrid collections that use Sealy’s patented Posturepedic Technology. According to Sealy, this technology provides extra support around a person’s midsection to minimize pressure points.

Sealy’s Performance mattresses also have additional layers of foam and provide cooling effects to the sleeper.

Mattresses in the Performance collection are available in three comfort levels: cushion firm, firm, and plush. The available sizes range from twin XL to California king.

The Sealy Hybrid Performance Collection is available for purchase online.

Sealy Premium Collection

Sealy’s Premium Collection hybrid model offers the most features but has the highest price tag of the three options. As with Sealy’s midrange Performance line, it includes Posturepedic Technology, additional foam layers, and cooling effects. It also includes a hypoallergenic cover and supposedly provides the greatest level of comfort.

The Premium Collection hybrid mattresses range in size from twin XL to California king. They are available in three levels of firmness: firm, plush, and ultra-plush.

The Sealy Hybrid Premium Collection is available for purchase online.

Numerous companies offer hybrid mattresses, which differ in price, features, and comfort levels. However, the companies typically provide similar delivery options, warranties, and trial periods.

Some potential alternatives to Sealy hybrid mattresses include:

A person should consider several factors before purchasing a mattress, including:

  • warranty lengths
  • home trial period
  • cost of delivery
  • cost of taking away an old mattress, if necessary
  • certifications for health and safety
  • the reputation of the company
  • reviews from users

A hybrid mattress is a mattress that combines traditional support coils or springs with a layer of memory foam for added comfort.

Sealy offer a line of hybrid mattresses that range in price and features. Sealy claim that their mattresses provide excellent support to sleepers, though there are no scientific data to support these claims.

Studies investigating mattress efficacy indicate that a good mattress can reduce pain levels and improve sleep quality. However, a particular mattress may be effective for some individuals but not for others. Ideally, a person should try sleeping on a mattress for several nights before deciding whether it is right for them.