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Sealy offer various mattresses that feature the company’s branded Posturepedic Technology and other support for sleepers.

Although Sealy’s Posturepedic Technology may benefit some people, it might not be effective for all. Here is everything a person needs to know when researching the Sealy brand.

Sealy started in Texas in 1881 and began making Posturepedic mattresses in 1950.

According to anecdotal reports, Sealy are now one of the most prominent mattress brands in the world.

The company claim their Posturepedic Technology provides targeted support where a person needs it most as they sleep.

The Sealy website lists their federal and state testing certificates, which are for fire and child safety. They detail where they meet minimum state or federal guidelines.

Sealy are a traditional mattress retailer and most of their mattress lines, including those incorporating Posturepedic Technology, are available for purchase in-store but not online.

And while the Cocoon range is available for purchase online, this line does not include Sealy’s Posturepedic Technology.

A person can find a Sealy store near them using the company’s store finder. In addition, most major mattress retailers stock Sealy brand mattresses.

There are limited studies on which mattresses are best for supporting back pain or maintaining proper spinal alignment.

The University of Rochester Health Encyclopedia suggests the best way to know if a mattress works for a person is to try them and review if there is any pain or discomfort when they wake up.

In one literature review on how three different mattresses supported back or neck pain, the authors found little reported difference between foam and water bed mattresses.

However, they did find that a firm mattress decreased sleep quality and increased pain in individuals.

If a Sealy Posturepedic or any other mattress feels too firm for someone, it may result in a decrease in their sleep quality, increased pain, or both.

In an older study from 2009, researchers looked at the difference in sleep quality between old mattresses and newer foam mattresses.

The study found that the newer mattresses provided sleepers with reduced back pain and increased sleep quality compared with older, traditional mattresses.

Posturepedic Technology refers to a collection of features that make up Sealy’s Posturepedic mattresses.

The company claim they design their Posturepedic mattresses to provide greater middle support, where they say 50% of a person’s weight rests during sleep.

Posturepedic mattresses also contain a patented spring system, while the newer mattresses feature foam and coils.

Therefore, Posturepedic is not a separate mattress style. Instead, it is a collection of features that Sealy now incorporate within all their branded mattress lines, except for the Cocoon range.

Sealy mattress lines

Sealy offer four mattress ranges, with all except the Coccoon line featuring Posturepedic Technology.

  • Cocoon: This is Sealy’s foam mattress offering, which is shipped in a box.
  • Response: These innerspring mattresses come in two styles.
  • Conform: These foam mattresses offer two styles.
  • Hybrid: These contain a combination of foam and innersprings.

Does it work?

Neither Sealy nor any studies provide firm evidence that Posturepedic mattresses work.

For people considering a new mattress, the best way to tell if Posturepedic Technology works for them is to try these products first-hand.

If they feel rested and do not experience aches or discomfort after sleeping on the mattress, it is likely suitable for them.

A Sealy Posturepedic may work well for some people, but for others, it may not help or improve their back pain, restlessness, or other aches and pains associated with sleep.

It may also help to explore reviews and investigate whether retailers offer free trials or money-back guarantees for extra peace of mind.

Sealy offer three mattresses ranges that feature Posturepedic Technology.

Please note, the writer has not tested these products. All information is research-based.


The Hybrid line offers a combination of springs and layers of memory foam.

There are three collections, although the most basic does not contain Posturepedic Technology. The two that do feature additional coils or springs under the middle of the mattress for added support.

These two collections offer sizes ranging from extra large twin to California king. Both also include memory foam that provides temperature control, moisture wicking, a zoned controlled coil system, and edges that hold their shape.

Sealy Hybrid Performance Collection

The Performance Collection in Sealy’s Hybrid line offers a moisture-wicking top layer.

There are three available comfort levels, including cushioned firm, firm, and plush.

Sealy Hybrid Premium Collection

The Premium Collection for the Hybrid line offers a hypoallergenic top layer.

It also features three firmness levels, including firm, plush, and ultra plush.


The Conform line offers memory foam mattresses, with the two premium models containing Posturepedic Technology.

Unlike coil mattresses and hybrids, this memory foam range features denser foam for more support around the middle of a person as they sleep.

The Conform line is available in sizes ranging from twin to California king. Each mattress uses gel-infused foam to offer extra comfort and support.

Sealy Conform Performance Collection

The Performance Collection provides a cooling layer and moisture-wicking properties.

It offers three comfort levels, including firm, cushion firm, and plush.

Sealy Conform Premium Collection

The Premium version of the Conform memory foam range offers additional cooling effects and edge support.

It comes in two comfort styles, including firm and ultra plush.


The Response line includes mattress collections that feature coils in its support system. They do not contain memory foam, but the more advanced models contain Posturepedic Technology.

Each mattress in the Response range comes in sizes that go up from twin to California king. The top layer, called the comfort layer, contains a different type of foam, depending on the collection that a person chooses.

Response Performance

The Response Performance is Sealy’s midline coil mattress, offering a moisture-wicking top layer and two layers of foam for comfort.

The mattress also comes in three comfort levels, including plush, cushion firm, and firm. The queen mattress price will vary based on the type of the top comfort layer.

Posturepedic Plus Innerspring

The Posturepedic Plus Innerspring is Sealy’s premier coil-supported mattress range. It boasts two layers of foam to improve cooling and reduce allergens.

It is available in four comfort levels, including ultra plush, plush, medium, firm, and ultra firm. The prices for a queen size will vary based on the amount of comfort a person chooses.

For people seeking alternatives to Sealy’s Posturepedic Technology, the company offer other mattresses.

Lower-priced Sealy mattresses

People interested in purchasing a Sealy mattress can find budget-friendly versions in their hybrid, memory foam, and innerspring ranges.

All three lines are less expensive variants that do not feature Posturepedic Technology. However, the company claim that they still offer excellent support.

Cocoon by Sealy

A person may also consider Sealy’s Cocoon range. This is Sealy’s answer to the trend of newer mattresses that come shipped inside a box.

Although Cocoon mattresses do not use Posturepedic Technology, they are an alternative mattress that a person can order online and have delivered to their home.

They also feature:

  • a 10-year warranty
  • free shipping
  • 100-night guarantee
  • a cooling effect for sleepers

Sealy’s Posturepedic Technology comes built into many of the company’s mattresses. It aims to provide extra support to a person’s middle to prevent aches and allow for a better night’s sleep.

There are limited studies looking at how mattresses affect people, while no independent research directly investigates Sealy’s Posturepedic Technology.

A person’s needs and preferences will determine which mattresses help improve sleep quality and quantity while reducing pain and discomfort.