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Sleep Number offer a range of pillows for different sleep styles and support preferences. Customers can also take a quiz to receive personalized pillow recommendations.

As with any other sleep product, choosing the right pillow sometimes requires some trial and error. With this in mind, customers can try out a Sleep Number pillow in-store and in some other retailers.

This article discusses the Sleep Number brand, their products, and alternatives. It also covers the relationship between pillows and sleep quality.

Sleep Number originally became popular for their customizable Sleep Number bed, which features inflatable side chambers for sleepers to customize their support levels. The company now offer a range of adjustable mattresses, beds, bedding, and pillows.

Sleep Number’s reputation is generally positive, with an A+ score from the Better Business Bureau. Reviews are also overwhelmingly positive, citing quality products and responsive customer service. However, a small number of reviews claim their products are not durable.

Most reviews focus on Sleep Number mattresses since these are their main product offering. However, their pillows also earn mostly positive reviews, especially for the adjustable pillow as a companion to the adjustable bed.

Learn more about the Sleep Number brand and their mattress products here.

Some things to consider when shopping for a pillow include:

  • Firmness: A pillow’s firmness level determines how much support it offers to the head and neck. Side sleepers often need more supportive pillows, while back and stomach sleepers may need less support. Support needs also depend on overall health and whether a person has neck pain or other aches. Learn about the best firm pillows here.
  • Height: A pillow that is too high may place the head in an uncomfortable position, while a low pillow may not offer enough support. Generally, people who sleep on their front require lower pillows, back sleepers need slightly more height, while side sleepers need the highest pillows.
  • Price: Consider both price and value, then choose the pillow that suits a person’s budget while providing optimal quality.
  • Cooling: Many people get too warm as they sleep. The body’s temperature drops before falling asleep, so a pillow that retains heat may interfere with falling or staying asleep.
  • Materials: Check the label to ensure the pillow does not contain allergens or other materials that are unsuitable for a person. Consider buying from a company that certifies their products as free from volatile organic compounds and toxic chemicals. Learn about the best hypoallergenic pillows here.
  • Warranty and in-home trial: It is nearly impossible to choose a pillow based on descriptions alone, so finding the right fit can take some time. Choose a company that offers a reasonable warranty period and an extended in-home trial.

Learn more about how to choose the best pillow here.

Sleep Number certify that their products are free from toxic or harmful chemicals and that they have all have earned the CertiPUR-US or OEKO-TEX designation.

Sleep Number offer seven different pillows:

  • True Temp pillow: Comes in a classic, adjustable, or contour shape. Its materials are hypoallergenic, while the pillow includes a cooling outer layer, which may prevent overheating.
  • Comfortfit pillow: This pillow is available in adjustable, classic, or contour shapes. It blends a combination of memory foam with down alternative fibers and features a hypoallergenic, breathable Lyocell cover.
  • Variacool pillow: Comes in a classic, contour, or adjustable shape. Sleep Number produce this model using gel-infused memory foam, where its breathable components help prevent overheating.
  • Plushcomfort pillow: A down alternative pillow offering a plush, high sleep surface. Available in classic, curved, and adjustable shapes, it is hypoallergenic with a smooth cover.
  • Downcomfort pillow: A traditional down pillow with a 650-fill and 500-thread count cover. It features American down and is available in curved, classic, and adjustable shapes.
  • Airfit pillow: Comes in classic, contour, and adjustable shapes. Sleepers can use a dial to inflate the pillow, similar to how the Sleep Number mattress inflates, offering an adjustable sleep surface.
  • Create Your Perfect Pillow: This pillow allows sleepers to customize their ideal sleep surface with memory foam, down, down alternative, or contour foam. Buyers can also select the shape and size of the pillow.

Sleep Number also offer a range of cushions and specialty pillows, including a reading pillow and body pillow.

Sleep Number cushions and pillows are available for purchase online.

Other Sleep Number products

Sleep Number offer a range of other products, including:

There are many bedding brands offering pillows for purchase online. Some alternatives to Sleep Number include:

  • Purple pillow: This pillow uses a supportive polymer grid. Users can add adjustable cushions to change the height and level of support.
  • Pancake: This adjustable pillow allows users to use inserts to change its height.
  • Helix: Another adjustable option, this product boasts breathable materials and a high level of support.

Using an uncomfortable pillow can affect sleep quality. A 2011 study of 106 people found that half reported reduced sleep quality. All participants experiencing poor sleep quality stated that their pillow was a factor.

Researchers have not identified a specific pillow structure or type that works for all sleepers or even one that works best for certain sleep issues or sleep positions.

However, studies show that sleep is vital for health, with sleep deprivation having links with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other serious health problems.

A doctor cannot usually help with finding a pillow, but they can assist with sleep problems. See a healthcare professional if a person:

  • suddenly develops nighttime pain with a pillow that once worked well for their needs
  • has chronic neck or head pain
  • regularly struggles to fall asleep at night
  • frequently wakes during the night and has trouble falling back asleep
  • has other nighttime health symptoms, such as reflux or pain

Sleep Number offer a range of pillows for different needs and preferences. Their adjustable pillows may suit people whose sleep style changes over time.

Finding the right pillow may require some trial and error. Try different pillows for a few nights if possible, and consider taking notes on how each one affects sleep quality. This can help with narrowing down options.