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Stryde offers an at-home exercise bike to purchase online. This exercise bike has many features, including the option to stream various classes from fitness studios.

In this article, we discuss the Stryde brand, how to buy its bike, and what alternative brands are available. We also explore health benefits and risks of physical activity.

Stryde began trading in 2020 and has its headquarters in Boston, MA. The company states its mission is to provide classes from a wide range of instructors and allow people to experience a joyful bike ride at a fair price.

The company partners with popular instructors from around the country to provide on-demand cycling classes that stream directly into a person’s home. It also claims it commits to giving its customers the best price while still offering a high quality product.

As Stryde is a new company, the number of online reviews is limited.

Stryde has an average customer rating of 3.5 out of five stars on Trustpilot. However, there are only two reviews on this page.

The reviewer who gave the company five stars states the bike comes with an unlocked tablet, which allowed them to stream their own music and entertainment. They also say the choreography-based lessons the company provides are fun to take part in.

The other reviewer gave the company one star. Although this reviewer praises customer service and the bike’s features, they say the product they purchased had a fault that needed repairing.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based.

The Stryde bike is an exercise bike that a person can set up and use at home as part of a home exercise regimen.

This product comes with a fixed 21.5” HD tablet, which is an Android and has the Stryde app, a web browser, and some other Android apps already installed. Individuals can use the tablet to stream on-demand classes and their own entertainment and music.

The Stryde app has over 500 on-demand immersive classes from various cycling instructors and studios. The company adds to these classes daily.

A person can scroll through and find the class they would like to join. The classes range from 15-minute beginner classes to 60-minute advanced ones.

People can create up to four different profiles, so families and housemates can use the same bike while still having personalized classes. The content can also stream to a smart TV.

However, to access the Stryde app, a person needs to purchase a membership. At the time of publishing, this membership costs $29.99 per month. A person can cancel and resume their membership at any time.

Other features of the Stryde bike include:

  • 16 GB storage and 2 GB RAM tablet
  • two speakers, a headphone port, and Bluetooth connectivity
  • magnetic micro-resistant system with 100 resistance levels
  • toe cages on the pedals
  • workout history, such as revolutions per minute and power output

The estimated assembly time is 30–45 minutes.

Returns and warranties

At the time of publishing, the Stryde bike costs $1,645. The company offers a payment plan, enabling customers to pay for the bike in installments.

The shipping is free, and Stryde will deliver the bike within 1–2 weeks from the date of purchase.

Stryde has a no-questions-asked, 30-day return policy. However, the company does not offer a full refund. It will keep $200 from the original purchase to cover the return shipping cost.

The company offers a 1-year warranty on the tablet, a 1-year labor warranty, and a 5-year frame warranty.

These warranties only cover noncommercial, in-home, and indoor use of the Stryde bike. The warranties will not cover any other use of the product.

Indoor cycling has various health benefits. A 2019 study found that indoor cycling improves aerobic capacity, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. This form of activity can also help people maintain a moderate weight.

Additionally, physical exercise of all kinds can lead to improvements in physical and mental health.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), exercise:

As with any home exercise equipment, there are some risks that a person should consider.

For example, they should ensure they stay hydrated, especially if doing a high intensity workout. They should also include a warmup and cooldown to prevent any injuries and muscle strain.

If a person sustains an injury, they should stop exercising immediately. Most injuries resolve with rest.

However, if the injury does not go away or if pain grows in intensity, a person should seek medical advice. A doctor may recommend treatment, such as physical therapy or massage.

Some alternative exercise bike brands a person may consider purchasing include:

  • Peloton: This company offers two bikes for purchase. Each bike has several resistance levels and offers virtual workouts that people can follow at home. However, the tablets that come with Peloton bikes are not unlocked, so a person cannot access additional apps, such as Netflix.
  • MYXfitness: This brand’s bike also includes a tablet that allows people to follow virtual exercise classes. MYXfitness bikes come with a heart rate monitor and a selection of kettlebells.
  • NordicTrack: This brand provides many different exercise bikes with built-in screens and virtual workouts, giving people access to a range of trainers and classes.

Alternatively, a person can attend a spin class. These instructor-led classes are suitable for different fitness levels. Moreover, individuals can cycle outdoors using a bicycle.

The Stryde bike is available to purchase online. This bike comes with an HD tablet, allowing customers access to instructors and workouts. However, a person needs to pay to become a Stryde member and access this additional content.

Physical activity can help reduce the risks of developing certain health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer.

If a person sustains an injury during a workout, they should stop exercising immediately.