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Take Action is an emergency birth control pill that reduces the chance of becoming pregnant after having sex without using contraception. It is the generic form of Plan B and is available without a prescription. Studies show that certain factors, such as a person’s weight and how long after sex they take the pill, may affect how well it works.

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Take Action is an emergency birth control pill that contains levonorgestrel. This forms part of a class of medications called progestins, which are also used in other birth control pills. The Take Action pill contains more progestin than other birth control pills and does not contain estrogen.

It comes as a single tablet, and it is commonly known as the morning-after pill. It works by preventing the ovary from releasing an egg.

How to use

People should take the Take Action pill within 72 hours of having sex without using a barrier method of birth control, such as a condom.

A 2014 paper recommends that individuals take any emergency contraceptive pill as soon as possible after having sex without protection or if their method of birth control failed.

If a person vomits within 2 hours of taking the pill, they may wish to contact a healthcare professional to discuss whether or not they should repeat the dose.

People should not use the Take Action pill if they are already pregnant. Also, before using Take Action, a person should tell a healthcare professional if they are receiving treatment for HIV, tuberculosis, or seizures, as some medications for these conditions can reduce the effectiveness of levonorgestrel.

Side effects

According to MedlinePlus, some symptoms that a person may experience when taking levonorgestrel include:

There are several companies and online pharmacies that offer the Take Action pill, including the following.


Target’s Take Action pill is available for $39.99, and the company offers free 2-day shipping. People can also choose to pick up the order themselves or receive it on the same day if they have a Shipt membership.

A person may be able to use Target’s 90-day return policy if the item is unopened.

The order comes with a shipping weight of 0.08 pounds (lb) and package dimensions of 5.4 inches (in) (length), 3.9 in (width), and 1.4 in (height).


At the time of publication, the pill costs $34.78 at Walmart, and people can benefit from free 2-day delivery if they spend $35.

According to the Walmart website, people receive one dose per box, and the pill does not cause any harm if they take it and they are pregnant.

Walmart’s Take Action pill comes with a weight of 0.003 lb and package dimensions of 5 in (length), 1.2 in (width), and 3.6 in (height).

It comes with a 90-day return policy.

CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy offers the Take Action pill for $39.99. A person can order up to four pills at a time. Individuals can also check to see whether it is available to buy at a nearby store.

CVS Pharmacy offers free 1–4-day shipping when a person makes a purchase totaling $35 or more. Those who have a CarePass membership may also benefit from free shipping if the order includes at least one CarePass-eligible item.

Positive reviews focus on the product’s quality, but many customers say that they had painful cramps after taking the pill. Some customers also state that they got pregnant after taking the tablet within 30 hours of having sex.

Blink Health

Blink Health is a company that collaborates with over 35,000 pharmacies across the United States. Through Blink Health, a person can pick up the Take Action pill from their preferred pharmacy.

A person can also connect with a Blink Health doctor if they need a prescription medication but do not have a prescription.

The company has a review rating of 2.13 out of 5 and an A+ grade on Better Business Bureau. Customers state that the Blink Health smartphone app is easy to use and that the prices of its medications are affordable.

Negative reviews mention issues with shipping and that individuals had difficulty securing a refund from Blink Health. Some customers also write that they did not hear back from the company’s doctors after filling in the medical history survey.

Take Action is the generic version of Plan B, which also contains levonorgestrel.


Medications that are available in generic forms are generally cheaper than brand-name medications.

Sexual health and reproductive rights advocacy group Planned Parenthood states that Plan B costs about $40–$50. The generic drug comes at a lower price than this.

Online pharmacies offer both Plan B and Take Action. However, a person may not find these suitable if they need the pill quickly, as they will have to factor in shipping times before they receive their order.

As the effectiveness of the morning-after pill can decrease the longer a person waits to take it after sex, an individual may wish to consider buying the pill at a local pharmacy to get the medication quickly.


Plan B and Take Action are available over the counter. A person may be able to get their birth control pills covered by their health insurance or by Medicaid if they have a prescription, according to Planned Parenthood.

However, Planned Parenthood also states that certain institutions with religious affiliations may deny their employees access to birth control via their health insurance.

Below are some frequently asked questions about Take Action.

Is Take Action as effective as Plan B?

According to Planned Parenthood, there are various brands of emergency contraception pills containing levonorgestrel, and they all have the same effect.

Additionally, Planned Parenthood claims that people can lower their chance of getting pregnant by 75–89% if they take Plan B, Take Action, or other morning-after pills containing levonorgestrel within 3 days of having sex without using a barrier method.

Does the Take Action pill always work?

People can take these pills to reduce the chance of getting pregnant after having sex without a barrier method or in the case of contraceptive failure, such as missing a pill or if an intrauterine device has fallen out.

That said, a person should aim to take the pill within the recommended time frame to ensure that it is as effective as possible.

There is debate about whether or not a person’s weight affects how effective emergency contraceptive pills are.

A 2015 study found that the effectiveness of levonorgestrel emergency contraception was significantly lower in people with a higher body weight and body mass index (BMI).

Planned Parenthood states that levonorgestrel pills may be less effective if a person weighs 155 lb (70 kilograms) or more.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) write that emergency contraceptive pills may be less effective in people with a BMI of 30 or higher. However, the CDC also states that there are no safety concerns despite this.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) writes that the use of levonorgestrel emergency birth control should not depend on a person’s weight.

Take Action is the generic form of Plan B, which is a type of emergency contraceptive pill. An individual can take this pill to prevent pregnancy after having sex without using a barrier method of birth control or if they experienced contraception failure.

The Take Action pill can cause some side effects. People may also wish to let a doctor know if they are taking any prescription medications, as these can reduce the effectiveness of the pill.

Several online companies offer Take Action, and some also provide free and fast delivery. That said, individuals who need the contraceptive pill urgently may wish to consider getting it at a local pharmacy due to shipping typically taking longer.