Vitagene is a DNA testing company that analyzes DNA variants to create personalized health and wellness guidance for its clients. The company provides direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing, meaning an individual actively chooses to participate in the testing rather than at their doctor’s request.

Vitagene offers several packages with a combination of health reports. This can include reports on diet, supplementation, fitness, skin care, and ancestry.

This article describes what Vitagene is, including its advantages and disadvantages. We also provide an overview of the different services Vitagene offers and compare it to other DTC DNA-testing companies.

Vitagene is a DNA testing company that analyzes DNA variants to develop scientifically tailored health and wellness plans for its clients. People who use this service can then make informed diet and lifestyle decisions to improve their health and overall well-being.

After purchasing Vitagene services, a person will send the company a saliva sample. The company’s College of American Pathologists (CAP)-approved and CLIA-certified lab then isolates the person’s DNA from the saliva sample. Vitagene then uses DNA analysis to evaluate the hundreds of thousands of DNA variants in the DNA sample.

The company runs a person’s DNA through an algorithm that compares it to a database of the latest peer-reviewed research on genomics, nutrition, and exercise. This allows Vitagene to obtain in-depth information about the person’s health.

Vitagene consolidates the data and presents it to the client in a personalized report. This information includes a personalized and actionable plan for the person’s diet, supplementation, fitness routine, and skin care.

Clients may opt to purchase the Health + Ancestry Report that includes extensive information about the person’s ancestry in addition to the nutritional and exercise analysis.

Individuals who have completed DNA testing with AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and MyHeritage can submit their DNA report to Vitagene. The company will then run an analysis of the DNA and provide a health report for a reduced cost.

In addition to its DNA testing services, Vitagene also sells personalized, pharmaceutical-grade quality supplements.

Who is Vitagene for?

Vitagene is for anybody seeking to take extra steps toward improving their health and well-being.

Vitagene considers the following information when preparing tailored health reports:

  • results of the DNA analysis
  • the person’s medical history
  • the person’s lifestyle choices and health goals
  • any medications or supplements the person is taking

Depending on the package they select, Vitagene customers can receive customized reports on the following:

  • dietary recommendations
  • supplement recommendations
  • fitness recommendations
  • skin care recommendations
  • ancestry

Diet report

The diet report gives people an idea of how their genetics impact their eating habits, metabolism, and weight. Specifically, the report includes a customized food list as well as information on the following:

Supplementation report

The supplementation report outlines a person’s genetic risk of nutritional deficiencies for each of the 13 essential vitamins and minerals. It also includes the following:

  • information on scientific research
  • information on single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and genotypes
  • personalized recommendations

Fitness report

The fitness report offers insights into the frequency, intensity, and types of exercise that best suit a person based on their DNA analysis results and individual preferences. It also provides an interactive workout planner.

The fitness report also includes specific information on the person’s:

  • muscle-building capacity
  • potential for muscle cramps
  • weight response to various forms of exercise
  • blood pressure during exercise
  • capacity for power and endurance exercise

Skin report

The skin report identifies a person’s genetic risk for certain skin conditions, such as:

The report also offers recommendations on diet, supplement, and skin care for healthy skin, as well as covering the following:

  • skin description
  • genetic impacts on skin
  • lifestyle impacts on skin
  • SNPs & genotypes
  • scientific research

There are advantages and disadvantages to using Vitagene products and services.


  • personalized information on health and disease risk
  • customized health and wellness plans
  • straightforward DNA sample collection process
  • option to delete DNA information
  • product tier options
  • CLIA-approved lab
  • reliable test results
  • less expensive than DNA tests offered through healthcare providers


  • potentially inconclusive results
  • inability to analyze all genetic traits or health conditions
  • occasionally vague recommendations
  • specific information missing from website
  • data upload option costing an additional $30
  • only accepts DNA files from three other companies; AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and MyHeritage
  • history of a data breach
  • no international shipping
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Vitagene offers different test packages to meet consumers’ individual needs. Below is an outline of the available options:

Vitagene Health and Ancestry Test – $99

The Vitagene Health and Ancestry Test package provides:

  • DNA testing kit
  • DNA results report
  • diet report
  • supplement report
  • fitness report
  • ancestry report

Vitagene Health and Ancestry Premium Report – $148

The Vitagene Health and Ancestry Premium Report package provides:

  • DNA testing kit
  • DNA results report
  • diet report
  • supplement report
  • fitness report
  • ancestry report
  • skin report

This report also provides free updates.

DNA Health Upload Report – from $29.99

The DNA Health Upload Report option is for people who have DNA test results from AncestryDNA, 23andMe, or MyHeritage. People can upload their results to the Vitagene site and receive a health and wellness report that includes:

  • diet report
  • supplement report
  • fitness report

Vitality Bundle – from $249

The Vitality Bundle includes the Health and Ancestry DNA kit and reports along with 3 months of personalized supplements. However, this option is currently out-of-stock on the company’s website.

Other services

In addition to the Health and Ancestry kits, Vitagene offers:

  • Covid-19 saliva tests
  • food sensitivity tests
  • vitamin D tests
  • HbA1c blood sugar tests, also known as A1C
  • inflammation tests
  • sleep and stress tests
  • heart health tests
  • thyroid tests

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After ordering a Vitagene test kit, the consumer will:

  • receive an email with instructions for completing an online lifestyle questionnaire
  • receive a DNA testing kit with a pre-paid return label through the mail within 3–5 days
  • follow instructions for collecting and returning their saliva sample
  • receive test results and recommendations through an online dashboard within 4–6 weeks of returning their saliva sample and completing the online questionnaire

Vitagene states that it follows industry-standard security practices to store all client information, including DNA files. The company also claims that it does not share customer information with third parties without explicit consent.

In 2019, Vitagene was part of a data breach in which thousands of user files became unprotected on public servers. Although personal customer information became accessible to the public, the company claims that no financial information was compromised.

Vitagene is one of several DNA testing companies. The table below compares five DNA testing companies according to their services, turnaround time, and costs.

CompanyTesting methodTests forTurnaround timeCosts
Vitagenesalivaautosomal DNA test pertaining to health and genealogy4–6 weeks$29.99–249
23andMesalivaautosomal DNA test pertaining to genealogy3–4 weeks$99–199
AncestryDNAsalivaautosomal DNA test pertaining to genealogy6–8 weeks$99–119
MyHeritagesalivaautosomal DNA test pertaining to genealogy4 weeks$59–300
Nebula Genomicssalivawhole genome sequencing test pertaining to health and genealogy12–14 weeks$99–999

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Below are common questions regarding Vitagene.

Does Vitagene really work?

Vitagene states that it uses CLIA-certified labs to conduct genotyping for accurate DNA test analyses. However, research shows that DTC genetic tests may yield false-positive and false-negative results.

Who should take a Vitagene test?

People may want to consider Vitagene testing if they are interested in learning how their DNA affects their health and how they can adapt their diet, fitness, and lifestyle for optimum health benefits.

What’s the difference between Vitagene and DNAFit?

DNAFit is another DTC DNA testing service providing personalized health and wellness reports.

In addition to DNA test results and diet and fitness recommendation reports, DNAFit provides the following:

  • support from a personal health coach
  • access to the DNAfit app with live chat support
  • step-by-step fitness training programs
  • progress tracking
  • personalized meal plans and recipes

Vitagene is a DTC genetic testing company that provides DNA-based health and wellness reports.

Vitagene offers several service packages, each providing a different combination of health reports. Depending on the package a person selects, they may receive reports on diet, supplementation, fitness, skin care, and ancestry.

DTC DNA testing is suitable for people who want to learn more about how their DNA may impact their health and the steps that can take to improve their health and well-being. However, people should be aware that DTC DNA testing cannot screen for all genetic traits or health conditions and can yield potentially inconclusive results.