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Weighted blankets contain plastic pellets or glass beads to make them heavier. Some people sleep better or feel calmer under a weighted blanket.

This article will discuss how weighted blankets work, their reported health benefits, and whether they can help with certain health-related issues. We also review different brands of weighted blankets.

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Before buying a blanket, people may wish to consider if they want one filled with plastic or glass beads. Blankets containing glass beads tend to be more expensive, although some people may prefer their texture. Glass beads are also better for the environment.

The following are some weighted blankets currently available for purchase.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

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Best for children: Sweetzer & Orange Weighted Blanket for Kids

Sweetzer & Orange Weighted Blanket for Kids
Price$29.87 or $34.87
Weight5 lb or 7 lb

Sweetzer & Orange made this weighted blanket to appeal to children, with designs featuring dinosaurs and unicorns. The company provides 5- and 7-pound (lb) blankets suitable for children between 42 and 88 lb.

The product has a removable soft cover that provides extra warmth during cold weather, with odorless, nontoxic glass microspheres to weigh the blanket down. According to the company, the cover adds 1.25–1.75 lb to the total blanket weight.

Customer reviews praise these blankets for being high quality and sturdy. They also praise the blanket’s size and that it is washable. Some customers also mention that it helped their children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or autism sleep better.

However, some customers complained that there is no even weight distribution in the blanket. Others say that the zipper on the blanket’s cover can break.

The advantages and drawbacks of these blankets to consider may include:


  • designed for children
  • more affordable
  • includes soft textured side
  • comes with a winter duvet cover


  • only big enough for one child
  • limited range of designs
  • some reviews mention quality issues

The 5 lb blanket costs $29.87, and the 7 lb blanket costs $34.87.

Best for a variety of temperatures: Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket
Weight5–30 lb

Degrees of Comfort provides two covers with its weighted blanket: a pre-assembled plush cover for cold weather and a lighter cover for warmer temperatures. Each blanket contains small pockets with premium glass beads that evenly distribute weight.

The company offers several weights of 5–30 lb in its range, suitable for people weighing between 50 and 300 lb. The blankets currently come in gray, navy, or tan.

Some customers claim it has improved the quality of their sleep.

In negative reviews, some customers complain that the weight does not distribute evenly throughout the blanket. Others also added that the beads fell to the bottom of the blanket during sleep.

A person can consider the following advantages and disadvantages of this blanket:


  • comes with cooling and warming duvet covers
  • uses precise pockets to keep glass beads in place
  • comes in 10 weights


  • limited color range
  • some users found the weight is not even

The prices for the Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket range from $35.99 to $119.99.

Best wide range of sizes and weights: Quility Premium Weighted Blanket

Quility Premium Weighted Blanket
Weight5–30 lb
Fabriccotton and polyester

Quility’s weighted blanket has seven layers that provide comfort and durability. The product reportedly keeps people warm while they sleep.

The blanket also contains two layers of polyester, with each layer containing micro glass beads to give the blanket its weight.

This product comes with a removable cover and is available in several weights, from 5 to 30 lb, suitable for those weighing 50–300 lb.

Many say the blanket improves the quality of their sleep. Some customers with sensory processing issues praise the blanket’s softness and texture.

In more negative reviews, one customer wrote that the blanket made them too hot and disturbed their sleep. Some also said the blanket was too heavy.

A person can consider the following advantages and drawbacks:


  • comes in a wide range of weights
  • available in four sizes
  • wide range of colors
  • includes removable cover


  • unsuitable for people who want to keep cool during sleep
  • some users report the blanket is too heavy

The blanket currently sells for between $49.99 and $179.99.

Best for heavier weights: Gravity Blanket

Gravity Blanket against a blue background.
Weight15–35 lb
Fabricmicrofleece, cotton

This blanket features stitching that helps evenly distribute its glass microbeads throughout the fabric. It also comes with a plush and washable duvet cover.

The Gravity Blanket comes in two sizes, twin and queen/king. The twin size is available in 15, 20, and 25-pound weights. The queen/king-size blanket weighs 35 pounds.

Customers praise that the blanket is soft and does not make them too hot during sleep. Some also say the blanket has improved the quality of their sleep.

More negative reviews complain that the weight does not distribute evenly throughout the blanket and that the pellets shift too much.

The advantages and drawbacks to consider include:


  • available in three colors
  • people may find higher weights more calming
  • stitched pockets hold the beads in place


  • higher weights are unsuitable for children
  • only for use by one person
  • more expensive than others

The prices for this blanket range from $215 to $275.

Best cooling weighted blanket: CoolZen Cooling Weighted Blanket

CoolZen Cooling Weighted Blanket against a blue background.
Weight12–25 lb

This weighted blanket comes in breathable fabrics that may prevent a person from getting too hot during sleep. It comes with fine glass microbeads, patterned stitching for even weight distribution, a durable zipper, and a washable, removable cover.

The blanket comes in two sizes: 48 x 72 and 60 x 80. It is available in weights of 12, 15, and 25 lb.

Some users say the blanket helps alleviate their stress and anxiety.

Another review mentions that multiple ties connect the cover to the blanket, so it does not get bunched up beneath the cover.

However, one reviewer mentioned that they slept on their side, and the weighted blanket caused them to have back pain. Another described the blanket as too heavy.

A person can consider the following advantages and drawbacks:


  • washable
  • includes ties to fix it securely to cover
  • features cooling fabrics


  • expensive
  • brand is not specific on what fabrics it uses

The prices range from $119.99124.99.

When purchasing a weighted blanket, a person may consider:

  • Weight: Weighted blankets typically range from 5 to 7 lb for children’s blankets and 10 to 30 lb for adult-sized blankets. Generally, companies recommend a person choose a blanket that is around 10% of their body weight. An individual should be able to get out from underneath the blanket easily and feel comfortable while using it. However, heavier weights may not suit people who have claustrophobia or mobility issues. Learn more about how heavy weighted blankets should be.
  • Size: Some blankets are only for use by one person. This is because manufacturers design weighted blankets according to a person’s body weight rather than bed size. The right size will depend on each user’s own body weight, personal preferences, and health needs. Additionally, people may wish to consider who will be using the blanket and whether their chosen weight and size will suit each individual.
  • Materials: Blankets often feature cotton or polyester designs. Breathable fabrics may help keep a person cool under the blanket, while synthetic fabrics can trap heat, which may be more suitable for colder climates. Some brands use plastic pellets to add weight to the blanket, while others use glass beads, which may have a smaller impact on the environment.
  • Price: Blankets with heavier weights tend to be more expensive than lighter blankets. A person should consider the features they need and choose a blanket that will suit their budget.

Overall, there is limited research into whether weighted blankets are effective for alleviating stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

A small 2020 systematic review noted that occupational therapists use weighted blankets to help with emotional and physical regulation. The authors concluded that they may be useful in alleviating anxiety, but there is insufficient evidence to suggest they can help improve insomnia.

The authors also wrote that more research is necessary to define guidelines for use and understand how weighted blankets work.

A different 2020 study, focusing on the effectiveness of weighted blankets in people with ADHD and autism, found that they can help people relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep overnight. The study included 48 children and 37 adults.

Additionally, 2021 research found weighted blankets helped people living in psychiatric facilities manage anxiety.

Learn more about whether weighted blankets work.

There is little research on how weighted blankets work and how they benefit specific conditions.

However, researchers believe they may work by providing deep pressure stimulation (DPS). DPS is a firm but gentle squeezing or holding sensation, which can trigger feelings of relaxation and calm.

This may be because DPS can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which can decrease the heart rate and is most active when a person is at rest.

Additionally, according to older research, light pressure can release oxytocin, a hormone that has links to feelings of love and bonding that can reduce stress. The weight of a weighted blanket may induce this effect in some people.

Further to this, an older 2006 study found that deep pressure stimulation from a 30-lb weighted blanket reduced anxiety.

Some people may find that DPS using weighted blankets has the following health benefits:

  • feeling calm for up to a few hours after use
  • decreased anxiety
  • increased happiness
  • better quality sleep
  • increased focus
  • finding it easier to cope with stressful situations, such as school or work

Weighted blankets may help ease symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and autism. However, more research is necessary to understand fully how these products work on the body.


A 2020 systematic review found that weighted blankets may help decrease anxiety but were not as effective in alleviating insomnia. The authors acknowledge they need to conduct more research on how these blankets reduce anxiety and how effective they are in clinical settings.

Learn more about weighted blankets and anxiety.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

People with ASD may prefer weighted blankets to nonweighted variants. A 2014 study found that they did not affect children’s behavior or help them get to sleep faster. However, the children and their parents say they preferred using them over other forms of bedding.

Learn more about ASD here.


A 2015 study found that weighted blankets may help ease mild to moderate insomnia and other mild sleep problems in some people. This is due to the blanket’s deep pressure and consistent sensory input, which encourages relaxation.

The researchers also noted that a weighted blanket that is 10% of a person’s body weight works best for insomnia. For example, if someone weighs 200 lb, they may find optimal benefit with a weighted blanket of 20 lb.

However, a 2020 systematic review noted that there is not enough evidence to suggest that weighted blankets are suitable for treating insomnia, and more research is necessary.

Learn more about insomnia here.

Below are answers to the top frequently asked questions about weighted blankets.

What are the advantages and drawbacks of a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets may help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and help people fall asleep. They may also help autistic people or those with sensory regulation problems feel calm. However, they may not work for everyone, and there is little scientific research regarding their effectiveness for health conditions.

Additionally, some people may find weighted blankets too hot. Additionally, larger or heavier weighted blankets can be expensive. Learn more about the best weighted blankets for hot sleepers.

How much do weighted blankets cost?

Adult-sized weighted blankets can cost between $70 and $200. Child-sized weighted blankets sell for around $29–49.

The larger or heavier a blanket is, the more expensive it will be.

How does a person care for weighted blankets?

How to care for a weighted blanket depends on the brand and materials it uses. Some blankets are washable at home, while others may be wipe-clean only. Many come with removable duvet covers, so a person can wash them in a washing machine.

Individuals should check the care requirements for their chosen weighted blanket before making a purchase.

Weighted blankets provide DPS, which may help people with health conditions, such as ASD, insomnia, and anxiety. These blankets may also ease the symptoms of these conditions by promoting a sense of relaxation and calm. There are several products available to buy, each with varying sizes and weights.