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Some types of emergency contraception, such as Plan B, do not affect an established pregnancy, but they can help keep pregnancy from occurring. Anyone looking to buy Plan B discreetly can do so online.

Plan B is one type of emergency contraception that is available in pill form. In this article, “sex” refers to sex that could lead to pregnancy.

Below, we look at where to get Plan B, possible side effects, and some frequently asked questions.

A quick look at the best ways to get Plan B

Plan B is a type of emergency contraception. Another name is the “morning-after pill.”

It contains the hormone levonorgestrel, and it works by preventing the ovaries from releasing eggs. It can also stop eggs from becoming fertilized.

Anyone interested in Plan B should take it as soon as possible after sex without contraception.

As Planned Parenthood notes, if a person takes Plan B within 72 hours after sex without contraception, it is 75–89% effective in preventing pregnancy.

However, this may not be the most effective type of emergency contraceptive. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that medications containing levonorgestrel, such as Plan B, are less effective than those containing ulipristal acetate, such as Ella.

A person can purchase Plan B many places in the United States, both online and in person.

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Best for next-day delivery: Plan B from Amazon

Amazon offers Plan B for around $40.

Delivery times may vary, but Amazon Prime members get next-day delivery.

Amazon does not accept payment from insurance plans, but a person may be eligible for reimbursement from their plan provider.

Best generic option: Wisp

Wisp provides the generic form of Plan B: levonogestrel. It contains the same active ingredient as Plan B. Generic versions of drugs are typically less expensive than brand-name versions.

Wisp prices levonogestrel this way:

One pill$17
Two pills$30
Three pills$40

It does not accept insurance.

Shipping takes 3–5 business days, but a person may arrange to pick up their medication from a local pharmacy the same day.

Most cost-effective: Plan B from Walmart

Walmart offers Plan B for around $37. A person can order it online and collect it at their local store.

Or, they can order it online and receive the medication within 3–10 business days. Online orders may qualify for next-day delivery at an additional cost.

Best for insurance coverage: Plan B from CVS

CVS bills insurance plans directly. Or, a person can pay for Plan B with flexible spending account or health savings account funds. Another option is to pay out of pocket and make a claim for reimbursement from an insurance provider.

The online cost is around $50. Delivery may take 1–4 days, but a person can opt for same-day pick-up from their local CVS store.

Best for immediate pick-up: Drugstores and pharmacies

Plan B is available over the counter at many drugstores and pharmacies in the U.S. A person usually needs to request it from the pharmacist. In a discreet place, the pharmacist should describe how to take the pill and whether it is suitable.

Any person of any age or gender can purchase Plan B in this way.

Some insurance plans cover Plan B, although people may need to pay out of pocket and make a claim with their insurance provider for reimbursement. Some insurers may require a doctor’s prescription before they cover the cost. It is important for each person to check their insurance coverage.

Best for advice: Family planning clinics

Family planning clinics, such as Planned Parenthood, stock Plan B and other types of emergency contraception. They also give advice.

Many insurance providers cover costs of treatment from family planning clinics, although people may need to pay, then claim reimbursement.

The table below compares the options in this article.

AmazonWispWalmartCVSPharmacyFamily planning clinic
Pricearound $37$17–40around $37around $50variesvaries
Accepts insurance?nono no yesyesyes
Delivery timevariable, but next day for Prime members3–5 business days, or same-day pick-up from a local pharmacy3–10 business days, or next-day delivery at an extra cost1–4 days, or same-day pick-upinstantinstant

Plan B is most effective when a person takes it within 24 hours after sex without contraception. The longer the time gap, the less effective it becomes. With this in mind, online options may be risky, unless a person picks up their Plan B the same day.

Prices and insurance coverage are other factors to consider.

Some common side effects of Plan B include:

Research suggests that the common side effects of levonorgestrel pills, such as Plan B, are usually not serious. It also reports that adverse reactions are rare.

A 2019 analysis suggests that levonorgestrel contraceptive pills may be less effective for those with a higher body mass index.

Anyone taking any of these medications should avoid Plan B and other products that contain levonorgestrel:

  • the antibiotic l medication rifampin
  • the antifungal medication griseofulvin
  • some HIV medications
  • some antiseizure medications
  • St John’s Wort

Other types of emergency contraceptive pills that contain levonorgestrel include:

  • Take Action
  • My Way
  • Option 2
  • Preventeza
  • AfterPill
  • My Choice


Ella contains a different active ingredient: ulipristal acetate. The CDC reports that this may be more effective in preventing pregnancy than levonorgestrel, which is in Plan B.


A copper intrauterine device (IUD) is another option. It also contains plastic, and a doctor inserts it into the uterus up to 5 days after unprotected sex. The copper that the IUD releases stops an egg from fertilizing.

A person should consider seeking medical attention if:

  • They develop painful stomach cramps after taking Plan B.
  • They are unsure whether they can take Plan B with their other medication.
  • They think they may already be pregnant.

Here, we answer some common questions about buying Plan B.

Should I purchase Plan B in advance?

A person might find it convenient to have emergency contraception just in case. Ordering online may be a good option. However, note that shipping may take a handful of days.

Do you need ID to buy Plan B?

A person does not need to show identification or have a prescription to buy Plan B in the U.S.

Can I buy Plan B over the counter?

Yes, Plan B is available for anyone to purchase over the counter. A person does not need to show proof of their age or a prescription.

Plan B is a type of emergency contraception. It is available online and in most drugstores and pharmacies in the U.S.

Anyone can buy it, and there is no need to show identification or have a prescription. Prices vary, and private medical insurance may cover the cost.