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Many people have trouble sleeping. They may lose sleep for varying reasons, and mattress quality can play a significant factor.

WinkBeds are a company that produce mattresses, bed frames, and bedding. One distinguishing feature of their mattresses is that they are handmade in the United States.

Learn more about WinkBeds mattresses below.

The different features of a mattress can affect a person’s comfort as they sleep.

Manufacturers design them to adapt to people’s frames and sleep postures.

Existing studies evaluating different mattresses rely on self-reports from users. However, there are not enough high-quality studies to conclude that a certain type of mattress helps people sleep better than others.

Therefore, people must rely on reviews and trial and error to find the best mattress for their needs.

According to sleep therapists, an ideal mattress should help align the spine. Some data suggest that people also prefer medium-firm mattresses.

However, there is currently no consensus on the most appropriate temperature for a mattress. Some companies engineer their mattresses with cooling technology to help regulate body temperature in those who get too warm during sleep.

Aside from choosing appropriate bedding, the National Sleep Foundation recommend additional tips to help people improve sleep. Some ways to obtain better-quality sleep include creating a relaxing bedtime ritual and making sure the sleeping environment is dark, quiet, and cool.

WinkBeds are a bedding company that manufacture handmade mattresses. All the mattress materials come from the U.S. According to the company website, they place a high value on customer service.

WinkBeds also state that, although they sell mattresses, they consider themselves a wellness company.

To help people find their ideal mattress, their website provides a description of each product’s firmness. Other factors people should consider include sleeping position and body size, as well as other benefits, such as trial periods and warranties.

Winkbeds make and sell three different mattresses:

  • the WinkBeds Mattress, a hybrid foam and innerspring mattress
  • the GravityLux, a foam mattress
  • the EcoCloud, a hybrid latex and coil mattress made with organic materials

Firmness options depend on the type of mattress. The following table lists the firmness options for each of the WinkBeds mattresses.

The WinkBeds MattressThe GravityLux MattressThe EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress
luxury firm
GravityLux soft
GravityLux medium
GravityLux firm
medium firm

The company also produce bed frames, including the Adjustable WinkBase and the WinkBeds Platform Foundation.

WinkBeds sell three mattresses. Below are details on each, with more information on the company’s bed bases.

Please note, the writer has not tested these products. All information is research-based.

The WinkBeds Mattress

The WinkBeds Mattress is a hybrid model consisting of a top layer of gel-infused foam and a layer of individually wrapped coils. According to the website, this product suits those who:

  • sleep best on the comfort of foam with the support of innersprings
  • live with back pain
  • feel hot during sleep and prefer breathable mattress materials

The mattress also provides motion isolation to reduce movement across the mattress, meaning better sleep for multiple sleepers.

GravityLux Mattress

The GravityLux Mattress is a full foam mattress. According to the company website, this product is suitable for people who sleep on their side or back, or alternate between side-sleeping and back-sleeping.

WinkBeds say this mattress provides pressure relief as it contours to the shape of the body.

Memory foam can sometimes make people feel hot as they sleep. However, this mattress has zero heat retention, according to WinkBeds, which can help them feel more comfortable.

Partners may also appreciate the motion isolation properties during sleep or sex.

EcoCloud Mattress

The EcoCloud Mattress comes in medium firmness only. According to the company website, this product is suitable for those who switch sleeping positions often. Side-sleepers may also find this mattress comfortable.

The mattress consists of a hybrid design featuring latex and coils. While the coils provide support, the latex materials allow for pressure relief by contouring to the natural curve of a person’s body.

This mattress also consists of all-natural and organic materials, including Talalay latex and organic cotton. People who are conscious of their impact on the environment may appreciate this product.

WinkBeds Platform Foundation

The WinkBeds Platform Foundation features a patented design that provides support and durability. It can accommodate the WinkBeds Mattress but is also compatible with other mattresses.

The company claim it is built to be sturdy, using robust materials, including U.S.-sourced hardwood and steel brackets that reinforce the structure.

However, the bed frame does not qualify for a home trial.

Adjustable WinkBase 2.0

The Adjustable WinkBase 2.0 is a bed frame that a person can raise and lower to provide a comfortable sleeping position. It is adjustable via remote control, raising the head or feet individually or together, while easily returning the mattress to a flat position when needed.

WinkBeds have designed the Adjustable WinkBase 2.0 to work with the WinkBeds Mattress. With its hybrid design, the mattress can move and flex according to a user’s needs.

Unlike the company’s mattresses, the Adjustable WinkBase 2.0 does not come with a home trial period.

A person’s mattress can influence the quality of their sleep. However, choosing one can be challenging due to the numerous options available and limited high-quality research.

The best mattress depends on a person’s individual factors and preferences, and people may need to try several before finding the best one for them.

WinkBeds offer three different mattresses to suit various needs.

The EcoCloud is a hybrid mattress made from organic materials. However, it only comes in one firmness level.

The WinkBeds and GravityLux mattresses offer a range of firmness levels, so customers can find the firmness that works best for them.